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If I Were You, I'd Put That Away.

The Gun

Jaime's POV

I wake up to an empty bed. I lean up and glance around to see that it's 4 pm. Wow I slept late. I begin to get up and spot a piece of paper laid neatly on the counter. I walk up to it and quickly read it:

'Hey baby,
I know you were super tired from the concert, so I didn't wake you up to say bye. Mike wanted to spend some “brother bonding” time with me, and I hope that's okay. I haven't been able to really talk to him a lot with all of the stuff going on around here. I'll be back later tonight with dinner for the both of us. I love you so much.
Victor <3'

I laugh a little at the note as I place it back down on the table and walk down the stairs. Of course I don't mind that he's with Mike. He's his brother. If my family wanted to see me, I'd probably do the same thing every now and then. I walk into the living room and plop down on the couch to watch tv.


I must have drifted off again, because the next thing I know, I hear my phone loudly playing next to my ear. I slowly turn around and answer it.

“hello?” I question with a hoarse voice.

“hey... can you come outside?” it's Jesse, one of Kellin's friends. I sigh and quickly get up, pulling a sweat shirt over my head before I open the door. I look up to see a group of Kellin's friends in a car parked in the driveway. Why the fuck are they here? Jesse, Justin, and Gabe open their doors and start slowly walking towards me. I feel my body freeze in place as they get closer and closer, finally stopping a few feet in front of me. “we need to talk.” Jesse says as I glance down at my feet. I quickly nod.

“Well I just wanted to let you know, you're a lying bitch.” Gabe begins. Well that was blunt. He continues “No one believes your petty shit that got Kellin arrested. He wouldn't do that. He is a good guy, got it?”
“You really think he's low enough to do that shit?” I'm really not sure who's talking right now. I feel my body begin to shut down as the tears form in my eyes.
“He can get anyone he wants. Why the fuck would he touch YOU anyways?”
“He's better than you and you're just saying that shit because you're mad that he doesn't want you.”

They keep going on and on about how pathetic I am for “lying” about what happened at the park. I slowly pull my phone out of my pocket and text Vic as he continues saying shit I've heard hundreds of times.

To Vic<3: Can you come home. Please?

I continue looking at my phone as I listen to what they say.

“and I just think it is absolute bullshit that you would do that to someone.”
“You're a dumb cunt and you should just fucking kill yourself.” My vision completely blurs and I feel a tear stream down my face. No. Fucking stop, Jaime. You can't cry in front of them.
“Are you even fucking listening to me?”
“Did I make you feel like shit? Oh boo fucking hoo you little baby.” One says as I look up at them.

“okay.” is all I can manage to say back. There's no point in defending myself. They're too hard headed to listen anyways. I feel my phone vibrate in my hands and I instantly look back down.

From Vic: I'm with Mikey, baby. I'm sorry.

To Vic: I.. can you two just come back. I won't bother you.. I just... I can't be alone.

I wait for him to reply as I say “okay” over and over again to the insults they're continuously throwing at me. Maybe they will leave if I just give them what they want.
What am I saying? That's exactly what I did with Kellin and look where that got me.

From Vic: Why what's wrong?

To Vic: It's nothing. Never mind. Sorry I asked. Have fun. I love you.

“Wow let's just fucking leave. He isn't listening to anything we're saying anyways. He's just going to run inside like the little pussy he is and cut himself once we leave.” I hear Jesse say as they slowly turn to walk away. I stand there until I hear the doors of the car shut. Until I hear a horn and a shout out of the back window. Until I see their car pull away. Until I hear the sound of the engine disappear.

I quickly run inside and up the stairs. The tears begin falling from my eyes as I slam the door shut. As I frantically search through the closet. As I feel my hand run against a wooden box. As I open the box to see the very thing I was looking for. The gun.


You should make a sequel!

Omg that was so beautiful
Janese Janese
I really like this :)
Abigail_Grace Abigail_Grace