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We'll Stand The Test Of Time

Walking Separate Way

"But mummy, I don't want to go yet! I want to see Vic!" A little 6 year old Kellin cried.
"But sweetie, we have to go now or we won't make it home before dark." Today was Thursday. The second Thursday of May, otherwise known as the day Kellin would be moving away from his best friend Vic, to go live in Michigan.
"But mummy I just want this long." Kellin held out his right hand, spreading all 5 fingers and pointing them high in the air. "Please! I promised Vicky I would see him before he left!" Of course, Kellin wanted to see Vic, and Vic's younger brother Mike before he left, they were his best friends...well, his only friends really. Kellin was very shy and wasn't very good at making friends.
"Okay, you have five minutes Kellin. I'll be here, be quick." Kellin gave his mum a hug before running off to his best friends house.
He arrived at the Fuentes' front door, to be greeted by Vivian, Vic's mum. "Ah Mijito! Come in darling, are you here to see Vic and Mike?" The short, blonde-haired woman greeted the young boy, stepping aside to let him in.
"Yes, we're leaving and I want to say goodbye to them." Kellin said. He hand his hands together behind him, swaying back and forth on his little feet, a small pout present on his face.
"Of course! They're in Vic's room, you know where to go. Oh, and mijito, could you tell them I'm just going over to see your mother?"
"Thank you, I'll tell them." Kellin said with a big smile, before taking off upstairs, leaving Mrs Fuentes at the door, chuckling to herself. As Kellin came to Vic's bedroom door, he knocked softly with his knuckles. He heard someone say 'come in!' over the sound of video games coming from the tv. Opening the door, he stepped inside and watched as Vic turned around, a wide, ear-to-ear smile erupting on the little mexicans face the moment he saw Kellin.
"Kellin!" Vic yelled, jumping up and running to the small boy, nearly knocking him over in a hug. Despite being nearly 2 years older, Vic is still the shorter of the two boys.
Mike then ran over, and because he is quite a bit taller than Vic and Kellin, he crashed into them, causing them to topple to the ground. They went into a fit of laughter...a moment that they wanted to cherish, for who knows how long until they would all be together again?
"I'm going to miss you Kellin." Mike said when the boys finally got up from the ground, and stopped laughing. Vic nodded in agreement, "I don't want you to leave!"
The boys engaged in mindless chatter for the next two minutes, promising to see each other one day or in the summers.
"I have to go, there's a Harry Potter marathon on tv! But I'm really going to miss you Kellin, don't forget about me. You have to come and see me when you're as big and tall as me!" Mike smiled enthusiastically, bringing Kellin in for a big bear hug.
"I'm going to miss you too Mike, I promise that I'll never ever ever forget about you." Kellin said, pouting.
With that, Mike left, leaving Vic and Kellin facing eachother. "Kels, please don't leave me." Vic whined, tears beginning to cascade down his cheeks.
Kellin wrapped his pale, skinny arms around the small tan boy, letting his tears fall. They stood there, for the remainder of their time together, just hugging and crying to each other.
Vic pulled away, but kept his eyes locked with Kellin's. He held out his fist, raising his pinky.
"Kellin, do you pinky promise me you won't ever forget about me?" He said, in a serious tone. Kellin nodded, afraid that if he said anything his voice would break and he would cry even more.
"Do you pinky promise me that we will always be best friends?"
Again Kellin nodded. Once again, Vic and Kellin hugged. When they pulled apart, Vic brought his lips up to Kellin's cheek, pressing them firmly against the pale skin. Kellin could feel all the heat in his body rush to his face, particularly to the place where Vic kissed him.
"I love you Vicky." It was then that you could really see the relationship the two boys had, they were best friends. They would always be best friends. Even being such young children, something told them that no matter how far apart they were, they would always be best friends. It was meant to be.
"I love you too Kels."
With that, the two boys walked down Vic's stairs, and out of the wooden door of his home towards where both of their mothers stood, waiting for the boys' arrival. "Good boy Kellin, right on time. Five minutes exactly."
"Mijito you have fun in Michigan, and be good for mummy won't you?" Mrs Fuentes bent down to give the small boy a hug, something he would miss. Vivian would always be his second mother, and Victor senior, Vic's father would always be his second dad. They were a family to his, just an extension to his own really, since it was only him and his mother in the house. "I promise." Kellin said, while hugging her back.
His mum exchanged her last goodbyes with Vic, Vivian, and told her to say goodbye to Victor and Mike also for them.
Before he knew it, Kellin was in the car with his mum, driving away from the place he used to call home. Driving away from his friends...driving away from Vic.

That was 14 years ago.

Sitting on the stool in the kitchen of his apartment in Michigan, 20 year old Kellin slowly consumed a coffee while replaying the events in his mind. He was beginning to forget what Vic and Mike looked like...for he never did see them again. He never even heard from them. He never understood why, of course, he was young when he moved but even now, he's 20...Vic would have turned 22 in February and he still didn't know why he had never heard from his former best friend in 14 years. Not a single note, not a single phone call, nothing. Even when he asked his mother why he couldn't see Vic, she responded with, we're too busy. He eventually gave up on trying to see Vic and by the time he was 18, he was too busy with finishing school and his band to even bother trying to find him.
He just gave up, it wasn't until today that Vic even crossed his mind. Today was the day he was supposed to fly across the country to the West Coast...to San Diego. He and his band, Sleeping With Sirens were doing some concerts along with 3 other bands, all of which were apparently local bands that were popular in the scene and for who knows what reason, as he sat on the black leather stool of his apartment, drinking a cup of barely-warm coffee, waiting on his band member Jesse to come pick him up - Vic suddenly filled his thoughts.
Although, they were memories of people with made-up faces. The only thing he remembered about Vic was his deep brown eyes, and dark caramel coloured skin. Mainly the eyes.
Other than that, he remembered nothing. It was odd though, how the thoughts of the mexican so randomly crossed his mind. Why now? Why now of all times? Did it mean something? He thought. Was this a sign for something? His thoughts were interrupted as a loud, obnoxious knocking sounded on the door. Placing his now empty cup in the sink, Kellin grabbed his phone, checking all around him that there was nothing he forgot and opened the door to the familiar hyper red head...his best friend Jesse. Grabbing his bags and locking his apartment door, he walked with Jesse to the van parked on the street outside. He climbed in and said a final farewell to his apartment, and began the short ride to the airport.
Ready to face head-on whatever was to be thrown his way in San Diego.


Hello everyone!
I'm Amy, you may have seen this story on Mibba? Well yes, I put that story uo there first and now that this has been created, I have it on here as well! I'm xBluexEyesx on Mibba, in case you were wondering.
Okay, well this is the first chapter, obviously and it is going to be the only chapter in 3rd person. xx

If you like this please feel free to comment, tell me what you think of it. Subscribe, so you'll always know when I post a new chapter. And w/e else. A big thank you to everyone who reads this! I appreciate it more than you can imagine.
Also feel free to go and check this out on Mibba also, maybe recommend it on there? I'll be posting chapters on there first, just so you know. Updates will also be very irregular, I'm sorry for that but I have a few other stories to write and I always like to perfect my chapters...haha.

Okay, yes um thank you all. ilysm. xx Add me or message me if you like!


Ive been looking for this story everywhere after i saw it on Movellas (i think)! i finally found it! Please update. Ive literally thought about this story probably every day since like 4 months ago (probably longer)

Ive been looking for this story everywhere after i saw it on Movellas (i think)! i finally found it! Please update. Ive literally thought about this story probably every day since like 4 months ago (probably longer)