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If I Were You, I'd Put That Away.

I Know It's Hard

Jaime's POV

We just finished taking I think 6 shots when Vic took my hand and started walking around his house. I want to be happy, I really do, but I keep looking at his arm and I can't help but feel like it's all my fault. I know he loves me, but... I don't know. I feel like if we never kissed he would have never done that. I know he wouldn't have. It's all my fault. I realize that I was spacing out when I feel Vic fall to the ground in front of me. I bring myself back and see that a beer covered Vic was getting pulled up by Kellin.
“Shit, dude. You okay?! Here, let me get a towel.” I hear Kellin slur. I can't help but roll my eyes. I've never really liked Kellin. He used to have this thing for Vic, and they dated for a few months before Vic found out Kellin was cheating on him. I try to ignore him as much as possible.
“It's fine, Kells! It's my house. I'll just ch-change.” I hear Vic say back. He really just called him Kells? Why am I getting so jealous? Kellin starts to say something, but quickly shuts his mouth and walks away. Good riddance. Vic turns to me and bites his lip.
“You wanna help me change, baby?” He says in a seductive tone before he kisses me. I can't help but laugh at that. He's really ditzy when he's drunk... It's cute.
“Yeah, let's get your drunk ass into some clean clothes.” I say before slapping his ass. He starts to giggle and drags me to his room.
When we reach the door he pulls me in and locks the door. I start to say something but he swiftly pushes me against the bed and gets on top of me. I shut my eyes for a second and his lips spess against mine. I automatically wrap my arms around his waste and he starts to grind his hips against mine. I feel a moan escape my mouth as my pants get tighter. He lays his hand on my chest and moves it down to the button on my pants. He pulls away for a split second to catch his breath, and as he was about to kiss me again I put my hand to his chest and push him back a little bit. I really don't want to, but I can't.. not right now.
“Vic, no. Not while we're drunk.” I say, trying to catch my breath. “I don't want anything to happen if I'm not going to remember it in the morning.” I see a look of disappointment cross his face, but he nods anyways. He gets off of me and slowly walks to his dresser. I see him undress and throw his dirty clothes in his hamper. I get up from his bed to fully admire his muscular build. He starts to look through his drawers and I wrap my arms around his stomach.
“I really do love you, Vic.” I breathe into his ear, causing goosebumps to cover his skin. He quickly grabs the clothes he wants and turns around, pulling me into a hug.
“I love you too, Jaime.” he says before pushing his lips to mine again. He starts laughing when he pulls away from me.
“Now let me change, since it seems to matter so much!!!” he says while choking with laughter. I roll my eyes and laugh with him. I lay a kiss on his lips and walk towards the door.
I stand next to the door for about 5 minutes while he is getting dressed and fixing his hair. I swear, he is one of the biggest girls I know, always obsessing over his hair. He finally walks over to me and we walk down the stairs hand in hand.
When we get downstairs we see a few new people walk into the house. I feel really bad for Vic. He doesn't like being around people in general, and his house is now filled with a bunch of 11 and 12th graders. I look over at him and he's smiling, so I guess he's too drunk to care. He pulls me toward the couch and sits me down, leaning his head on my shoulder. In my peripherals, I see Mike walking into the kitchen with his girlfriend, Frenchi. I sigh and look back at Vic, moving some of the hair out of his face. I suddenly hear a loud crash and a few people shouting “Fight” repetitively. I feel my eyes widen as Vic jumps up from the couch to see what was happening. He runs into the kitchen, with me following closely, and comes to a complete stop when he gets there.
I let my eyes fall to the ground, and I see a really drunk Mike throwing punches at Kellin. I grab onto Vic's arm, but he quickly pulls it away and runs over to help Mike. Vic, being as small as he is, got pushed against the counter by Kellin. He falls to the ground and I notice that his arm starts to bleed again. I quickly run over to Vic, trying my hardest to avoid getting pulled into the fight. I get down on my knees and grab Vic's arm.
“Vic, are you okay?!” I say as I pull him into me. I feel him start shaking, and I realize that he is crying. I put my hand under his chin, and make him look at me. I kiss his forehead and get him to his feet. Having to push my way through a few people, I take him over to the couch and sit him down. I hear glass shatter and I look back up at the fight.
“Baby, I'm going to go break them up, okay? I love you. Stay right here.” I say before running back over to the fight. When I get to them, Kellin is on top of Mike, throwing punches at his face. I push a few people out of the way and harshly grab Kellin by the arm. I pull him away as fast as I can, and Mike stands back up. I drag Kellin to the front door and get in his face.
“Kellin, get the FUCK out of the house before I call the cops and we all go to jail. NOW. You've started enough shit.” He looks up at me and pushes me off of him as he opens the door.
“Fine, f-FUCK you! I don't n-need any of your SHIT! I hope you KILL YOURSELF you piece of SHIT!” He screams as he walks out of the house. I roll my eyes and slam the door. I walk over to Mike, who is now sitting on the couch next to Vic. Vic seems to be helping Mike get something out of his hair, but when I get closer I realize he's pulling pieces of glass out of his head. I didn't notice before, but Mike's face was covered in blood.
“Shit. Mike are you okay?” I ask as I quickly sit down next to him. He looks up at me with a pained expression on his face and nods his head a little bit. I begin helping Vic with the glass when I ask the question everyone was wondering.
“What caused all of this?” Mike looks at Frenchi walking over to us and sighs.
“Well, I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. I went to get the drinks and when I came back I saw Kellin grab French and kiss her. She pushed him away, and I'm not mad at her” he said as he grabs her shaking hand. “It's all that douche bag's fault. First he cheats on Vic, then he fucking tries to make out with my girlfriend? He really enjoys ruining relationships.” I laugh at that one. He's right. Kellin is drawn to making everyone's life even shittier than it already is.
It takes about 30 minutes to finally get all of the glass out of his head. His head was still bleeding a little bit, but overall he was fine... No broken bones or anything. He gets up and gives Vic and me a hug.
“Thanks you guys.” is all he says before he grabs Frenchi's hand and leads her upstairs. I slide over to Vic and place my hand on his arm. He looks up at me and smiles. I move my hand from his arm to his face and kiss him.
“I love you, Jaime” he says as I pull away. He does a half smile and looks around for the first time since the fight. I do the same, and realize that everyone was leaving. I bite my lip and pull him in to another kiss, making it a lot longer than the first.
“I love you too, Victor.” He laughs at me calling him his full name and grabs my hand, leading me up the stairs. He shuts the door and locks it before turning to me again.
“I'm not drunk anymore, babe.” I laugh a little as he starts walking towards me.


You should make a sequel!

Omg that was so beautiful
Janese Janese
I really like this :)
Abigail_Grace Abigail_Grace