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Fast Times At Clairemont High

This love was out of control

The mall wasn't all too busy. There was the odd college kid here and there, maybe the odd elderly couple going for a coffee, but apart from that, it was ours. The movie theatre was on the top floor and was quite large with maybe 10 or 11 theatre rooms.
"What do you feel like watching?" Kellin asked me. To be honest, I wasn't too bothered. I was with Kellin and that's all that mattered to me. Sound's gay, I know. But what can I say, I am!
"I don't know, get the first film going," I responded.
The film just so happened to be a romantic comedy about a gay couple. How appropriate, I thought to myself with slight sarcasm hinting, can you tell?
Seeing as though I bought the movie tickets Kellin decided to buy the snacks. One coke, large, which I'm guessing we'd be sharing seeing as though he hadn't bought another, and a large popcorn. Luckily it was sweet. I can't stand salted popcorn, it just tastes, well, not right I guess you could say. Movie snacks are supposed to be sweet; not savoury. Right?
We sat at the back of the theatre room, pulling the arm up in between us so I could lay into him, to which my body molded perfectly into his. I felt Kellins arm wrap around my waist, hugging me tightly to him. It felt so right, you know? If he let me, I'd probably be able to lay in his arms forever; and no, I'm not over-exagerating the situation. If you felt his ams, his body heat, his breath against your neck... Oh wow, he was so close to my neck right now, it turned me on slightly. I must have let out a quiet moan, hell it could have been loud for all I knew, because he started to giggle whilst kissing down on my neck, leaving small love bites here and there.
I turned myself onto him, kissing down firmly on those soft lips of his. Kellins fingers found themselves tracing along my back, forcing me to accidentally thrust myself up against my hips. Well, if he didn't have tickled me making me push up against him, I was going to anyway. Breathless, we pulled apart from the kiss and I was greeted by deep blue eyes staring back at me. Biting his lip softly, he pushed his hand up the front of my band shirt, causing a redness to appear across my cheek making Kellin grin up at me, which only made me blush twice as hard.
"What?" I smirked as I brushed my lips against his once again. Kellin responded by pushing his hips up onto mine, grinding hard. Our lips were dancing perfectly with each other, our tongues rolling over and over in one anothers mouths.
"Want to get out of here?" He asked as we finally pulled apart, leaving us with little breath. Biting the inside of my cheek, my response was a nod, so I stood up and helped him get to his feet which he thanked me with a kiss. Kellin pushed himself up against me once more and this time I was welcomed with his pants slightly tighter than before. I'll admit, it turned me on. Were we going back to his to, well, you know, do it?

Our walk back to Kellin's house consisted of his arm around my waist, whispering sexual nothings into my ear, whilst kissing my neck line. I had to try my absolute best to not let it show just how much he had turned me on, especially not on the streets in public. That would be embarrassing for me and most probably whoever had seen it.
As we were walking, a few people gave us disgusted looks to which I pulled free from Kellin's hold to kiss him intensely. Their reactions were priceless! Apparently gay couples hadn't been accepted yet around here.
Kellins driveway came into view and we exchanged small looks. He was bright red.No way was he a virgin too. I refuse to believe it. He's so beautiful and could have had any girl - or guy - he wanted. But, even if he was I was happy. It's nice to now I'll be the one to have it all. All mine. Nobody elses. That's if, that's where this is going.

No cars in the driveway told us Kellins parents hadn't come home early from work for whatever reasons there could have been.
Unlocking the door, he allowed me to go in first and followed me in. Kellin threw his arms around my waist, turning me to face him before plastering me with a kiss. His tongue wanted entry to my mouth and I allowed it, slipping mine into his in return. I pushed him up against the nearest wall, running my hands down to rest underneath his ass. Trying my best to lift him, he took the hint and jumped up and wrapped his legs around my waist, our lips still locked. The stairway seemed like a mile. Kellin was the lightest thing, but I wanted to be in his room right now. I opened the door to his room, kicking it shut with my foot and pushed him down onto the bed. Rolling us over, Kellin straddled my waist whilst playfully his hand over my chest.
"I've never done this before," he mummbled, shyly, a blush creeping into his cheeks. Kellin looked beautiful when he blushed. Wait a minute. I hadn't fully processed what he'd said. Was he saying he was a virgin? Was he saying he wanted to do this? With me? Or had I took it the opposite way?
"Neither have I," I replied in a whisper, resting my hand on his thigh, rubbing it softly.
"Do you want this?" He bit back on his lip, a small smile showing.
"I want you," I replied. I meant it too. I wanted him like you wouldn't understand. I wanted him to give himself away to me, just so I could do the same to him.
Kellin bit back on his lip again and I managed to sit up, pressing my lips to his neck, leaving small love bites where I could. The moans he made drove me crazy. I traced my fingers up his side, pushing his shirt up over his head revealing his perfectly shaped body. I planted soft kisses all over his chest to which he threw his head back in pleasure. I hoped anyway. Kellin grew slightly impatient and removed my jacket and shirt and he smiled at what he saw. I don't fully understand why. I was bruized, still, and there were scars all over my arms, but I didn't let my concern show in my face, especially when he began issing my own chest. He began to make his way down my stomach and stopped as he reached the hem of my pants. It began getting slightly tighter down there as Kellin pushed his hand down the front of my skinnies. I moaned aloud at his touch. He was messing with me and I wanted him now.
"Kellin," I groaned, "Please." He read me like a book and grinned down at me. He unbuttoned the front of my skinnies, pulling the zip down with his teeth, forcing me to moan louder. I felt the coolness hit my tanned legs as he pulled off my skinnies and threw them to one side of the room. He also pulled off my black boxer shorts too, leaving me completely in the nude.
Kellin crawled back on top of me, half clothed, and grinded himself up against me. It was only fair that he, too, was fully undressed, so I reached down to unbutton his jeans and pulled down the zipper. I pushed his pants down as far as I could push them until Kellin decided to stand up and take them off himself, along with his own boxers. As he came back on top of me, the new experience of such contact made me gasp aloud, Yes, I was slightly nervous, but I was also excited. No, I was more anxious I guess you could say. I heard him smirk, making me to blush again and his lips smashed against mine. Kisses began to trail down my stomach, Kellin's hands running themselves down my sides until he reached my pelvic bone. His hand reached for my already hardened length, causing me to moan whilst he moved his wrist in an even rythm. I bucked my hips up once he placed my length into his own mouth, bobbing his head up and down. I could feel myself nearing my climax.
"Kells...Kells...I'm gonna," and that's when he stopped and climbed back on top of me placing a finger against my mouth.
"Not yet," he teased.
Motioning for me to spit in his hand, I did so as I knew what was coming next. Lubing himself up, he alligned his length up against my entrance.
"This might hurt," he whispered against my ear. I knew it would, I'd heard from someone before that it did, but I was ready. I wanted this.
"I know, and I don't care. Just....Just make love to me already. I want you now." I sounded desperate but my thoughts were thrown aback as I felt himself thrust up against me, making me shiver in pain and yet somehow, also with pleasure. Kellin knocked our hips together as he thrusted up against my prostate - he'd also now taken my length back in his hand, pulling at it whilst continuing to push up harder against me.
"Ah....Vic," he moaned aloud, his moans causing me to hit my climax, groaning out in pure pleasure and satisfaction. Kellin hardened as I felt him reach his shortly after mine. He rolled off me and laid besides me, my hand entwined with his. After a few minutes of panting and coming back down to our level of normal breathing, Kellin finally broke the silence.
"I love you, Vic."
"I love you, too, Kellin."
It fell silent again after that, but I didn't care. Those four words meant so much to me, I'd probably wouldn't mind if no words were said again. He'd just told me he loved me. The sex wasn't about just pleasure to him, nor me. It was about expressing our love for one another, right?
I curled myself into Kellin, his arms wrapping around my waist pulling me closer into his chest, leaving soft kisses on my neck.
And that's when I fell asleep. It was one of the first times I had fallen asleep happy hoping I would wake up in the morning. I was so used to hoping I wouldn't wake up the next morning, but now I wanted to. I had something to look forward to now.
Happiness with Kellin.
A life with Kellin.
My love.
My boyfriend.
My Life.

And that was the night I lost my virginity to someone I truly loved. Kellin had given himself away to me and I was thankful of that. I felt loved for the first time in a long time. I felt wanted.
And I'm not ashamed. I'm not ashamed that I'm gay. It's who I am. I won't stop expressing my love towards Kellin just because others don't approve. Why should I? I love him.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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