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We'll Stand The Test Of Time

Old Friend

When we finally landed at the airport in San Diego, I practically jumped from my seat. Sure, the flight wasn't [i]that[/i] long, we've been on longer flights...but I really had to pee and we were saving money, taking the cheapest flights we could. Of course this meant, it was on a plane without a toilet...unless they actually had one but I wasn't aware of it. In which case...I never be flying like this again. Who cares about saving money? These shows we're playing will hopefully give us enough money to have some [i]nice[/i] flights back home.
Yes, that may sound stuck up but honestly, we have a rock band. That, judging by the record sales of our first album, [i]With Ears To See, And Eyes To Hear[/i], is fairly popular. We should be able to have nice flights, with toilets so I'm not running around an airport like a madman ting to find the bathroom.
I finally found a toilet and did my business and I'm now meeting Jesse, Justin, Jack and Gabe, our manager, the techs for our instruments and all the other crew, in the arrival terminal to collect our luggage.
"Justin!" I called to one of our techs, Justin Vanhook, "Why did you convince us to take the cheapest flights? Seriously, that was hell! I had to pee so bad!"
"You should've gone potty before we left Kellin, you dingbat!" He shouted, causing people to give us weird looks.
"I told him! Justin I told him to go before we left. But no one ever listens to me!" Jesse pointed to himself in an melodramatic way, before stomping off towards the doors of the airport. We all sighed and followed him out and into the van that came to pick us up.

"So, do we know who we're going to be playing with?" Gabe, our drummer, asked.
"There's this band, uh...I think it's Pierce the....something or other. I'm not sure. There's a few bands playing, we're 5 minutes away so we'll see when we get there." Our tour manager spoke almost absently, he was too busy playing on his phone. The boys all replied with 'hmmm's, and 'alright's...we were looking at the beautiful city of San Diego passing by us.
We had just stopped at our hotel room to freshen up and we were now on our way to the first venue. Turns out, there were a few more shows booked and we'll be staying here longer than expected. We're doing a few shows and a few small festivals up the coast and some around the city. So we're staying for about a month, us and the other bands playing. Well, I sure hope they are actually decent people - otherwise this tour will be no fun, at all.

A few minutes passed and we were finally at the venue, unloading the van. Being the singer, I was lucky, I didn't really need to bring anything except myself - other people took care of my mic and what-not. So I had some time to walk around. Oddly enough, we were the first ones here so the whole place was empty, giving me some time to kill.
I explored the venue, before deciding on going to Starbucks for a coffee while waiting for the other bands to arrive. I didn't bother asking the other guys, just because then I would have to rush there and back and I, quite frankly, couldn't be bothered.
So I texted them all to say I was going for a walk, and went to the first Starbucks I saw. Upon walking in, I saw that it was fairly quiet. Not very busy, it was midday, and a Friday so I suppose people were at work or school. I walked right up to the counter because there was no one else waiting, and ordered.
When I went back to my seat, I had a look around. Outside all I saw was people walking around with their little kids, people in business suits, some people going on jogs. I saw cars on the road, not many, I figured this was the more quiet area of SD. In Starbucks there was three other groups of people. A small group of four women, probably in their late twenties; a young couple, fresh out of college I would say; and a group of four guys, around my age. They were all fairly tanned, slightly muscular builds. The guy with spikey, skunk-like hair had a full sleeve underneath his black t-shirt. He had his back turned to me so I couldn't see any piercings; Another guy had a cap on over his hair and because he had a tank top on, I could see that he had both of his arms, his neck and his hands even, covered in tattoos. His ears were stretched and he had a dermal piercing.
The third guy had a cap on backwards and a tank top so I could see tattoos covering his arms, neck and hands just like the other guy. Except this guy had a piercing on is upper and his lower lip.
The fourth person though who also had his back turned to me he had no tattoos in sight. His curly, brown hair spilt out of a grey slouch beanie perched on top of his head. He was wearing a fairly tight white t-shirt, so I could clearly see his muscles. He looked like he was fairly short and skinny, so it looked a bit odd for him to have such toned arms but hey, I'm not complaining.
Dammit, Kellin. Your gay is showing...yes I am gay. Very gay. I'm probably as gay as a pink pixie, but I'm not your stereotypical, flamboyant gay person. That's why no one knows what to say when tell them - not that I've really told many people. My band mates know sure, and my mum. But that's all. There's no one else to tell really.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I was called up for my coffee.
"Kellin Quinn?" Called the lady at the counter. I walked up and took the cup, offering her a $20 tip which she took gratefully. I sat back down at my table and pulled out my phone, to text my mum, and some friends back home to tell them I landed safely.
I was seated for no more than five minutes when I heard someone clear their throat in front of me. I looked up into the biggest and most beautiful set of brown eyes I had ever seen in my life. I realised it was the guy sitting at the table over with his three friends. They one who had his back turned to me...with the muscles...and curly hair...oh goodness. He's even more beautiful up close.
"Excuse me," he said. "Is your name Kellin Quinn?" I looked at him quizzically, why would he want to know of that's my name?
"Um...yeah. That's me, why do you ask?" I said, nonchalantly.
He sat down across from me. "You don't happen to be the Kellin Quinn, who, 14 years ago, moved to Michigan from Oklahoma?" He looked at me with bright eyes, and a hopeful smile. I nodded and his smile got even wider, although, I have no idea how that was humanely possible.
"I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but I'm Vic. Vic Fuentes."
That name, I knew that name. I looked at him. I searched his eyes for an answer as to where I knew that name. I looked at his big, brown eyes...those eyes. "Oh my god. Vic!? Is it, is it really you?" I asked, still in complete shock. He nodded, the smile gracing his lips growing bigger by the minute. I stood up and he followed suit, moving out of the booth and quickly pulling each other into big bear hugs. My best friend, was back. After 14 years apart, he's finally back.
"W-why didn't I ever hear from you? For 14 years?" I asked when we pulled away.
"I don't know, I-I asked mama if I could call or write or go see you, but she always said you were too busy...then about a year after you left, we moved to San Diego. We were even further away from you so everything became harder so I pretty much just gave up." He looked down at his feet with a look of sadness on his face, "Then in freshman year, Mike and I, we started a band with our friends, then we had graduation and now...we've been too busy. We lost your address after so long and I figured you must've moved or something, I just..." He trailed off. I wrapped my arms around him in a hug which he instantly returned. "I kept your promise Vicky...I never forgot about you." He looked up a me with his eyes full of unshed tears, a beautiful smile gracing his lips.
"There was one more thing though..." he said, his expression turning serious, "Are we still best friends?" I smiled at him, which he returned.
"Of course. Forever and ever."


Hello lovelies!
2nd chapter here.
I'm in the middle of working through a third, so bare with me. I may try and have it up tonight. We'll see...okay. Goodbye for now. xx

My twitter - amy_lucas_xo
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Ive been looking for this story everywhere after i saw it on Movellas (i think)! i finally found it! Please update. Ive literally thought about this story probably every day since like 4 months ago (probably longer)

Ive been looking for this story everywhere after i saw it on Movellas (i think)! i finally found it! Please update. Ive literally thought about this story probably every day since like 4 months ago (probably longer)