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I Count Your Heartbeats Before You Sleep

It's Time for You to Understand

Melodee's POV

Okay my life is getting worst. Tony isn't talking to me. It's been at least a month since we talked.

And Bryan isn't helping either. He's to clingy, wants to do everything his way. We been together for 2 months now besides the last time we broke up. Now I remember why we broke up, he always made me do all this stuff for him, bad stuff sometimes.

I feel so lonely right now. I have to get ready for school even if I don't feel like seeing anybody well I do feel like talking to Vic and Mike maybe I should ask them if we can hang out after school.

I went straight into the shower. I set my water to a nice temperature.

After I got out I dry my hair with my towel, I decide I should put my hair in a bun. I mean my hair is kind of still wet. I don't bother a lot with my makeup just simple as usual.

I put on some clothes, just a Nirvana shirt and some bleached jeans and my black combat boots.

I grab my backpack, and see myself for the last time to see how I look.

"Melodee! Hurry up we're going to be late!" My brother yell into my room.

"Wait up!"

I still don't get it why I can't drive myself I mean I'm 17, and I know how to drive.

I check one more time to see of I didn't forget anything. Seems like I have everything.

I go downstairs and say goodbye to my mom. I ran outside and I see my little sister in the car already all buckled up and ready to go.


After my brother drop off my sister at her school, he drove to mines and then he went off to work.

As I'm walking in the halls I see Vic's friend Kellin. I walk toward him so I could ask him if he knows where Vic is but when I was about to ask him something caught my attention. Tony.

He was staring at me. He slowly looked away like to make it seem like he wasn't staring at me. Damn I love when he does those faces expression, he makes it seem like he wasn't staring when he clearly was but he just doesn't talk to me maybe I should talk to him. Maybe he's waiting for me to make the move. I don't know but I feel like when i talk to him I bother him.

It's the hardest thing to ever do just walk away from him. I hope he never forgets about me.

"Oh hey kellin have you seen Vic?"

"Yeah he's right behind you" he reply laughing.


"Yes, how may I help you?"

"Oh I was wondering if you and Mike would like want to hang out after school with me or something. It's just that I been really bummed and lonely lately." He instantly pulled me into a hug.

"Aw. Don't feel that way of course Mike and I would like to hang out but are you sure Bryan won't mind? You know how he gets jealous and stuff."He said with a concern look.

I totally forgot to tell Vic.

"Oh I need your help with that."

"With what? Bryan?"

"Yeah I want to break up with him."

He looked at me like if he's seen a ghost.

I didn't even have to ask him why he was looking at me like that because as soon as I said that someone turn me around. Bryan. Oh he heard me.

"What!!!?" He look angry not even sad just pure anger in his eyes.

"Oh hmm look Bryan..... things aren't just working out. Okay. I think we should like just be friends." I was scared he was going to do something dumb so I look down at my shoes.

"Melodee okay. I love you. I can't just let you go."

"It's time for you to understand okay. I think it's time for you to walk away. That was a life we once had, but you didn't took good care of it. Now just go." He did as I said he just walk away. And I thought he was going to like force me to not leave him.

But I soon understood why he didn't do all of that.

He was kissing another girl. No he wasn't he was almost eating her face. He cheated and I was so dumb to not see it, how could I miss it.


Omg this was so awesome please update soon! This is one of the best stories ever man!
Darling Darling
I would just like to point out that there was a typo that made me laugh my ass off! "...I grabbed his back hair..." OMFG THAT MADE MY DAY. XD
tony's plugs tony's plugs
Of course lol =)
Ashlynn202 Ashlynn202
this is the best story iv'e read so far <3333
Arcelia_Fuentes Arcelia_Fuentes
Aww! You're welcome! :D
tony's plugs tony's plugs