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If I Were You, I'd Put That Away.

Closer To The Edge

Vic's POV

I'm sitting in a movie theater with Mike watching some new movie that came out a few weeks ago. I feel my pocket vibrate and I pull out my phone.

From Jaime: Can you come home. Please?

I look over at Mikey. He really doesn't seem to be enjoying this movie, and to be honest neither was I. I would go home to him, but I can't just leave Mike. This is the first time I've actually gotten to hang out with him for months.

To Jaime: I'm with Mikey, baby. I'm sorry.

I instantly get a reply.

From Jaime: I.. can you two just come back. I won't bother you.. I just... I can't be alone.

To Jaime: Why what's wrong?
I feel my heart start to beat harder in my chest. I can tell something is really wrong. I turn to Mike and tap on his shoulder as I feel my phone vibrate again.

“Mike, I'm so sorry but we need to go home. I have a really bad feeling and Jaime just texted me saying he can't be alone. I'm sorry.” He smiles a little and nods.

“dude, I don't want to watch this boring ass movie anyways. Let's go.” He says as he stands up. We head out the doors and I check my phone.

From Jaime: It's nothing. Never mind. Sorry I asked. Have fun. I love you.

My eyes widen and I run the rest of the way to my car, Mike following behind me. He get's into the passenger seat, and I get in the drivers seat. I quickly turn on the car and speed out of the parking lot.

“Vic, slow down! There's probably nothing wrong.” I hear Mike say. I look over at him and slow down a tad bit.

“Sorry, I just really think something is wrong. I always get these bad feelings. It happened when Jaime was gone for 3 days and it's happening now. It's not a coincidence. Something is wrong.” I rush out. Mike nods his head in reply. We don't say anything until we reach the house. All the lights are off. I quickly get out of the car, leaving the keys in the ignition and run to the door. I swing the door open and glance around. He isn't down here. I stand there for a few seconds and I hear a quiet cry coming from up the stairs. I feel my breath catch and I run up the stairs as fast as I can. I throw my door open and see Jaime with his back to me. There's a brown box next to him on the bed. Wait. That's not just a box. That's the box my dad gave me when I turned 15. The box that I had to sign papers to have. It's the box I keep a gun in.

“JAIME, NO!” I shout as he places the gun to his head. I try to run over to him, but I can't. I'm frozen in my spot. He quickly turns around when he hears his name and tears begin falling from his eyes. “Baby, please don't do this. Please. You can't do this to me. I love you so much.” I whisper as I see his grip on the handle grow tighter. He slowly shakes his head as he bites his lip and clenches his eyes shut.
“I-Vic, I can't back out.” I hear his shaky voice. I hear the door slam shut and loud footsteps begin up the stairs. I somehow manage to take a step forward and he grips the gun tighter. I hear Mike come into the room and let out a gasp as he see's what's happening.

“Jaime, stop. Put the gun down.” I hear Mike's voice behind me. Jaime quickly shakes his head and his hands begin to tremble. I see Mike walk up next to me in my peripherals. He looks over at me and starts to count as low as he can. Before I can do anything, Mike runs over to Jaime and pushes him against the bed. “Jaime give me the fucking gun. NOW.” I hear Mike shout. He somehow manages to get the gun away from Jaime's head.

“P-Please. Stop! L-Let me go!” I hear Jaime whimper from underneath my brother. I hear a gun shot and Jaime stops struggling as I fall to the floor.

Jaime's POV

“Is everyone okay?!” I hear Mike yell as he glances around. His eyes stop on Vic, who is on the ground, curled into a ball. He quickly jumps off of me and runs over to Vic. “Vic, Vic are you okay?!” He shouts as he begins to shake his brother violently. Vic lets out a small whimper as Mike turns hims over. I look down at Vic, covered in blood. My heart starts to race and I quickly grab my phone. “CALL THE FUCKING AMBULANCE, JAIME!” Mike shouts before he turns towards me. I dial the number and explain in as little detail as I could what happened.

“The Paramedics will be there in a few minutes” the lady sighs into the phone before I hang up. I quickly run over to Vic and cup my hand around the back of his neck and pull his head into my lap. Mike quickly pulls his shirt and pants off to find where he was hit. Once he gets his shirt off, I spotted the wound. It's a few inches below his rib cage. I hear Vic release shaky breaths and his eyes slowly begin to close.

“Vic no stay with me baby. Stay with me. I can't lose you. I'm sorry I'm sor-” I manage to get out before I begin to choke on my words. I hear the front door burst open and what I can only assume to be the paramedics running up the stairs.


“Mr. Fuentes and Mr. Preciado?” I hear a light voice travel across the room. Mike and I look up and see a young nurse standing by a door and motions us to follow her. We quickly stand up and begin walking down a long hallway. “Well, I'm assuming one of you are related to the patient?” She mumbles before stopping outside of a door. Mike quickly nods and she proceeds. “Well, I must tell you that he is in critical conditions. He is hooked up to a few tubes and the doctors had to remove the bullet from below his ribs. Might I ask what happened with that?” She looks up at us with a worried look on her face.

“It was an accidental shot. The gun went off without warning.” Mike responds as calm as he could manage. The nurse nods before turning around and opening the glass door. She moves the curtain out of the way and motions for us to come in.

I instantly look over at the bed that was placed in the middle of the floor and feel my eyes begin to water. The nurse looks at me and quickly walks out of the room. I begin to walk towards Vic's motionless body as the tears escape my eyes.

“D-Do you think he'll b-be okay-y?” I choke out as I reach the side of his bed and pull up a seat. I glance back at Mike, who is still standing near the door. He clenches his eyes shut for a few seconds before walking over next to me.

“I.. I hope.” Is all he can manage to say before he falls to his knees and cries. I quickly get on the ground next to him and pull him into a hug.

“I'm so sorry I did this, Mike. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. If he isn't okay I won't be able to live with myself. I will make sure that I die in the most painful way someone could imagine. I swear to you.” I whisper against his shoulder. He pushes me away from him and wipes his eyes.

“Don't fucking say that, Jaime! Do you really think that I would want you dead if he...” He stops and takes a deep breath before proceeding. “I can't lose both of you. Either of you.” He whispers as he chokes down the sobs that were threatening to escape his lips.

I whisper a quick sorry before the nurse walks back into the room.


You should make a sequel!

Omg that was so beautiful
Janese Janese
I really like this :)
Abigail_Grace Abigail_Grace