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Saint Heart

It Started with a Visit

"You've got everything you need right? Books, clothes, money?" Tony said as we stood in the airport.

"I've got it all. Don't worry Tone, I'll be fine." I tried to soothe my older brother. He was acting like a big baby over me leaving for college.

"I'm gonna miss you so much Christina Mae Perry." He frowned.

"Tony, I'll visit on your birthday and all the holidays I can get my butt back home to San Diego. We have skype and the phone, if you remember to pay the phone bill that is." I slapped the brim of his hat down toward his face playfully and smiled at him.

"I know. It's gonna be different without having you around all the time. But you just HAD to go to that fashion school in New York." He laughed.

"I'll probably drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to do during the winter so I guess that's payback." I laughed. I heard my flight number being called over the loud speaker and I looked at Tony uneasily.

"See you at Christmas?" He said quietly.

"See you at Christmas." I repeated with a nod. With that, Tony wrapped his arms around me then shooed me off towards the plane.


"Miss Perry!" Someone shouted at me. My attention snapped back to the present and I looked up at the teenager that stood in front of me.

"Yes, sorry. What's up Gaby?" I smiled up at her from behind my desk.

"The needle on my machine broke." She huffed and held the pointed end up for me to see.

"Did you sew over your snap?" I laughed lightly and made my way over to her sewing machine.


"Gaby?" I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Okay yes but not on purpose!"

"It's fine, needles break all the time. Next time, just unscrew this piece next to the needle, pull the broken piece out and replace it with a new one. It's no big deal, nothing I would be mad over it happens to me quite often."

"Miss Perry there's only ten minutes left in the period!" I heard someone call to me.

"You guys heard Thomas. Clean up!" I shouted to the room and sat behind my computer again. My phone vibrated in my bag and I took it out to check it.

"No phones in school Miss Perry" Lauraine laughed taking a seat next to me. Now I know teachers aren't supposed to play favorites, but it was my seconds time having Lauraine in this class and she really is one of my good friends at this point.

"Oh be quiet Laur, it's Tony." I laughed and watched as the girls eyes lit up.

"What'd he say oh my gosh!" She gushed.

"He just asked me what I was up to. You know, I think you know more about my brother and his band then I do."

"Well, I actually listen to your brothers band unlike you. That might be why!" She laughed and put her feet up on the chair in front of her.

-Miss Perry pick up please the secretary in the main office's voice came through the speaker on the class phone.

"This is Miss Perry." I answered cheerfully.

"Hey Christina, you've got some visitors to see you. Want me to send them up?"

"Thanks Michelle, who is it?" I twirled the cord around my index finger and leaned against the wall as I watched my class.

"Now that I can't tell you. I was sworn to secrecy. Bye Christina!" She giggled a bit then slammed the phone down.

"Well okay then..." I mumbled and walked to the center of the room. "Okay! Who thinks they need more time to design their outfits for the junk to funk project!" I watched as everyone hands shot up into the air. "Right, that's what I thought. I'll give you guys tomorrow block period but that's it. It's taking way too long for you guys to design this."

"Miss Perry I have a question." Lauraine said from behind me.

"Shoot." I said spinning on my heel to face her.

"Can you model mine?"

"Nope. I thought Joyce was your model?"

"She is but she's so....ugh..." Lauraine mumbled and rolled her eyes. I heard a knock on the door as I walked into the closet to put a box of pins away.

"Come in!" I shouted from the closet.

"I'm going to shit myself if you don't get out here Miss Perry!" Lauraine shouted.

"Seriously Laur!" I scolded her as I walked out of the closet but stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes fell upon the four tanned men standing in the doorway.

"Tony?!" I heard my high pitched voice echo in my own ears.

"Hi Christina" He smiled and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"Cesar Antonio Soto Perry I could kill you for not telling me you were coming here!" I yelled and launched myself at my older brother. "And you brought the guys!"

"Hey, I'm Jaime." One of them said as he held his hand out for me to take. He was gorgeous. His hair was spiked up in every direction possible and he had this set of dimples on his cheeks that made my knees go weak.

"C-christina..." I breathed.

"I'm Vic! I've heard so much about you!" The shortest one smiled

"Miss Perry..." Lauraine nudged me when Tony let me go. "Call 911 I'm about to die..."

"Laur this is my brother Tony and his bandmates Jaime, Vic, and...uh...sorry I didn't catch you name." I smiled awkwardly at the tall tattooed man wearing sunglasses.

"His name is Mike." Lauraine squeaked.

"Tony meet your biggest fan in the tri-state area." I laughed as I motioned to Lauraine.

"Hey! Christina told me a lot about you." Tony smiled to the short girl. I watched as her eyes went wide and the color drained from her face.


"Yup. Lauraine Vercuzzi. Biggest fan ever in the history of forever. You've been listening to us since you're eighth grade year right?"

"Holy shit. Fuck me in the ass..." Lauraine's jaw hung open as the bell rang.

"Oh wow." It was Tonys turn for his eyes to go wide now.

"She doesn't actually mean that. She says that when things go wrong usually." I tried explaining to him.

"That makes sense." Jaime rolled his eyes. I glared at the man I found so attractive. There was no reason to act like a jerk. All my students left the room to go to their next class except Lauraine.

"Go to class Laur, I'll FaceTime you tonight." I smiled at her.

"Okay. Bye Christie! Bye guys!" she waved and ran out of the room to make it to her next class on time.

"So sis, how's life on the east coast?" Tony questioned.

"Cold. Jersey is cold turtle." I frowned.

"You shouldn't have moved here then." Jaime scoffed.

"Jaime..." Vic groaned.

"Seriously Hime, what's your problem?" Mike shook his head at the shorter man.

"Nothing. I'm going to wait in the car." with that said, Jaime walked out of the classroom.

"What the hell?" I said, clearly confused.

"I have no fucking idea what's going on with him." Vic stated.

"Lauraine said he was the sweet one..."

"He usually is." Mike said.

"When do you get out of this place? I'm hungry!" Tony practically yelled.

"Right now" I laughed and grabbed my phone, purse, and keys before walking out of the classroom and locking the door after they all walked out. "Let me just sign out and we can go get some lunch, or breakfast if you guys have a sleeping schedule like Tony."

"Oh shut up and sign out." Tony laughed and shoved me lightly in the direction of the main office.
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