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Fast Times At Clairemont High

If you kiss me goodnight, I'll know, everything is alright.

I had spent almost a week at Kellin's house. Meaning tomorrow was Monday, which ultimately meant school. School was the last thing I wanted on my back, but dropping out wasn't an option for me. I didn't want to be known as the high school dropout, the failure.
Would Kellin be the same with me? Would we just be as loved up at school as we were at his house? Or would we be the timid couple? Scared to show who we really were, who we really loved?
I'd been doing this a lot. Questioning how things would be. Kellin had reassured me that we'd be the same, that we wouldn't hide ourselves. But all it would take it for us to arrive at the school gates and see the sea of people before we felt judged, before we'd even stepped out of the car.

"Yes, my love?"
"How's it going to be at school?" I ask again, just for my own reassurance. Again..
"You asked me this yesterday," he replied with the weary smile that I knew so well and loved.
"I know I did, and I'm sorry but I'm just scared," I whisper. I don't know what I'm scared of. Oh wait, yes I do. I'm scared that I'll be put to my own death bed by Mark's hands, all because of who I am.
"There's nothing to be worried about, Vic. Everything's going to be okay. We'll be okay." Closing my eyes, I felt his lips touch my own. It was passionate, yet needy and I loved that.
"I love you," he quickly spoke, pulling ever so slightly away from me. I'd never get tired of hearing him say those words. Never.
"I love you too, Kells." Kellin's hand met mine and he pulled me gently over to his bed, laying us both down. His arm slithered around my waist holding me closely to him and the feeling of protection washed over me. That's what I love about Kellin. A small touch and I feel like nothing can harm me.

"I'll be your guardian angel,
your sweet company,
no matter where I go,
I'll make sure you're all I see."

It's as if Kellin had read my mind as he sang those words.
"I like that song," I smiled, nuzzling my head into the crook of his neck.
"So do I," he replied pulling me ever much closer to him.
"Now sleep, otherwise we'll be tired for school," he said in a sarcastic tone.
"Oh yeah," I whispered. "That would be terrible," I mimicked his tone.
And with that I fell asleep in his arms. I fell asleep happy. That's how it's been since I'd been staying at Kellin's. I wouldn't wake in fear of the verbal abuse from Mike, but with Kellin's angelic face staring at me in complete awe. That's how I wanted to wake up but tomorrow I'd be going back to my own house.
Despite my worries of tomorrow, I slept soundlessly and dreamlessly.

I groaned loudly before rolling over to no Kellin. Emptiness. I'm surprised as to how Kellin is up so early, usually he slept till 10am with no awakenings during the night. I'd heard no alarm so he must have woken up himself.
"Come on feet," I said quietly. My feet touched the floor, I pushed myself up from the bed and quietly made my way through to his door. I opened it as silently as I could, and stepped out. Remembering the creak just 20cm before me, I hopped over it. I didn't want to risk waking up Kellin's parents at this time. I had no idea what time their shifts were and nor did I plan to find out if it was now or later.
My ears pricked up as I heard falling water and hoped it was Kellin. Walking in on his mother of father at this time was not on my list of to-do today. Well, nor any other day either. Pushing the bathroom door open slightly, I peaked through the crack of the door to see who it was, and sure enough it was my beautiful boy.
At first I stopped myself from entering, just to simply admire him. His jet black hair contrasted greatly from his pale white skin, but this allowed for his diamond blue eyes to stand out so much more.
"Hey," I spoke up as I walked into the bathroom. Kellin's eyes quickly locked with my own causing color to quickly rise to my cheeks.
"Good morning," he replied quietly, but loud enough for me to hear over the running water.
Slowly opening the shower door, Kellin greeted me with a small kiss whilst pulling me into the shower with him, automatically becoming soaked in the little clothing I had on. I felt Kellin's arms snake around my waist and he buried his head deep into the crook of my neck forcing mine against his bare chest, my hands running along down his sides.
"I love you," I whispered against him. His arms tightened around me, making that sense of protection flow through me,
"I love you too," he whispered back, "And as much ad I'd love to stay like this, with you, we have to get ready for school."
Sighing, I only nuzzled myself in his chest much more.
"Can't we stay here?" I grumble. I probably sound like a whiny 7 year old.
"I'd love to," he replied, pulling back away from me making me feel slightly alone even though he was right in front of me. "But we've missed two weeks of school already," he clearly stated.
Sighing again, I attempted my best puppy dog eyes in attempt to win him over.
"Don't look at me like that," he laughed whilst opening the shower door allowing the cold air to come coursing through. It sounds stupid but I really do feel alone right now, even though he's in the same room as me. I miss his touch against me, who knows how I'll be when we actually get to school.
"Come on, I'll be downstairs making breakfast when you're finished showering."

Needless to say, breakfast was in fact ready when I made my way downstairs and I was all but ten minutes. Pancakes, my favorite, I thought. Kellin was a good cook. We both knew he was, he was just awfully shy to admit he was.
"I was thinking, if we set off earlier we could give Tony and Jaime a ride."
My eyes quickly flashed towards him with a huge smile on my face, I haven't seen them in two weeks!
"Really? Are you sure? You don't mind do you?" I quickly threw so many questions at him that his only reply was a kiss. Most likely to get me to shut up.
"Yes," he quickly spoke as he pulled away. "Now come on, otherwise they'll drive themselves to school," he said with a small smile. And with that I was hurrying with my breakfast.

We were now in Kellin's dads car, Bring Me The Horizon on for background noise, pulling out of the driveway to go pick up my two best friends.
Then to return back to hell.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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