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If I Were You, I'd Put That Away.

Let It Be

Vic's POV.

“Jaime! Calm down!” I yell, laughing. He stops at his car and turns around. He glances at me then around the parking garage. He smiles and looks back at me, pushing me against the car.
“I missed you so much, Vic” I heard him mumble before kissing me. He leans in more before I feel him lick my bottom lip and I gladly open my mouth for him. I feel his tongue in my mouth, and I automatically start moving my tongue with his. We continue making out until we hear this loud horn coming from behind us. Dammit, really? Why can't we just kiss without something interrupting us? He instantly pulls away to look at the person who honked. He lets out one of his adorable laughs and kisses me again.
“I love you” he whispers, and unlocks the doors to the car.

I start laughing as I get into the passenger seat. He gets in and looks at me with a confused look on his face, making me laugh harder. I don't know why, but I'm in a really good mood, even though I just got cock blocked by some random guy in a parking garage at a hospital. I hear Jaime clear his throat and I stop smiling and look at him.
“Vic, we need to talk before we get home” he says in a shaky voice. I have a pretty good feeling that he wants to talk about what I did, but I'm really not up for that right now. I bite my lip and he gently takes my hand in his.
“I-uh... Okay..?” I said as I look down at our hands.
“Okay, Vic. Well I um... I love you.” He says as he drives up a random street. Where are we going? I let it go and reply.
“I love you too, Jaime!” He looks over at me and shakes his head before turning his attention back to the road.
“No, I mean.. I am in love with you, Vic. I have been since 6th grade.” Why did he say no? I know that's what he meant. I meant that, too. I am in love with him. Maybe not for as long, but I really am. I love him more than life itself. I don't know what I'd do without him in my life.
“I know. That's what I meant too, Hime-Time. I am IN love with you. What did you think I meant? That I love you as a friend? Jaime, I don't make out with people I want to be just friends with. Kiss, maybe. But make out? No. I'm not a whore, contrary to popular belief.” I say as I pull his hand up to my lips and kiss his non-tattooed hand. He lets a smile escape his lips as he suddenly turns around to head back to what I'm assuming is the main road. I start to recognize where we are right before we turned into the neighborhood. Wow, I must really be out of it.

I let out a sigh when we start to pull into the driveway. I look towards the front door and see Mike walk out with an unlit cigarette in his hand. I guess it takes him a second to realize we were pulling in, because once he looked up I see his face light up with a smile. He slowly starts walking to the car and Jaime grabs my hand and gives it a light squeeze. I think it's absolutely amazing how his touch instantly sends a shock through my body. Mike approaches the car, opens my door, and grabs my hand to help me out of the car. When I'm standing up he pulls me into the biggest hug he's ever given me. I look at Jaime and he just smiles and shakes his head. I really don't understand why Mike is doing all of this. I mean, he is my brother, but he's never been like this before... ever.
Mike looks at me and laughs as he starts to walk back into the house, quickly shutting the door behind him. Jaime turns to look at me and I suddenly get this really weird feeling in my stomach. It goes away as soon as I feel Jaime's lips press against mine, though. He softly bites my lip and pulls away to look at me again.

“I think he wants you to go inside, Vic-y” he said moving some of the hair out of my face. God he is so perfect. I put my hand up to his face and press myself against him again before walking to the front door. I hear some quiet murmurs and roll my eyes as I look up at Jaime.
“Who all is here?” I say with a sigh, and he looks at me and smiles.
“Well, not many. Mike's friend, Tony I think it was, is here. Him and his girlfriend.. I invited Kellin from our English class. I think he brought his friends.” I look up at him and start to shake me head. I really didn't want that many people to be here, but I really don't care. As long as there is alcohol and Jaime, I could care less. “I'm sorry, Vic... You know how Mike is.” I press my lips to his so he will shut up. I pull away and look at him.
“Jaime, I don't care. As long as you're here with me, I could care less, okay?” He smiles that beautiful smile once more before opening the front door.
Okay, this is a lot more people than Jaime said. I look over at him to see that his eyes were widened.
I start to laugh and pull Jaime to the kitchen. We had to push through a few drunk people making out, but we finally made it. I see a bottle of Jack Daniels and grab it before anyone could get it.
“Do you wanna take a shot with me, Jaime?” I ask while grabbing two shot glasses from the counter.
“Hell yeah! I can't deal with drunk people if I'm not drunk either! I thought you knew that!” He kinda shouted over the music that started playing a few seconds ago. I laughed as I was pouring the shots, counting to 3 like my father taught me. Jaime was right; he does get really pissy when people are drunk and he's not. He thinks they're just stupid. I turn around and hand him one of the 4 shots I poured. We did our “cheers” and took the next two.

We end up doing 5 more rounds of shots in a row. When we were done taking them, we were both starting to get a nice buzz. I grab Jaime's hand in mine and start to walk through the house. I look back at Jaime for a split second and run into someone, getting knocked to the ground. I look up to see Kellin leaning over me, trying to help me up. I take his hand and he gently pulls me up.
“Shit, dude. You okay?! Here, let me get a towel.” Wait, why would he need a towel? I look down at my shirt and see that he had spilled his drink on me when I ran into him. I start laughing really hard before looking back up at him.
“It's fine, Kells! It's my house. I'll just ch-change.” I say through my laughing fit. He looks at me and open his mouth, but quickly shuts it and walks away as I turn around to look at Jaime.
“You wanna help me change, baby?” I say in the most seductive voice I could. I realized he has been really quiet since we started drinking, and quickly kiss him. He starts laughing and nods his head.
“Yeah, let's get your drunk ass into some clean clothes.” He says as he slaps my ass. I let out a little giggle and I run up the stairs as fast as I could without tripping; this time dragging him along.

I open my door, pull him in, and quickly shut the door and lock it. I turn around and before he could say anything I pushed him onto my bed, quickly getting on top of him. I lean down to kiss him and I feel his hands wrap around my waist. I start grinding my hips onto his and he lets out a little moan. I put my hand on his chest and slowly start to drag it down his stomach. I pull away from his lips to breathe and as I was about to re-attach our lips he stops me.
“Vic, no. Not while we're drunk. I don't want anything to happen if I'm not going to remember it in the morning.” I nod in agreement and carefully get off of him. I start to pull my shirt and pants off as he gets off of the bed. I am in the process of looking through my drawers when I feel his arms wrap around my stomach.
“I really do love you, Vic.” I hear him breathe into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I turn grab the clothes that I wanted and turn around to give him a hug.
“I love you too, Jaime.” I say before pushing my lips to his. I start laughing as I pull away.
“Now let me change, since it seems to matter so much!!!” I jokingly yell at him. He laughs and kisses me again before pulling away from the embrace.


You should make a sequel!

Omg that was so beautiful
Janese Janese
I really like this :)
Abigail_Grace Abigail_Grace