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I Count Your Heartbeats Before You Sleep

I Didn't Answer You for a Reason

Melodee's POV
It is 8pm. I am trying to do my homework, but I suddenly feel a buzz coming from my phone. It's a text from one of my now best friends it read "Hey mel, it's Vic guess what! your ex told me he wants you back!"
I stood there looking like a mental cat and called Vic. It rings two times before he answers.
"Hey are you serious he wants to get back with me?" I ask with a smirk. I kind of did miss him a little. Okay maybe, he's cute okay I do still like him.
"Yeah he said he was going to your place at night, so get ready and be safe!" oh my god Vic I can imagine the look on his face.
" freaking Victuur be quiet and go to sleep " I said jokingly


There's a knock at my bedroom door. It's probably Bryan, as I stand to go check I was beaten by Bryan coming into my room.
He was wearing black skinny jeans and a white plain t-shirt with a black beanie. He's not that taller from me. He walked towards me, as I walk to him we hug for what it seem like a year. We stood there in silence.
"Who let you in?" I ask finally breaking the silence.
"Your brother he said that you were in here. Listen, i just came here beca-..." I turn around and face the window.
He pulls into his arms and holds my chin softly with his fingers.
" Melodee I missed you, still have feelings for you." I must of look like a burning tomato because i sure felt like one.
"Bryan, look I just came back--" he cut me off by kissing my cheek and playing with my hair.
" I got to go but see you tomorrow at school....girlfriend" He said and wink at me.

What? Girlfriend? I didn't even say anything!

~Next day~

"Class we'll be moving seats today." my teacher said.

I see everyone looking for their new seats so I should probably to.

Ah there's my seat at the back In front of mike! Cool. I take a seat and put my head down because I don't feel so well but whatever I'll just wait and see who I sit next to, when I hear the chair pull open.

"Well helloooooo Melodee!" He said making the 'o' sound extra long. I look up to see who it is and it's Jaime, Tony's friend.

"Hey, Jaime!" This should be fun i mean Jaime is funny and all!


Class was going by fast we didn't have as much homework. And I should probably tell Jaime to give this back tony.
"hey can you give this to tony? "

When I said that Jaime gave me a silly look and wink at me. haha.
"It's his but he let me borrow it." I say trying to defend myself from his little joke. HAHA
"and I have a boyfriend! gosh!" I say while he's just laughing but then he gets a little serious when I say about my boyfriend. "Wait, what? You have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah.. I got back with Bryan."

"Oh.. Okay." I see him look at Tony and tell him something I just didn't hear what..

Tony's P.O.V.

"come on Tonaayy!! Let's go eat at the cafeteria! " Jaime said while walking toward the inside.
"Hold up I'm coming.." I start walking in but stop because I see her, Melodee eating lunch with her boyfriend they look so happy. Maybe I should forget about her she looks so happy! Forget about her Tony it's not going to happen.

-2 weeks later-

I've done a pretty good job trying to avoid her. Though she's been staring at me a lot lately! but no maybe I'm just imagining things because i still have feeling for her that's all..

I'm not talking to her. no! it's like if we never knew each other i don't want to ruin her relationship. Besides Bryan was one of my 'friends'.


Omg this was so awesome please update soon! This is one of the best stories ever man!
Darling Darling
I would just like to point out that there was a typo that made me laugh my ass off! "...I grabbed his back hair..." OMFG THAT MADE MY DAY. XD
tony's plugs tony's plugs
Of course lol =)
Ashlynn202 Ashlynn202
this is the best story iv'e read so far <3333
Arcelia_Fuentes Arcelia_Fuentes
Aww! You're welcome! :D
tony's plugs tony's plugs