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Fast Times At Clairemont High

If every living thing dies alone, what am I doing here?

I was staring at Kellin but I didn't care. What struck me first was his clothing. He was wearing dark red skinnies and an Of Mice And Men band tee. Wasn't I listening to them earlier? His deep blue eyes met my gaze and I quickly looked away, deciding it wasn't the best thing to have a crush on the new guy; just yet anyway. I pulled out my notebook writing down my thoughts, changing them into lyrics when I could.
Over the rambling of the other students in the room, I heard Miss talking to Kellin.
"Here's your timetable, be sure to ask anyone if you need help. They'll make you feel welcome, I'm sure of it," she beamed down at him. I snorted quite loudly, loud enough to get a few glances anyway. He wouldn't fit in, I knew that just by looking at him. He'd get pushed around and teased, just like me.
I saw Miss walking up to me with Kellin close behind.
"Vic, this is Kellin. I think it would be a good idea if you showed Kellin around this week, just till he gets used to the school." Being her usual stereotypical self she must have noticed his top, which meant the jocks in the class had. I nodded slightly and pointed to the seat besides me, welcoming him to sit besides me.
"Thank you, Vic," she replied to my nod, " I'm sure you'll get along fine."
I watched her walk away before glancing over at Kellin and smiled slightly. The smile that I got from him made my spine shiver. Silence was surrounding us and I wasn't too much at ease with it, so I held out my hand in a friendly manor.
"I'm Vic Fuentes," I said matter-of-factly. Kellin placed his hand in mine and shook it slightly.
"Kellin Quinn," he replied in a shy voice yet his smile seemed to stay fixed. He took a look at his timetable whilst I returned back to my notebook and wrote;

I cannot spend another night in this home
I close my eyes and take a breath real slow
The consequence is if I leave I'm alone
But what’s the difference when you beg for love?

The lyrics automatically reminded me of being at home, how much I wanted to run away but knowing that if I left I'd have no where to go.

I felt a warm breath against my neck and noticed Kellin had moved over to see what I was writing. My reflexes shut the book before I even had any time to think about my actions and looked at Kellin who was just smiling widely.
"Sorry, you just seemed so into what you were writing, sorry again," he said all too quickly before running his fingers through his hair. Wow, he looked so good. No, stop it, Vic, not yet.
"They're really good, those lyrics I mean. I write too but nothing as good as that." So he wrote music?
Quickly changing the subject I asked him what music he was into and as he told me, I felt my jaw drop.
"Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Of Mice And Men, obviously," Kellin stated as he pointed down to his tee.
The bell stirred signalling we had four minutes to reach next lesson. I watched as Kellin glanced back at his timetable.
"So..urhm...what you got now?" I asked.
"Music," he replied, handing me his timetable to show me. I noticed that he was in music room 5. No way, I thought. Looking back at mine, I too was in music room 5.
"We're in the same class," I smiled, waving my hand slowly hoping for him to follow, which he did. After all, who else would allow him to follow?

Once we reached the music room, I briskly walked to the back of to get the back seats. I guess you could say I'm anti-social, but in reality I just hate the shit people cause. One small secret and you share it with someone, it's known by everyone the next day, so I guess you could say I have trust issues as well, but I'd rather have trust issues and have the two friends I have than be very popular and have followers and get hurt by the majority of people. Then again, I'm hurt every day at school, but that's physically. Anyway, Kellin cam and sat besides me which is Tony's seat, I just hope Tony wouldn't mind. Speak of the devil, Tony and Jaime walked through the door. Jaime must have been moved into our class for this year. I waved my hand to them and they walked over but before Tony could say anything, I quickly introduced Kellin.#
"Guys, this is Kellin Quinn. He's new around here and he'll be following me around for a while. I hope you don't mind. Kellin, this is Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado." The three of them exchanged nods before sitting in front of us.

The music teacher, Mr Harris, walked in through the door and welcomed us to another year of music. He explained that we'd be working on a project to write our own songs and music to go with it and I watched as Jaime and Tony turned around to grin at me. We had been waiting for this opportunity for a while. Mr Harris let us get to work straight away, and with that Jaime and Tony turned their chairs around to sit facing me.
Kellin seemed slightly lost and Tony sighed slightly, "Want to join us?" he asked kindly. Kellin nodded in response but kept quiet.
I pushed my hair back out of my face before making my way over to pick up one of the guitars. Foolishly, I forgot mine this morning which wasn't like me. I chose a nice dark brown acoustic guitar and sat back down with the guys, tuning it to the right notes.
"I think we should work on the song we've already started," suggested Jaime.
"And which one is that, Jaime. We've started so many and never got round to completing them," I replied with a laugh.
Tony laughed along, he knew I was right.
"Caraphernelia. We need to finish the guitar part since we've already mastered the bass. We also need to write the rest of the lyr..."
I cut him off, "Already done amigo," I said with a grin, allowing my Spanish to roll off my tongue. Reaching for my notebook once more, I flicked through the messy written page with the lyrics Caraphernelia on it.
"Sing it then." I looked at him with wide eyes. I'd never sung in such a public space, and now Kellin was here. Plus, people said I had such a 'girl' voice which is why I usually only sung around my two best friends.
"Well, what you waiting for?" asked Jaime, to which I shrugged end placed the guitar on my knee, music just didn't sound right without the backing acoustics, even if we hadn't finished them, something would roll out.
I started the intro to the song before kicking into the first chorus;

Sunshine, there ain't a thing that you can do that's gonna ruin my night.
This dizzy dreamer and her bleeding little blue boy.
Licking your fingers like you're done and,
You've decided there is so much more than me.
And baby, honestly it's harder breathing next to you, I shake.
I brought a gun and as the preacher tried to stop me.
Hold my heart it's beating for you anyway.

Whilst I was singing, I got really into it. I felt like I had been taken away from the music room and I could be placed where ever I wanted to be. All the same, I looked over at Kellin to see him with his eyes closed swaying his head to the tune.

What if I can't forget you?
I'll burn your name into my throat.
I'll be the fire that'll catch you.
What's so good about picking up the pieces?
None of the colors ever light up anymore in this hole.

I continued the song with my eyes closed, thinking back to the memories I had of my parents, and of Mike before he went down his rebellious path, when we were close. I don't fully understand why I was thinking of them, after all, it wasn't so much a song to do with them, but the line "What if I can't forget you," just stands out because I can't forget them, no matter how much I want to release the pain from them not being here I can't.

After another 3 minutes I finished the song out of breath and my fingers numb. The school guitars just didn't compare to mine at home. As I looked up, I saw Jaime and Tony in complete shock, Kellin looked quite impressed too.
"That's your best you've done in ages," commented Jaime.
"Yeah, you looked so into it. You were quite loud as well, for once," he added as he pointed around to the people that had looked over.
I felt colour rise into my cheeks, I never blushed but right now, I really did feel quite proud of myself.

Music went by quite fast, which is always gutting for me because music is the only lesson I don't feel judged. I had english next though, and surprisingly again, with Kellin. Jaime had math and Tony had english too, just in another room. We agreed to meet up at break, like we had done this morning and set off to next class.
On our way to english, Kellin finally spoke up. "You have an amazing voice, a great way with words and you're so talented with the guitar," he mumbled as he looked out onto the sea of heads, probably to make sure he didn't get pushed back. I didn't really know how to respond because compliments always made me feel either nervous or awkward so I replied with a quick 'thanks'. We neared the english room as I noticed Mark Haigh. Mark was Mike's best friend; and the person who liked to take all his anger out on me.
"FUENTES," I heard him yell. Not now, I thought to myself. I didn't really fancy getting beaten up in front of Kellin because for a start that would make me look really weak, and nobody likes weak boys, as friends or not.
Trying my best to ignore him, I pivoted on the spot to change direction which I'll admit wasn't the best idea. It makes me look scared, weak and vulnerable. Fuck you, Vic, I thought to myself, he's going to fucking beat the shit out of you now. I didn't look back, I just continued to walk forward, not knowing where to walk to. I couldn't go to another class because I'd make a complete fool out of myself. The bathroom wasn't too far away, so I slipped inside the door and locked myself into a stall.
"FOR FUCKS SAKE," I screamed out.
My ears pricked as I heard the door to the the bathroom open. Several footsteps entered the room which caused me to believe Mark and his gang had followed me in here, why wouldn't they? It's the perfect opportunity to beat my ass up.
"Come out, Fuentes. We know you're in here," he demanded as his fist pounded on the door.
I winced as I unlocked the door to see his angry face looking down at me. Being 5'7 really doesn't help in situations like these, especially when it's up against a jock who's about 6'5 I'd say. That's almost a whole foot taller than me. Do you see my problem here?
I felt his hand grip around my throat, pulling me off the ground slightly. My hands reached out in front of me holding onto Mark's shoulders to try stop myself from being strangled, but this only made his grip deepen.
He brought me out from the stall and threw me onto the cold, hard floor tiles causing me to hit my head on the ground. Ouch, a bruise will definitely be there in an hour or so. My thoughts were broken as I felt a heavy strike hit my stomach forcing me to curl up in pain. I winced again, this time with pain, tears starting to well up in my eyes. Several other hits were made, I didn't get to see if they were all done by Mark as I was too busy trying not to cry, trying to keep the tears from falling. However, it was proving difficult as one slid down my cheek.
"Faggot boy is crying I see," Mark scoffed.
No, they couldn't know. Could they? No one knew, not even Mike. I've never talked about it to anyone. Not Jaime. Not Tony. Unless Mike had read one of my notebooks. Would he really do that? To his own bother? His own flesh and blood?
"We know. We always know. People find out, they hear what you say, see what you've written," he smirked, "See the way you look at certain people." Had one of his friends seen the way I'd looked at Kellin? I managed to sneak a glance at Mark. I knew a few of the people he was with. Andy, Jack, Greg, and...and Mike. I let out a sigh, of course Mike was here. He didn't even look pained by what he was seeing. No emotion showed on his face.
Mark knelt down besides me, giving me a blow to the jaw, leaving me almost unconscious on the floor. Their sniggers and smirks left the room and I was left alone. Completely alone.

That's when I fell asleep, hoping maybe, just maybe, I'd die right there. No one would care. No one would be upset. I'd just be a lost soul finding itself a better place. Death is the next best adventure after all.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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