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At first it was awkward walking into a dressing room with three other guys, including Vic. Grace was just a small red headed girl with a love for the band. She'd dreamed of what it would be like to hang out with them in her dressing room but now that it was actually happening, she felt admittedly a little nervous.

"Guys, this is Grace. Melanie is having her help us with our wardrobe." Vic introduced Grace to Mike, Tony and Jaime. "Well," Vic corrected himself. "She's helping me. You guys can fend for yourselves."

Grace giggled at Vic's remark and spread the clothes out on the couch to get a better look at everything. She examined each piece very carefully. She wanted to make sure Vic looked perfect for this music video. She wasn't going to have it any other way.

After picking out which clothes looked best together, she gathered up the other garments to bring back to Melanie. But Grace, being nervous and a little clumsy, tripped over someone's shoe and almost face planted into the floor. Yet again, a strong pair of arms was there to help her. This time, they caught her in mid fall.

She looked up at Vic's smiling face. "You alright?"

She could feel her face begin to heat up. Vic Fuentes was holding her in his godly arms. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine." She brushed off the accident. "I'm going to bring these back to Melanie. I left your clothes on the couch."

"Awesome!" Vic exclaimed and went over to the couch where Grace had left his clothes.

Grace reached the door and peeked back just in time to see Vic's arm muscles flex as he swiftly removed the shirt he was wearing and changed it with the new one. Grace could hear the clanking metal of his belt as he began to unbuckle it but decided to leave before he stripped any further.

Grace maneuvered her way through the bustling people to find Melanie and ask her where she should put the extra clothes. On her search, she bumped into Riley again.

"There you are! I've been looking for you!" Riley exclaimed. "The dance is so easy. I could do it in my sleep." Riley boasted. "Where have you been?"

A smile crept across Grace's face as she thought of Vic shirtless and everything that had happened before that. "Well, I ran into Vic and--"

"Did you see Jaime?!" Riley shouted.

Grace covered Riley's mouth with her free hand to keep her friend from shouting again. Grace knew how Riley could get when it came to a certain attractive famous Mexican man in a band. "Yes, I saw Jaime." She half whispered.

Riley squeezed her eyes shut and jumped around a little, her blonde ponytail swinging around behind her.

"Calm down, would you?" Grace scolded.

Riley took a few deep breaths as she tried to tame her inner fan-girl. "I'm sorry. You know how I feel about Jaime."

"Oh, I know." Grace rolled her eyes playfully.

Suddenly, everyone started to hush and Grace looked over to see Jaime, Tony, Mike and Vic all strolling out to where the instruments were set up. Grace looked Vic up and down. She had to admit, he looked more fabulous than he ever had before. She silently applauded her work.

"There's Jaime!" Riley squealed.

Jaime must've heard Riley say his name for he looked over at the two girls and gave them a charming smile. Riley felt like she might faint. She absolutely loved everything about Jaime. She loved his hair, his face, his eyes, his smile, his personality, everything.

"I'm going to find Melanie." Grace leaned over to tell Riley. "I suggest you go find your dance crew. I don't want you getting into trouble." Riley agreed and walked off to find the other dancers.

It was a hassle trying to find Melanie but eventually Grace ran into her. "Finally, I found you." Grace said, exasperated.

"Sorry... I've been running around like a mad woman trying to get everything set up." Melanie apologized. "Vic looks great though!" She enthused. Grace smiled at the compliment. "Well, I think they're going to start shooting. You want to come watch with me?" Melanie offered.

Grace grinned widely. "Of course! I would love that!" Grace began to get the feeling that Melanie was starting to really like her. This would be good. She was going to need those ties to the band if she wanted to get closer to Vic.


Sorry if I forgot shout outs this time around. I'll do them next chapter if I get more comments.


Hellloooo please updateee :)
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Please update I'm really hooked on this lol your a good writer
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And they meet again!! Victory!!! PANTARA!!