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If I Were You, I'd Put That Away.

It Ends Tonight

Vic's POV

“Mr. Fuentes, someone is here to pick you up.” I smile as I hear the nurse speak the words I've been waiting for all day and slowly get off the hospital bed that I have been glued to for the last 4 nights.. Jaime is here to pick me up and I will get to talk to him and kiss him and hug him and just hold him all night. When I reach the door I see that it isn't Jaime who is waiting for me, but Mike and his friend. A look of confusion crosses my face as I approach him.

“Hey, Vic. You ready to go home?” he asks in a sympathetic voice.

“Yeah, where's Jaime?” I question him before heading out the door to the car.

“Well, he wasn't at school, so I'm assuming he's sick or something. He had a really bad nightmare this morning and he didn't really look too happy so I didn't say anything and then got a ride with Casey. I came here right after school let out so I haven't been home to check on him yet. He should be there though.”

“Yeah, he probably fell back asleep or something... Or is writing or playing guitar or bass.” I say as my heartbeat picks up. I really hope he's okay. He should be fine. He's fine.

The rest of the ride is quiet aside from small conversation about school between Casey and Mike. When we pull up I feel a smile form on my face when I see that Jaime's car is still there. I get out of the car a little too fast and get a head rush, but I ignore it and run into the house and up the stairs. I open my door and look around to see that Jaime isn't here. I walk over to the desk to put my clothes away into the closet and see that some clothes are missing and Jaime's bag is gone. I feel a strike of terror run through my body and I instantly look over at the desk. I see a little paper laying there with a pen on top of it. Confused, I pick it up and begin reading.

“Hey, Jaime.” I hear Mike walk into my room. I instantly turn towards him, tears falling from my eyes. “Where's Jaime?” He asks. I feel myself fall to my knees as the tears start falling harder and harder. In a matter of seconds, Mike is on the ground next to me with his arm draped over my shoulders. “Vic, are you in pain? What's wrong? Did the stitches bust or something?” I hear him say in a panicked voice. I slightly shake my head before lifting my head up from my hands to look at him. A look of confusion crosses his face and I shove the letter in his face.

“He's gone, Mike. He's f-fucking GONE! He left! He's not coming back!” I shout at my brother before getting off of the ground and heading over to the edge of the bed to sit down. “He's... gone.” I whisper to myself as Mike's eyes widen as he finishes reading the note. He glances up at me with a sympathetic look and walks over to me to pull me into a tight hug.

“He can't be gone for good. He will come back, Vic. He'll see that he needs you as much as you need him and he will come back. He's just confused and doing what he thinks is right.” Mike says before pulling away from the hug. I feel more tears fall down my face and without thinking I pick up the alarm clock that is sitting on the side table and throw it across the room.

“HOW CAN HE THINK THAT HE'S DOING THE RIGHT THING?! I FUCKING NEED HIM, MIKE!” I shout before sliding off the bed and onto my knees to curl into a ball on the floor. I can't believe Jaime's gone. He's fucking gone.

-Time lapse: 1 month-
I wake up to my phone buzzing next to my head. Just like every other time, I instantly grab it in hopes that it's Jaime, only to find out that it's Mike telling me that he went out with some friends. I glance around my room before sitting myself up on my bed. I look down at my scarred arms and without warning the voice I've managed to shut out for the past month or so comes back.
No, I can't. Jaime would be so mad.
It's not like he's coming back anyways.
He's coming back. He wouldn't leave me like this.
No he isn't, he fucking hates you.

The voice is right...

He isn't coming back.
I should just cut.
He hates me.

I stand up and walk over to the shelf next to my bed and instantly feel my fingers slide across the small cardboard box that contains the razors I bought a month ago. I snatch it into my hands and pull a brand new one out. Without a second thought, I rip it across my arm; again and again the sharp blade glides across my skin, easily splitting the skin open to allow the warm blood to run down my arm and eventually forming a large puddle on the wooden floors of my bedroom. I can't live without him.

The voice continues to say all the things I have been closing out for so long as I dig deeper and deeper into my already bloody arm. Before I decide I've done enough damage, both my arms and legs are covered in deep cuts and blood. I slowly walk over to my bed and grab my phone to text my only friend.

To Tony: Goodbye, Tone

With that, I walk to the bathroom and grab every bottle of pills we have.

It ends tonight.

Tony's POV

Jaime and I are in the kitchen eating breakfast when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I put down my fork to pull out my phone and read the text I received.

From Vic: Goodbye, Tone

I feel my eyes widen and my heartbeat pick up as I read it again and again. As soon as I realize what he means, I look up at Jaime, who has a confused look on his face.

“Is everything okay, dude?” He asks through a mouthful of food. I quickly shake my head and push my phone over to Jaime. As soon as I see his eyes move across the screen, he gets up and begins walking out the door. “Are you coming or not, Tony?!” He shouts as he stand on the porch. I run over to where he is and grab my phone from him to text Vic back.

To Vic: What are you doing?

I keep looking at my phone as I open the door to my car and jump in the drivers side. Within a few seconds my phone tells me he read the message, but I don't get a reply. As fast as I can, I pull out of the driveway and speed down the road to Vic's house.
The 3 minute ride is completely silent and as soon as I pull in, Jaime is out the door and running into the house, me following closely behind him.
He instantly runs up the stairs and busts open the door. The site laid in front of us is a bloody mess.
My vision begins to blur as I see Jaime run over to Vic and look at his arms. He is quick to take his pulse then pull out his phone to call an ambulance.
“My boyfriend tried to kill himself.... Yeah... no... Yeah he has a pulse.... Okay, I will.... It's 547 Grand Avenue..... I will....” He hangs up the phone and runs to the bathroom. Within seconds he is back in the room with a towel. He wraps it around the worst of the cuts and pulls Vic's head into his lap. I slowly walk over to where they are on the floor and push some of Vic's hair out of his face.

“Will he be okay?” I ask as I pull my hand away. Jaime looks up at me with tears in his eyes and quickly shakes his head.

“I-I don't know, Tony. I really don't know. This is all my fault.” He whispers in a shaky voice.

“No it's not, Jaime. He did this to himself, okay? You didn't put that blade to his arms, did you?”

“No, but I made him want to. I know it.” He whispers as he leans his head down to kiss Vic's forehead. “I love you, baby. Please don't die on me.” As he says that, I hear the sirens sing their songs.


You should make a sequel!

Omg that was so beautiful
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I really like this :)
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