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Fast Times At Clairemont High

Maybe It Seems So Strange

"Vic you little shit, get up," were the words that greeted me this morning. Let's be honest, it's not so much a greeting, it could be seen quite insulting but I've grown used to it you could say. I buried my face into my warm nest in hope that Mike would leave me alone, but to my dismay he only pulled the duvet away from me leaving me exposed to the cold air forcing me to shiver. My brother, Mike, was younger than me but always seemed to be more controlling which would be why many saw me as the younger sibling. Groaning, I sat up to face Mike who had a smug look upon his face and walked off to his room before shouting out, "We have to leave in thirty minutes if we don't want to be late for first day back at school, and you have to drive us there. It's half past seven, so get your lazy ass up." I groaned again. Great, this was my junior year at school and already I was hating it. I haven't even gotten to there yet, Vic, I thought to myself. I placed my feet to the ground, rubbing my eyes with my hands before pushing myself up from my bed to make my way through to the bathroom. Cold tiles came into contact with my feet and the bright light above made me feel like I had been left blinded. I walked over to the sink and splashed cold water over my face to make myself fully awake. Looking up I saw my reflection frowning back at me. I wasn't happy with the way I looked. I was short with a small build, the odd muscle but nothing compared to the few friends I had. My brown hair fell messily onto my shoulders which I pushed back into it's usual style - fringe across my face, side parting, the rest of my hair just left dangling wearily.

I walked back to my room and pulled on a pair of black skinnies along with a band tee. Bring Me The Horizon if you wish to know. I bet you're already judging me, right? Truth is, I don't really care. I understand the fact that I'm different, people tell me daily, the bullies make sure they let me know. I like heavy music, I have my own dress style, and I'm gay. Nobody knows about this. I can't even tell my brother because I'm scared he'll let it slip out when he's around his popular crowd. Mike's friends are the people that beat me each day but it doesn't bother me, I feel like I deserve it, like I deserve all the pain. Did I mention I have no parents? No? Well, my mother passed away due to breast cancer and then out of guilt my father committed suicide about a week later and yet, as crazy as it sounds, I feel like their deaths are my fault. I feel like I wasn't there to look after my mother before she was diagnosed with cancer. I feel like I wasn't there to help take care of my father after my mothers death. So yeah, it's all my fault. At least I have Mike though, but then again, we're not that close as you can tell. He allows his friends to harass me and beat me up. No, he doesn't help take part with it, he just watches and to be honest, I think that's a lot worse than the ones who do beat me. Don't you?

Eight o' clock came around quickly and I was already sat in my car waiting for Mike. He came out a minute later clutching a slice of toast. Sighing, I turned on one of my CDs which just so happened to be Of Mice And Men, and right now Second & Sebring was playing. I smiled to myself and turned on the car, along with turning up the music - I really didn't feel like talking to Mike this morning.

As we pulled up into school, I glanced around at everyone standing around, laughing, chatting. Being normal, I thought. I got out of the car and locked it. Noticing Tony stood talking with Jaime, I decided to make my way over to them. We hadn't seen each other since the beginning of the school holidays. Tony had been away with his parents in Australia, lucky git, whereas Jaime had gone up to Canada to spend the holidays with his distant relatives. So I have been alone all summer, writing music, playing my guitar. We're in a band too, Jaime, Tony and I. We haven't got a name yet, but we're quite good, and that's me not being modest. I genuinely think we have a good sound.

Jaime noticed me first and pulled me into a bear hug, before Tony gave me a hug too. It felt good to be back with the guys, we were all so close and it had been like hell not having them around.
"Vic, man! It's been so long, how've you been?" asked Tony. I noticed his already tanned skin had deepened whilst his trip away down south.
I shrugged, trying to act cool. "Alright, I guess you could say but with you guys away it's been a complete hell. Mike hasn't been much fun to be around." Tony and Jaime knew how I was treat by Mike, they didn't much like it nor did I but I guess it was better than how his friends treat me.
Jaime nodded, "Yeah, sorry about that Vic. I tried coming back down a week early but my mom was having none of it."
I laughed weakly, it would have been good for him to have come back but he'd seen his family, so it didn't matter. "Don't worry about it. I hope you guys had a good time."
Just then the bell went, they nodded anyway. Jaime and Tony weren't in my homeroom, however they were together which is lucky for them I guess.

We parted out, agreeing to meet at first break around the same spot we met this morning. I reached my homeroom in a matter of three minutes and took my usual seat in the far left corner. People just left me to it, no one sat besides me or in front of me, but I don't mind, it's actually better for me because I can focus on my lyrics.
"Morning class, here's your timetables," Miss announced as she went around handing them out individually.
"We also have a new student," she continued on in her cheery voice. She handed me my timetable to which I smiled, I either had music or music appreciation class at least once a day.
"Why don't you introduce yourself," she went on, I hadn't yet seen the new student as I was too indulged in my timetable, however I was pulled out of my soft trance when I heard the soft angelic voice that crept from the front.

"Urhm... hello.... my name is Kellin Quinn."
And I swear at the moment I looked up to see Kellin, my heart skipped a beat.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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