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Kiss Me Through The Window

No Safety This Time

*The next day*

~Turtle's POV~

Something was trickling along my cheek. I was laying ona rough surface and there was the sounds of cars nearby. I had a massive headache and my mouth was dry. Opening my eyes, I looked into the eyes of a rat. Not the nicest thing to wake up to. I sat up, making my head spin with the sudden movement. Looking around, I saw that I was in the alleyway from last night. I stood up stretching. A few people were passing out on the road. I moved towards them.

'Hey, where am I?' I asked, going to one of the girls. She looked at me, grabbed her friend's arm and scurried away, looking positively terrified. As I looked around me, I saw other people looking down their noses at me, and hurrying on their way. I thought about what I looked like; a tall, muscular guy covered head to toe in tattoos, stretchers and in crumpled clothes who just emerged from an alley. Yup, people were going to talk to me for sure. I patted my pockets for my phone, and remembered it smashing into the ground. I closed my eyes. I was stranded. Someone put their hand on my arm. I opened my eyes and saw a girl of possibly seventeen looking at me. She gave a small smile.

'Hi Tony.' she said. I looked back at her, confusion all over my face.

'I'm sorry, but do I know you?' I asked. She blushed, saying,

'I'm sorry, I'm a fan of your band, Pierce the Veil. I'm Erin. Are you okay, Tony?'

'Uhh, kinda lost, actually. My phone's gone and I have no ride.' I replied, running my hands through my hair. I winced as I pulled on a knot and started combing my hair with my fingers. I looked through my long, black hair as Erin started speaking again.

'I could always give you a ride.' She offers. 'My car's just over there,' she points to a Ford Fiesta, parked just down the street. It's a deep blue colour, a very pretty car. It suits Erin. I start walking towards it, leaving Erin standing there. She hurries to catch up.

'Thank you, so much.' I say, ducking my head.

'It's no problem, really.' She answers, unlocking the doors and climbing in. As I crawl into the passenger seat, she asks where I live. I give her my address and she puts it into the GPS. I'm a good half hour away from my house. I start off the conversation, feeling extremely awkward

'So, you're a fan of Pierce the Veil?'

'Yeah. Um, I've been to every show in San Diego and LA. You guys are just amazing.' Erin seems embarrassed. I don't know why. I love my fans, and talking to them is awesome.

Wow. That's a lot of shows. You are a major fan.' I say, trying to make her feel more at ease. 'Who's your favourite band member?' I ask, trying to coax her into a conversation. I don't usually try and talk to people this much, but Erin's nice and I make an effort because we have a long drive ahead of us.

'Oh, that's, um...' Erin trails off, focusing on the road. 'I, uh...' Erin mumbles the rest of her incoherent sentence and turns even redder.

'So,' she says brightly, easily covering up her discomfort. 'how did you get the nickname "Turtle"?'

'Oh, that's easy. I liked them as a kid, and growing up the name stuck.'

She lets out a small giggle. 'That's cool. My favourite animal growing up was a panda.'

'Not really that cool. I mean, turtle? I could've gone for something better, like, I don't know, lion or tiger. Yeah, Tony the Tiger.' I made slashing motions in the air.

'Nah,' Erin disagrees. 'Turtle suits you just fine. Turtles are cute, just like you.'

It's now my turn to blush. Cute? I've been told this many times, but coming from Erin, I get a flutter in my stomach. No, think about Mike!

I suddenly blurt out, 'Would you like anything signed?' Erin glances at me with interest.

'Ahh, no thanks. I've gotten autographs from you guys heaps of times.'

I suddenly remember this girl. She's stalked us for quite a bit now. She knows where we live, and we moved after she crept into our houses. Now I've given her my address. Shit.

'Stop the car, please.' I say, clutching the door handle.


'I'm going to be sick!'

Alarmed, Erin pulls over and stamps her foot on the brake. 'Out! Out of the car now!'

I jump out and start running for the bus terminal. There's a bus pulled up there and, luckily, it's the one that passes right by my house. I scamper up the steps and take a seat as the bus takes off. The driver shoots me a dirty look, but I don't care.


Title cred: Captain Tyin' Knots Vs. Mr Walkaway (No Way!) - Sleeping With Sirens


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
xMareBear14x xMareBear14x