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When you work at Old Navy on a place such as Cape Cod, Massachusetts, you’re not going to meet many interesting people. Sure, there may be the one or two people who decide to stop your whole day just to tell you their life story while you ring up their items, but other than that, it’s not a very exciting place to live.

It was just another snowy day at work and Grace was just finishing up her shift for the day. The store appeared to be getting much quieter—probably due to the snow outside—and she hoped they would let her off early today.

As she stood at the register, quickly but secretively texting her friend Riley, a girl with beautiful long black hair rolled a shopping cart full of clothes up to her register. Grace’s eyes practically popped out of her head at the sight of how many of the same t-shirts this girl was buying.

“Who needs that many t-shirts?” Grace said out loud. When she looked up, the girl was staring at her. “Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to say that aloud.”

The girl’s facial expression softened and she laughed. “Yeah, that’s the fun part about my job. I get to see the reaction on people’s faces when I arrive at the register with mass amounts of clothing.”

“What is all this for?” Grace asked, beginning to ring up the items.

“A music video we’re shooting.” The girl said.

“Oh. What band?” Grace asked.

“You probably wouldn’t know them,” The girl said, judging by appearances. “But Pierce The Veil.”

Grace’s jaw and the shirt she was holding dropped onto the counter simultaneously. “My friend and I love that band!” Grace exclaimed.

“Really?” The girl sounded surprised. “You don’t look like the type of girl who would listen to that kind of music.”

Grace rolled her eyes. “I get that a lot.” She continued to ring up the items while the girl in front of her texted away on her fancy iPhone. “Okay, that will be—”

“You know,” The girl cut Grace’s sentence off. “We appear to be a few people short. How would you and your friend like to be in the music video?”

“Seriously?” Grace smiled widely. “Yeah, we’d love to! We’ll have to get permission from our parents first but—”

“Great! Here’s my card. My cell number, Facebook, and Twitter account information is all on there. Give me a call when you get an answer from your parents.”

Grace looked down at the cream colored card in her hands.

Melanie Gervais.
Facebook: Melanie Gervais
Twitter: @MelanieG

Grace looked at her phone and saw her shift was just about up. She closed down her register and went to grab her bag from the back room.

When she got into her car, she couldn’t wait to call Riley. She dialed her friend’s number and pressed the phone to her ear, waiting for her friend’s voice to come on.


“Riley? You’re never going to guess what happened to me at work today!” Grace giggled with excitement.

“Um, yeah I have no idea. What? Tell me!”

“This girl came in and had a shopping cart full of clothes. When I asked her what it was all for, she told me it was for a music video. So I asked her what band and she said Pierce The Veil. Then, as I’m ringing up all her stuff, she randomly asked me if we wanted to be in the music video!”

“Wait. Both of us?!”

“Yeah, that’s what’s so great about this!”

Riley let out a fan girl shriek and Grace had to hold the phone away from her ear because of how loud it was. In the background, she could hear Riley’s mom and sister.

“Riley, please!” Her mother begged. “If you’re going to scream like that, go to your room. I gave you your own room for a reason.”

“What’s she screaming about?” Riley’s sister asked.

“Bands, no doubt.” Her mother confirmed.

Riley breathed heavily into the phone as she tried to calm her inner fan girl. “This is so great, like oh my god. Help! My feels!”

Grace laughed. “I have her number here and everything. If your mom says yes, you should come over tomorrow and we can call her together!”

Riley agreed and told Grace she would see her tomorrow. On her way home, Grace blasted the Collide With The Sky CD Riley had made for her and dreamed about the day they would finally meet the guys.


New story, comments are appreciated! Yes, this is on Mibba and Quotev and yes I am the original author.


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And they meet again!! Victory!!! PANTARA!!