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Kiss Me Through The Window

One Hundred Sleepless Nights

~Mikey's POV~

I lay in my bed, replaying the car ride home in my head. Butterflies were starting up in my belly and I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned with a secret smile on my face. He likes me! I thought. This is unbelievable. I felt him stroke my hair, and my smile widened. I like you too, Tony. Why don't you just tell me? I sighed and rolled over again. Are you thinking about me too?

~Turtle's POV~

I looked at the moonlight falling through the curtain. It made a shadow on the wall. As I looked at it, Mike's outline seemed to appear. Why did I have to confess that to Vic and Jaime? Vic's bound to tell his brother... it's his brother for god's sakes! And Jaime won't stay quiet. He's such a loudmouth. I continued looking at Mike's outline. It started to move and I drifted to think, worrying about what Mike would do if he found out.

I looked up at Mike, dizzy from the fall. He was playing the drums, and we were all rocking out to "The Boy Who Could Fly". There I was, jumping around with Jaime. Do we really look like that? I wondered. We looked like lunatics. Cute lunatics, I corrected myself. Vic had retrieved his megaphone and was singing into it. It always made me laugh when I saw him do that. At the break in the middle of the song, Mike looked up from his drums and stared at me, a smile on his face. It wasn't his player smile, put on smile or anything like that. It was genuine. And aimed at me. I felt a funny feeling spread through my tummy. He started playing again, and I watched him concentrate, his legs jumping up and down as he made the bass drum make noise. The song finished, and I - the Tony that was rocking out on stage - turned around, but I completely ignored Mike. Instead, Jaime had come over. As we hugged each other, I turned to Mike. He was crestfallen. He sighed and picked up his sticks and did a humungous fill. It was the start of "Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them". By this time, Jaime and Tony had released each other and started playing the song and Vic was crooning into the microphone. Luckily, he hadn't picked up the megaphone. As the rest of the show went on, Mike became more and more sad as Jaime and Tony became closer and closer. What was happening? I had never liked Jaime, and I never will!

I woke up with a start. I ran my hands through my hair. What did the dream mean? I hopped out of bed, and took a shower. I put on my Diamond Supply Co. singlet and a pair of skinny jeans. I searched for my vans and put them on too. But only after upending half of my house. I went to my kitchen and made waffles. I heard the front door open and slam.

'Smells good, Perry,' Jaime said, strolling into the kitchen and sitting down at the tiny table. 'Mind making me some?'

I looked over at my bandmate and bestfriend. 'Morning to you too, Jaime.' I said, turning around and placing some waffles on a plate. I picked it up and walked to the table, putting them down in front Jaime. I grabbed the maple syrup and drizzled it over my oh-so-creative cuisine. I did the same to mine.

'Thanks, buddy.' Jaime started digging into his food, smearing syrup all over his face. He finished his breakfast before me and started cleaning up the kitchen.

'Thanks, buddy.' I said back to him as he bustled around. He looked over at me and poked his tongue out. I passed him my plate and started drying dishes as he washed. Afterwards, we flopped down on the couch. I put Harry Potter into the DVD player and hit play. Jaime groaned.

'Potter again?' he complained, tipping his head over the back of the couch.

'What? Nothing is wrong with Harry Potter!' I stared at him in mock shock. He sat up properly and rolled his eyes.

'You can only watch it so many times before-' I cut Jaime off, quoting the entire starting scene off by heart. '-that happens.' Jaime finished, snuggling into me. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, while I enjoyed the movie.

~Mikey's POV~

I yawned and stretched, waking up from a very odd dream. In it, there had been two Tony's. One that stared at me, and one that kept on getting touchy-feely with Jaime. I shuddered at the thought of Tony getting close with Jaime. That cute boy was mine. I looked at the time, about 11 in the morning. I got dressed and went downstairs. My madre, papa and Vic where gathered in the kitchen. I stopped, and sneaked out of the side door. I was off to Tony's.

~ ~ ~

The car rolled to a stop outside of Tony's house. I got out and slammed the door, restraining myself from racing to the door and scaring him as I fought my way into the house. I walked calmly -it was more of a speed walk, actually- and knocked on the door, before letting myself in.

'Lounge room!' Tony called. I manouvered my way down the hall, dodging his guitars and stacks of CD's and what other shit was lying about. I reached the lounge room and saw Tony, sitting on the couch... with Jaime curled up next to him, his head in his lap. I stopped, and ran from the room. My brain fleetingly noted that he was watching Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, but I didn't care. As I turned, I saw him look over and the pained expression creep over his gorgeous features as he realised what I was seeing. Him. With our best friend in his lap.

'Wait!' Tony yelled at me. He paused the movie and shoved Jaime off his lap. 'Mike!'

I was at the front door by then. I whirled around and towered over him. 'I thought you liked me! You said so last night!' I screamed. Tony's jaw nearly hit the floor.

'You - you heard what I said?' His face turned a deep shade of pink and he looked down at the floor. I nodded. 'How?'

'I was half awake when you started...' It was my turn to trail off and become red. 'I heard Vic say that it was true, and you confirmed it. But I guess it was just a lie. You're with Jaime now. Good try keeping that from Vic.' I turned and went out of the door. I was done with Tony.

'Mike -'

'No,' I cut him off. 'and I do like you, Tony. Don't try and assume my feelings.' I got into my car and drove off. I watched him in the rearview mirror, chasing after the car, his left arm outstretched.


Title cred: It's obvious, isn't it? One Hundred Sleepless Nights - Pierce the Veil


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
xMareBear14x xMareBear14x