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Fast Times At Clairemont High

Please stay forever with me

"Vic! Is that really you?"
"I'm so glad you're okay!"
"What happened?"
"Who's this?"
These were the quickfire questions and statements I recieved from my two best friends, Jaime and Tony. Not a simple, 'Oh hello, Vic, I hope you've been okay." no more questions asked. They wanted to know every last detail.
"Anyone would think I'd died and came back from the dead," I lightly joked as I pulled away from Tony's tight grip around me.
"Very funny," Tony replied.
"Anyway, I told you about Kellin plus you met him on his first day at school two weeks ago." A nod came from both Tony and Jaime.
"And we're kind of together," I quickly added in a whsper.
At first, I expected loud screams of homophobic abuse. Why? I'm not actually too sure because Tony and Jaime were very suportive of me for so many things.
"I knew it," said Jaime with a small smirk.
"Knew what?" I asked?
"Goddamnit Fuentes," added Tony with a light grin.
"Okay, I'm going to go back to the car unless you tell me what you're talking about."
I was about to turn back to the car with Vic when I noticed Tony handing Jaime a small note.
"Did you seriously, oh my god. Tony! Jaime! How, what and why?"
If you hadn't already latched on to what's happened, Tony and Jaime have bet on my sexuality. Obviously Jaime knew I'd turn out gay as Tony lost the bet.
"I knew you'd turn out gay. I mean, how does someone as good looking as you NOT get a girlfriend?" Jaime replied with a grin. "I'm happy for you both though. But Kellin, you better treat him right."Jaime was always looking out for me. He was more of a big brother that cared than a friend.
"I'm happy for you too of course," added Tony with a small smile.
"Thanks guys," I said as I pulled them both into a hug. It was good knowing they'd both be there for me.
"I think it's time we head off to school, unless you want to be late," Kellin quickly spoke up with a slight chuckle.
I walked back over to Kellins dad's car and climbed into the front seat. Kellin shortly joined me in the front, along with Tony and Jaime in the back. Bring Me The Horizons album "There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret" was still on. It was probably their best album in my opinion. Currently "It Never Ends" was playing, my favorite song on the entire album. Actually, it was my favorite song by BMTH, alond with "Blessed With A Curse" in close second.

As we pulled into school I noticed that the playground was as crowded as it was last time I came back to school.
"You okay?" Kellin asked as he placed his hand on my knee, rubbing small circles in attempt to show that he was worried about me.
"Yeah," I replied with the best fake smile I could muster, "I'm fine. Let's go."
Kellin didn't object and instead only came round to my side to help me out of the car. He locked the car and entwined his fingers with my own, obviously not bothered about the multiple looks we were recieving.
"People are staring," I whispered into his ear.
"Do you really care?" He asked.
"No, not really. But what happens if Mark comes and hurts you now," I said. I'm obviously bothered about this. I didn't want him to turn on Kellin and start to beat the shit out of him daily too now, did I? Of course I didn't. I really cared about Kellin and if anything happened to him and it was my fault I'd feel awful.
"Then I'll sort him out," was his response. Now I know I'm meant to be supportive of my boyfriend, but he's nothing in comparison to Mark. Kellin is so small, whilst Mark is huge, with muscles.
"If you're so sure," I added. I didn't want to start anything with Kellin. I didn't want another argument yet. I wasn't ready for that pressure again.

The homeroom was the same as last time, except a few more notices had been put up on the notice board. Other than that, it was the same blank homeroom I'd been coming back to for what seemed like forever.
Me and Kellin walked to the back of the room to take our seats; out of the way of everyone else, just how we liked it. However, it wasn't long before our homeroom teacher noticed us. It was clear that she was very enthusiastic about our return.
"Oh Kellin! Vic! I hope you're both okay. Especially you Vic. I heard about what happened and I'm not very pleased about it. We had to run through the CCTV over and over till we finally realised who it was who, well, attacked you. It was lucky Kellin came when he did. Oh Vic, I'm so happy you're okay. I wouldn't want my favorite student to have anything absolutely terrible happen to them. Anyway, let me know if you need anything, or if you think Mark might do anything like this again. I have to go sort some work out for my next class, see you tomorrow, Vic." With that she walked away.
Now, I'm not going to lie, I was taken aback by that small speech she said. She sounded like she really cared but that fact that she used 'favorite student' made me not believe her. She's hardly ever taken notice of me, so how could I be her 'favorite' student?
"Is it bad that I didn't believe a word she said just then?" I asked Kellin.
"Nope. Sounded like a load of bullshit if you ask me," he replied with a laugh. This made me laugh too hard.
"At least I'm not the only one who thinks this then," I said with a grin.
A small silence ran through us, it wasn't awkward. It was one of those silences where you know you have nothing to say, but you enjoy the silence anyway.
"We have music first, don't we?"
"Yep, we do," I confirmed for him.
"That's good then."
"How so?"
"I've got something for you," he said with a sweet smile.
"I hate surpises. Can you not just tell me now?" I asked with a pout.
"Nope you have to wait."
"Fine then."

The rest of homeroom time went pretty slowly for me after finding out Kellin 'had something for me', but when the bell went to signal us for first lesson I was quite excited.
Mr Harris gave me a warm welcome back, and this time I believed his words. He was probably my favorite teacher despite how annoying he could get at times.
"We're finishing off our songs today. Next lesson, which is tomorrow I believe, we're going to start presenting them to the class., So get going!"
"Okay, what is it you have for me?" I asked excitedly.
"Okay, Vic. Hold your horses. Tony, could you play this for me? I'm not too good at the guitar," he asked with a small blush.
"Sure, Kellin."
"I wrote this for you, Vic, whilst you were in the hospital, and also over the time you spent at mine. I hope you like it. You can go when you're ready Tony."
A small intro on the guitar and Kellin was off:

"Stay for tonight,
If you want to, I can show you,
What my dreams are made of,
as I'm dreaming of your face,
I've been away for a long time,
Such a long time,
And I miss you there,
I can't imagine being anywhere else,
I can't imagine being anywhere else but here."

Kellin looked so innocent when he sung, and this was probably one of the first times he'd sung voluntarily to me. Usually I'd accidently catch him singing along in the car. But this was the first time he'd sung to me, let alone write a song for me.

"How the hell did you ever pick me?
Honestly, 'cause I could sing you a song,
But I don't think words can express your beauty,
It's singing to me:
How the hell did we end up like this?
You bring out the beast in me,
I fell in love from the moment we kissed,
Since then we've been history.

They say that love is forever,
Your forever is all that I need,
Please stay as long as you need,
Can't promise that things won't be broken,
But I swear that I will never leave,
Please stay forever with me.

If you want to, I can show you.
If you want to, I can show you.

It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are,
What my dreams are made of,
And I can't fall asleep,
I lay in my bed awake at night,
And I'll fall in love, you'll fall in love,
It could mean everything, everything to me,
Ooh This could mean everything to me.

They say that love is forever,
Your forever is all that I need,
Please stay as long as you need,
Can't promise that things won't be broken,
But I swear that I will never leave,
Please stay forever.

The way that we are,
Is the reason I stay,
As long as you're here with me,
I know I'll be ok.

They say that love is forever,
Your forever is all that I need,
Please stay, please stay as long as you need,
Can't promise that things won't be broken,
But I swear that I will never leave,
Please stay forever with me.

It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are,
What my dreams are made of.

It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are,
Please stay, please stay as long as you need.

Please stay forever with me."

After he'd finished, tears were falling down my cheeks.
"Kellin, that was, that was..."
"Terrible, I know."
"Kellin, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Thank you. Of course I'll stay with you. Forever and always. I love you, Kells."
"I love you too, Vic." With that he leant in and placed his lips upon mine, despite the people in the room who decided to glance over. There were a few 'aws' or some sort, whether it be sarcastic or meaningful, I didn't know.
"I really do love you," I said as I pulled away.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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