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If I Were You, I'd Put That Away.

Product Of A Murderer

Vic's POV

-Time lapse: 1 month-

The past month has been pretty uneventful. Jaime has been really depressed lately and he's starting to have miniature panic attacks whenever someone tries to touch him. We haven't done anything since he's been back and I feel like the worst person in the world. I understand why, though. He's really nervous about the court date, which is coming up in 3 days. They had enough evidence to take Kellin into custody and he's been in jail for the last week or so. I've had to stick by Jaime at school because someone found out why he got arrested and told everyone at school. Everyone thinks Jaime is lying to get attention, so people have been threatening him and shit like that. I feel so bad for him. He doesn't deserve to go through this. Why couldn't it have been me instead of him? I got through it before, I could have gotten through it again.
I look up at the clock to see that it's almost 6:30. I guess I should get up now. I quietly move out of the bed so Jaime can get a little more sleep. I pick grab a towel before walking to the bathroom to take a shower.
I pull on my clothes before I start walking to my room. I hear shuffling coming from behind my door as I quietly open it. I look up and see Jaime standing with his back to me, next to my closet. It looks like he has something in his hands. Being the naturally curious person I am, I walk over to him, making sure not to touch him so he doesn't get scared. I clear my throat quietly and he quickly turns his body to face me, his grip tightening on whatever he was hiding in his hands.

“Vic, what is this?” He questions me in a hushed voice. He slowly spreads his fingers out and I see one of my razors in his hand. I mean, I understand why he seems to be pissed off. I promised him that I would stop, but with everything that's happened in the past month or so, it's been pretty hard. I get snapped from my thoughts as I hear him clear his throat. I feel the tears begin to form in my eyes and I look up at him.

“I uh... I don't know...” I say quietly, pulling the sleeves of my long sleeve shirt over my hands. He looks down at me and shakes his head before throwing the blade across the room.

“Don't fucking lie to me, Vic! You're still cutting aren't you?! Aren't you?!” He says, voice getting louder and loud with ever word. I fucking hate when he is like this; it's been happening a lot lately.

“Jaime, it's not even 7 am and you're already yelling at me.” I say just low enough for him to barely hear me. I look down at my feet and hear him let out an annoyed groan.

“Vic don't even act like I'm the bad guy, okay? You're still fucking cutting! I wouldn't be like this if you didn't fucking LIE to me!!!” I decide I've heard enough and run out of my room. I grab my backpack and a bottle of Whiskey and run out the front door, down the street to the only place I can think of.
I approach Tony's door just as he's locking the door to his house.

“Tony? Hey uh... Hey” I say out of breath. I just ran about 5 blocks to get here.

“Hey, Vic? What's up?” He questions. I look up at him and feel the tears forming in my eyes. “Shit, Vic. What's wrong, bro?” I put my head down and shake my head slightly. I hear him start messing with his key chain before walking over to me and holding out his hand. I look up at it and see that he is giving me a key.

“W-What's this for?” I ask, confusion clear in my voice. He puts the key in my hand and smiles a little.

“I have to go to school, but it's the key to my house. You can chill here until I get home okay? I'll cover for you in class. You know where everything is. I've really got to go now, bye.” He pulls me in for a hug before walking to his car. I slowly walk up to the front door and unlock it. I walk to the kitchen to lay the key down before going to the spare bedroom and dumping out the contents of my bag. All that was in it was the bottle of Whiskey, the bottle of my antidepressants, a few books, my phone/headphones, and the thing I was really looking for. A razor. I grab my music, the bottle, and razor and walk to the bathroom in the spare room. I take off my clothes and sit in the tub, quickly taking the top of the bottle off and put my headphones in. I press play and Terrible Things by Mayday Parade begins. I pick up the Whiskey and quickly drink quite a bit of the bottle.
I soon feel the alcohol kicking in and I grab the razor, wasting no time covering both arms and legs in fresh cuts. I make sure not to get any blood anywhere but in the tub so it would be an easy cleanup. I hear the song that was playing stop and my ringtone begins to blast through my headphones. I pick up my phone and look at who is calling me. It's Jaime.

“Heeeelllloo?” I slur into the phone.

“Vic? Where are you?” Oh like he really cares. Yeah right.

“Why does it e-even matteeerr? You d-don't give a shIIIt 'bout me. And why do you d-decide to call when I'm too d-drunk to even move?” I manage to get out. I feel my vision blur and I quickly wipe my eyes. I hear him sigh.

“Vic, I do give a shit about you. I love you so much. I shouldn't have been so tough on you before.” Oh sure, he apologizes AFTER I already did everything. I look around and feel a wave of confusion hit me. Where am I? I think about it for a few seconds and slowly start recognizing everything. I sigh before speaking into the phone again.

“I'm at uh... Tony's house? Can you come get me? Please?” I say into the phone. I hear him let out a little laugh.

“Yeah. I'll be there in a few minutes okay? I love you.”

“I love you too” I mumble into the phone before ending the call. I look down and my body and sigh. I stand up slowly so I don't get a head rush and quickly turn the shower on to wash the blood from my body and the tub. The water stings in the new cuts, but it's a pleasurable feeling to me. I walk from the shower and pull my clothes on. I manage to get everything on without falling and slowly put all of the shit back in my bag just as I hear the front door open. I begin to walk -no stumble- down the stairs, looking at my feet the whole way down. I hear the door quickly shut and I look up at him. He walks over to me and pulls me into a hug. I slightly wince as he does so, but I hide it.

He can't know.


You should make a sequel!

Omg that was so beautiful
Janese Janese
I really like this :)
Abigail_Grace Abigail_Grace