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Kiss Me Through The Window

I'm Just A Phone Call Away

-A few days later-

~Turtle's POV~

I was very nervous. I was wearing my best suit, and my hair was slicked back, although my braid was refusing to play nice and stay pinned back. It kept on falling out of it's position bobby-pinned to the back of my head. I had given up after trying hair spray and gel. It was now looped through my stretcher. I was absentmindedly playing with it, looping and unlooping it every few seconds. I had put on my nicest deoderant and was smelling particularly lovely, if I do say so myself. It was mine and Mike's first date. We were going to go out to dinner, then join Vic and Jaime at a party. It was a few nights before we went on tour. It was kind of like a kick-off party. All Time Low, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping with Sirens and a few other bands were going to be there. I think The Pretty Reckless were going to make an appearance somewhere, too. I was a little nervous about Taylor Momsen being there. She and Mike had hooked up heaps of times, and they had a no-strings-attached agreement going on. And you would have to be blind to say she wasn't attractive. Would Mike just drop me for her? I was just about to start hyperventilating when someone knocked on the door. I ran to open it, hoping it was Mike. Unfortunately, the shorter Mexican was at my front door.

'Hi Vic!' I said, hoping my voice was happy.

'Hey Tony.' He replied.

'Where's Mike?' I asked.

'Mike is already at the restaurant. Now would you please get into the vehicle,' Vic gestured to his car, which was waiting on the curb, 'and I will drive you to your destination.' I laughed out loud at Vic's theatrics.

'Thanks, man.' I say, locking up and wandering out to his car. As I open the door, a single white rose, illuminated by the setting sun, stares me in the face. A short note is attached to the stem.

- From Mike, To Tony.

I sigh inside and slide the rose into my suit pocket. Vic revs the engine and he takes me to the restaurant Mike has picked.

~ ~ ~

It's very laidback and relaxed. Just like Mike. It isn't overly romantic with rose petals and candles everywhere, and it isn't a family hangout either. It was an Italian restaurant, too. Fair enough, really. We don't have Italian food at home much. Mike was sitting by himself, drinking some water. He didn't really drink wine or anything fancy. This place didn't look like it was going to start handing out beers either. I walked over to Mike, the butterflies picking up in my stomach. I took a big breath.

'Hey Mike.' I wasn't very loud, it was only a little whisper. I cleared my throat, and tried again.

'Hi Mike.' Mike turned to look up at me and a smile came over his features. He too was dressed in a suit. Come to think of it, so was Vic. His hair was straight and sticking every which way. Even though he was very presentable in his clothing choice, he refused to do anything with his hair. I felt everyone's eyes on us as Mike stood up and kissed me. Not a full on make out, just a peck on the lips as a greeting.

'Hey Tony.' he said, twisting his finger around my braid, which - at the moment - was unlooped from my stretcher.

'Holding back are you? Or just waiting for the party?' I asked. Mike looked a bit confused, so I gestured to his water. He smirked at me.

'I am actually, I want to stay sober for our first date.' The butterflies travelled through my stomach again as he said that. We both sat down and he took my hand and started chatting away.

~Mikey's POV~

Tony was finally here! We had been holding hands through most of our time at the restaurant. I didn't notice as our server brought our food. She placed Tony's pasta in front of him, before turning to me and putting my pasta down. We both thanked her and started eating our meal. Tony finished his mouthfull and said,

'How did you not notice her?'

I looked up at him, wiping my mouth with a serviette. 'Notice what?' I asked, puzzled. What was he going on about? In response, his mouth dropped open.

'Really? She was flirting with you big time!' Tony was astonished.


'Yeah, how could you not notice?' Tony asked, still shocked that I, Mike Fuentes, had missed an opportunity to flirt. My answer jumped to mind immediately, and I blushed.

'You're the only person I notice.' I mumbled. Tony raised an eyebrow, indicating that he hadn't heard me. I repeated myself, louder this time, and felt the tips of my ears go red. Tony stared at me, his eyes wide. I looked down at my pasta, and realised it was almost all gone. He reached over and put his hand over mine. I looked up and he simply smiled at me. I smiled back, blowing him a kiss. This made him blush, and he returned to eating.

~Tony's POV~

We finished our dinner and went to the party. Mike insisted on paying and, when he wasn't looking, I slipped thirty dollars into his wallet. That should be enough to cover for my meal. We left the cute little restaurant and I looked around. I remembered that Vic had dropped me off, and as far as I knew, Mike didn't have a car. I didn't have to ponder over this for very long though, because a car came screeching up beside us, with a voice yelling,

'Get in, losers! We're going to a party!'

'Keep your shirt on, Vic!' I laughed, crawling into the backseat.

'Nah, Vic! Take it off you sexy beast!' Jaime yelled from inside the car. Mike slid in beside me, bumping his head on the doorframe. He complained about it, so I took his head in my hands and kissed where he bumped it.

'Is it all better now?' I asked, babying him. I stroke his hair again, and he puts his head in my lap. Just like the last time we were in the backseat of this car. I sigh contentedly and stare out of the window as Jaime and Vic argue over the music. They finally decide and put Sleeping with Sirens into the CD player. As "All of my Heart" comes on, I lean down and kiss Mike's forehead. He looks up at me, a smile playing around his lips, before closing his eyes.

~ ~ ~

We reach the party after twenty minutes. It's already in full swing by what can be heard by the loud, pumping music and excited shouts. There's also a few drunks out the front, throwing up in the bushes. I lift Mike off of my lap and we get out of the car. He clasps my hand and we walk through the front door.

The first thing that catches my eye is a vase of roses. They are white, just like mine, still sitting delicately in my pocket. I pluck one out and offer it to Mike, giving him a little bow. He accepts it graciously, and gives me a kiss on the lips. It's a nice kiss, not full on, but not just a peck either. We break apart and survey the rest of the room. There's a bar at the left of the big room and red cups scattered everywhere. There's an assortment of lounges and chairs strewn around the room, while there is a proper seating area - just a few tables and chairs - next to the bar. There is a mosh pit in the middle of the bar and the stage. People are dancing and head banging to the live bands that are playing. Right now, The Pretty Reckless are on stage, performing "Factory Girl". I grit my teeth as look at Taylor. She's wearing a short, skin tight dress and heels that make her skinny, fishnet swathed legs appear longer than they really are. I clutch Mike closer to me, but I don't have to worry. He's too busy checking out the bar. He can probably smell the different kinds of alcohol from here. I look around, but Jaime and Vic have already disappeared. Mike starts to drag me to the bar, and I go along willingly. As we pass through the crowd, I see lots of people that I know. I see Alan and Austin chatting up some ladies and Justin Hills doing a goofy dance. After I see Alex and Zack belting out the lyrics of "Make Me Wanna Die", a short blur bashes into me. I let go of Mike's hand in surprise and he yells,

'Meet you at the bar!'

I turn and see that my attacker is none other than Kellin Quinn.

'Hey, buddy.' I say, peeling him off of me.

'Hi!' he says, jumping around excitedly. He starts staggering around and nearly falls.

'Yo, Kellin. How much have you had to drink?' I ask, laughing as the drunk man steadies himself.

'This many,' he says, flipping me off.

'Where's Katelynn?' I ask.

'At home with Copeland,' He replies. 'Wait! No she isn't! She's here, Copeland's at her grandmother's for the night.'

Katelynn walks up and grabs her husband's arm. 'Excuse Mr Wasted here,' she says, flashing me a smile. 'I think someone's gone over his limit and needs to go home.'

'No way!' Kellin protests. 'Vic's just gone onstage!' He's right. Vic's onstage with Jaime. They seem to be preparing for playing a song. I race to the bar, throwing a 'See you later.' over my shoulder at Katelynn. The last glimpse I see of them is Katelynn supporting her husband, as he fist pumps the air, spilling liquid onto the floor as his cup goes flying.

My phone starts ringing, and I see a text from Vic.

Get your ass onstage, NOW. I've already texted Mike. We're playing Bulls in the Bronx.

I made a sharp u-turn and sprinted to the stage. I saw Mike running beside me and we burst onto the stage, just as Vic was about to start.

'About time!' he yells.

~ ~ ~

After playing three songs, we're all tired. Everyone's shouting for us to play "King for a Day", but with the state that Kellin is currently in, there's no chance of that happening. We walk offstage and head over to the bar. We take shots for half an hour and it's clear that we're as sober as Barney off The Simpsons. Someone brings out a camera and Jaime starts dancing next to me. I just smile and look at Jaime. Mike's wandered off and joined the mosh pit. I buy us both a drink and go looking for him. After ten minutes of searching, I find him, locking lips with none other than Miss Taylor Momsen. He's facing me and clawing at her back. The drinks I'm holding freefall through the air, smashing into tiny pieces of glass. I choke back tears and run for the door.


Title cred: Miles Away - Memphis May Fire featuring Kellin Quinn


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
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Good job(:
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