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Saint Heart

You Think I'm Hot?

"You better clean this up!" I screamed over Tony's shoulder.

"Christina just let it go." Tony mumbled, still carrying me. When we reached the living room he placed me on the couch and started picking the cheese from my hair, placing it on a napkin.

"Let it go? Are you kidding me? He just threw pizza at me!" I began yelling again.

"Your voice is literally screeches jumbled together. Can you stop yelling?" Jaime said as he sat on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table.

"Get your dirty feet off my table! What the hell is your problem?!" I shouted and pushed his feet from where they rested on the table.

"I don't have a problem." Jaime shrugged his shoulders "How about you?"

"I've got a few problems actually, one of them being you!" I said as I walked back to my bedroom to change for the second time. "You better pray that this doesn't stain!"

"It's a t shirt. Just get another one-"

"Jaime shut up man." Mike groaned.

I pulled my shirt over my head while I was passing the washer in the hall and threw it on top to clean. When I got to my room I pulled a t shirt out of the bottom drawer that said 'The Bled' across it. The shirt was from when I was in high school so I wouldn't be too upset if Jaime decided to ruin a third shirt.

"Well at least she has a good taste in music." Jaime scoffed.

"Will you shut up already?" I said as I walked past him and into the kitchen. Surprisingly enough all the pizza was picked up and the cabinets had been cleaned off.

"Seriously man just stop." Mike said and hopped up to sit on the counter beside me.

"So where can we all go to hang out tonight?" Tony said sitting at the kitchen table.

"When you say hang out do you mean hang out or get drunk?" I laughed.

"Both. More of the getting drunk." Mike answered quickly. I let out a small giggle and chewed on my lip while I thought.

"Well I have to help Lauraine with some math work before we do anything. Would you guys mind hanging out here for a bit? Like another hour or so?"

"Great. Super fan is gonna be here." Jaime said from the couch. I shot him a small glare and he turned back to the tv.

"Sure, it's fine by me. How about you two?" Tony said and looked to the boys for answers. They both replied with 'okays' before I walked away from them to call Lauraine.

"And you," I glared at "JaimeYou better apologize to her for how you acted earlier. You're one of her heroes and the way you treated her was such bullshit Jaime." I pointed a finger at him. He just rolled his eyes


"Okay so what do you do with the exponents then?" I said pointing to the small three next to the slightly larger x.

"You multiply them. So it's fifteen, right?" Lauraine's eyebrows scrunched together in thought as she answered.

"No look, when you multiply exponents, you don't really multiply them," someone said from over my shoulder before I could correct her. "You add the two exponents together, watch. See it's 2x to the fifth, times x to the third." I looked up to see Jaime craning his head over me to see the paper. I let a small smile appear on my lips. "So that would mean you multiply the x's, making it 2x. Then you add the exponents, even though it's technically multiplication. So your answer is 2x to the eighth power."

"So this one," Lauraine said pointing to the next problem after scribbling down the answer "This one is 4y to the ninth times 3y to the second. So it's 12y to the eighteenth?"

"Exactly." Jaime smiled and took a seat on the other side of her.

I got up and made my way to the kitchen to get some water bottles for us while he helped Lauraine. After I had grabbed three bottles from the fridge, I leaned against the counter and watched the two of them.

"He's not all bad you know," Vic's voice came from behind me, causing me to jump. "He's not bad at all actually. I don't know why he's treating you this way."

"He doesn't like me, that's why" I shrugged.

"No, no I don't think that's it," Vic laughed and clapped me on the shoulder before walking back to the living room.

"What the hell was that supposed to mean?" I mumbled to myself.

I walked back to the dinning room and handed them both their waters. I took a seat across from the two of them an just watched. Every time Lauraine would get an answer right Jaime would have a huge grin on his face, causing his the deep dimples on his cheeks to show. When she made a mistake his fingers would run through his hair slowly while he tried to figure out what she did wrong so he could help fix her answer. I got up from my chair again and walked to my room to pick anoutfit for tonight. I had decided most of my outfit but I wasn't sure about the shoes. I glanced at the clock and saw that Lauraine should have been done with her work by now.


"Coming!" I heard her call from the dinning room. Her feet padded down the hallway and she appeared in the doorway in a matter of seconds. "What's up Christie?"

"Help me with my shoes now," I said and pointed to the three pairs at the bottom of my bed. There was a pair of spiked black Lita's, a pair of peach heels, and a pair of black stilettos with gold studs around the bottom.

"Definitely not the peach ones, that's overkill," Said said and tossed them back into the closet. "I feel like the Lita's are too much for the outfit though. You could definitely rock the black ones if you wear that gold spiked ring you have."

"Alright, are you gonna hang out for a while or do you need to go home?" I asked as I took my hair down from it's high bun and ran the hair straightener through my mess of curls.

"No, I've gotta go pick up my brother from practice then make dinner for everyone. I'll see you tomorrow," She smiled and walked out of the room.

"Bye Laur!" I shouted before the front door slammed.


"Two shots of whiskey please!" My voice slurred over the music of the club I had taken my brother and his friends to.

"Are you sure about that?" A familiar voice laughed beside me.

"Yep. Positive." I answered and slammed a shot glass back down after emptying it down my throat. One shot.

"We'll see about that little Perry," the persons voice was slurring a but too, but not as bad as my own. I was wasted, there was no doubt about it. The biggest question was how wasted could I get before Tony became the protective older brother and cut me off.

"Where's Tone?" I questioned.

"Dancing with someone." he shrugged and watched me take my second shot. He ordered his own shot and downed it. "Do you wanna dance?" Two shots.

"Not with you!" I laughed loudly. His smirk faltered a bit but was back up in seconds, showing off his dimples.

"And why not?"

"Jaime, you're hot. You've got that but you told me I was a horrible teacher, insulted my students, poured water on me, and threw pizza at me. The only nice thing you've done all day was help Lauraine with her school work." I snorted and rolled my eyes before taking another shot with him. That's three. "You're a douche bag."

"You think I'm hot?"

"Is that really all you got out of that?" my jaw hung and I stared at him in bewilderment. The song changed. "I wanna dance. Do you wanna dance with me?" I questioned the man next to me. "Let's go dance." I grabbed his forearm and walked towards the dance floor.

"Seriously!" Jaime yelled after us.

Tonight was going to be fun.


Update Please!! I just found this story and I absolutly love it!!
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Please update soon??
I Just found this story, omg please update!!!
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Can't wait for more! Love this story.
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I love this! Can't wait for the next update.
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