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I Count Your Heartbeats Before You Sleep

There's A Beast In My Heart and He Won't Let You Leave Alive

Melodee POV

"Melodee Callaghan you will be seated over there, next to Kimberly Hayes....Please students take a seat and we will check if you are in the right spot." I really don't feel like being here after what had happen yesterday. After Tony left me with a speechless expression, but I guess I can't change what destiny had between us, We weren't meant to be.

"Cesar Antonio Soto Perry, you will be sitting here." I lift up my head immediately after hearing Tony's name called out. A teacher was showing everyone where we would be seated on graduation day which was a couple of weeks from now, meaning I will be leaving soon.

I was sitting down talking to Kimberly who was a seat next to me when I see Jaime walk by. Seeing him, maybe he knew what was up with Tony. Every time I would come back after being absent so much he would always come and try and talk to me but I would always try and avoid him but this time he was avoiding me. Honestly I had no idea why....maybe I do, maybe it was because what had happen yesterday I mean nothing really happen he just told me he wanted to ask me a question and suddenly when he was getting closer he left but why did that hurt him, I should be hurt, again, thinking he actually cares.

"Hey Jaime wait up!" I call after Jaime.

"Hey Melo what's up." He stop walking and focused on me.

"Hi-me what's up with Tony? I mean is he trying to avoid me?"

"Well I can't lie to you, I think Tony knows."

"Knows? knows what?"

"He knows you like him and he's well I don't know."
Was this really happening did Tony really knew I like him, Is this why Tony's been avoiding me? Does he hate me now? Is he weird out? Is this going to make things awkward? All this questions, but not much answers.

"Mel?" I snap out of my pity thoughts and brought my attention back to Jaime.

"Who...Who told him? Was it you?"

"No Mel I would never. He actually came and talked to me about it after he said he left your house.... Stephanie told him."

"Oh my how did Stephanie find out! Ugh Jaime.." If Tony knew, he obviously didn't feel the same way, why else would he try and ignore me.
"You know what thanks Jaime, I think I'm just going to head home."

"Okay Mel but are you going to be okay? You're still alone in that house."

"Yeah I'll be fine." I walk out on what ever the teachers were now doing, I know where I am sitting on graduation day so I have nothing to do here anymore. As I walk through the crowd of seniors I spot Tony, he glances at me and immediately turns back pretending he didn't caught a sight of me.
I roll my eyes and continue to walk until I reach my car.

If Tony was going to act this way about my feelings then maybe it is best if I forget about this wonderful guy. Besides he has a girlfriend which broke my heart, which made me to leave school for a while, I wasn't going to let him get to me again; knowing Tony he probably wasn't doing this on actual purpose he had no idea I liked him before he got with Stephanie.

I arrived at my house, I step out and lock it before heading inside. I walk inside my house and drop my bag in front of the flat screen t.v. I throw myself on the couch as I let out a dramatic sigh. I'm tired..tired of trying, tired of all this drama, tired of all this. Maybe it's best if I stay away for a while again. Next thing I knew I was once again crying myself to sleep.


I woke up a few days later, I had woken up before but just ate a bit and fell asleep again, today was different I actually stood up and headed up stairs into my bathroom. I had been asleep on the couch in my living room this whole time. I got into the shower and kept thinking.

I step out of the shower, I dried my body before slipping on some clothes, I throw on something decent but nothing too much since I'm only going to be in doors.
I make my way back downstairs and look at the emptiness. Maybe I should go out it's pretty dark and cool. A walk wouldn't hurt, would it.

I grab my hoodie and put it on, I search for my ear-buds. Once I found them I carefully place them in my ears. I step out only to feel the breeze of air and a dark night.
I walk through the houses as I thought about what was going to happen after I leave; are people even going to notice? Is Tony even going to care anymore? Will my friends miss me? Would they even bother and look for me and ask me to come back.

Even on how hard I tried to stop thinking about Tony I couldn't there's like a beast in my heart and it won't let me leave alive. I was heading back home until something grab my attention, a man or a guy as I kept getting closer to him he kept looking familiar. He was drunk I could tell by the way he was walking. He was walking down streets looking for someone I'm guessing, It looked like he found what he was looking for as he made his way into a house...Wait that's my house. Oh my god it's Tony!

I ran to my door and he look at me with a confused look.
"I thought you were inside!" He had the hiccups, and I was right he was drunk, the smell of alcohol ran up my nose every time he spoke.

"No, I went for a walk. Tone why are you drunk?"

"What no I am not I just went to the bar and had two drinks." He tried keeping a straight face but failed miserably.

"Come on let's go inside." I open the door to the house and grab Tony's hand as I led him inside. Once we were in he rumbled his way to the couch. He took a seat and pat the spot next to him.

"No Tony you're drunk."

"No I am not!" He kept wanting me to believe him.

"Okay Tony so why did you come?"

"Oh yeah! I need you to come to my place, here come one lets go!" He hands me his hand, I don't hesitate and grab it. We walked towards the door until I realize what I was doing.

"Wait tony you're drunk. How are you going to drive?"

"You're driving." We step out I instantly feel the coldness as I shiver.

"You cold?" "Just a little." Tony places his arm around my shoulder and brings me close. We walk down the three steps in front of us and make our way to Tony's car.

I help Tony into the passenger's seat and later make my way into the driver's seat.
"Tony I'll leave you at your house then I'm leaving okay?" I tried my best talking to him like if nothing had happen, but it hurts, it even hurts to say his name. The way my tongue rolls when I mention his name, it gets to me.

"Okay." I look away from the road and see Tony's grin grew wider. Of course he was drunk but he said he'd only had two drinks, he's probably buzzed. Knowing Stephanie she was probably looking for him, I would bet anything she is at his house right now worrying.

"Where's Stephanie?" His grin suddenly disappear. I exit out of the car after putting it in park and head to the passenger's seat. As I help Tony out he reply's; "I don't really care where she is okay."

"Okay." We head towards Tony's house. I let him in first in case Stephanie was here I could easily leave.

"Melodee come here!" Tony whined as he sat on the couch. I walk towards his direction and take a seat on his couch as far as possible.

"Mel, why are you trying to be away from me? It just makes me want to be more near you." Tony stood up and took threw himself on the couch next to me.

"I'm just Keeping a comfortable distance." I say as I face the other way.

"Mel do you have feeling towards me? I need to know." I felt my knees weaken when he asked that question. The big question was finally here. I don't know how to reply. What if he makes me leave. Should I leave? No i have to face this.

"Yeah Tony.... I do like you." My heart sunk as he stood quiet. I stood up and was about to leave when he finally cleared his throat.

" I can't let go of what's in front of me here." I turn my whole body around and walk towards Tony who was now standing on his feet.

"What do you mean?" He came closer with each step he kept pushing me back until I reach the wall.

"I've always had feelings for you." I know it isn't possible but right now it sure did feel real, my heart stop beating with those words he kept repeating. I've always had feelings for you.

"Stop Tony! Up until now I've sworn to myself That I'm content with loneliness."

"No Melodee! I'm sorry for making you feel-"

"Like shit! You made me believe that you never had feelings for me!" Right now I don't understand if I'm suppose to be happy that the guy I like has feelings for me too or am I suppose to get mad? But I flipped.

"Mel I don't understand."

"Yeah Tony you don't understand! All this feeling inside of me are killing me! I l-" He grabbed my face and smashed his lips on mine, obviously wanting me to be quiet. I stiffened. But later relax, he parted his lips and lick my bottom lip as he beg for entrance. I opened my mouth and allowed our tongues to dance with each other. He lifted me up, causing me to lay on his couch and he hovered over me.

"Believe me now?" He whispered in my ear. I didn't say a word. Instead, I slammed my lips back on his. He moved his hands to my waist and gripped it tight. He slowly moved his hands up and crawled into my shirt. I being me lift up my arms immediately at his touch and let him take over. He lifts up my shirt and throws it on the ground and continues kissing me, his lips made his way down and started kissing my bare neck. Once he reached my bra he grabbed the hook and unhooked it. He made his way back up and pressed his lips back on to mine, his hands started to unbutton my jeans causing me to moan a bit in his lips. He pulled away and stared at me directly into my eyes.

"I don't like you Mel... I think I'm falling In love with you." He admitted, I felt my self weaken again and I pulled him down.

" I think I'm falling too." I admitted as well. He brought me to his arms and hugged me. Next thing I knew we were both falling asleep. I turn to face him, his lips partly open as little snores escaped his mouth. I know he was drunk and he probably would regret this in the morning but for now I'm going to enjoy his company.


Omg this was so awesome please update soon! This is one of the best stories ever man!
Darling Darling
I would just like to point out that there was a typo that made me laugh my ass off! "...I grabbed his back hair..." OMFG THAT MADE MY DAY. XD
tony's plugs tony's plugs
Of course lol =)
Ashlynn202 Ashlynn202
this is the best story iv'e read so far <3333
Arcelia_Fuentes Arcelia_Fuentes
Aww! You're welcome! :D
tony's plugs tony's plugs