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Kiss Me Through The Window

Homesick From Shows

~Turtle's POV~

'Hey, man, get up, would you?' A high pitched voice whined at me.

'Allow me,' said a deeper, more manly one. Someone wrenched open the curtains to my bunk and whacked me over the head with a pillow.

'Tone Tone! Get up!' the high pitched whinged again.

I heard a sigh, and arms wrapped themselves around my legs. My eyes flew open and the owner started dragging me out of my bunk.

'Hey! No! Stop!' I protested, right before I fell flat on my back. Stars exploded in front of my eyes, and all breath was forced out of my lungs. Two blurry figures were standing above me.

'Hey, Tone!' The guy that spoke had spiked up black hair. His right shoulder and top half of his arm was covered in tattoos. He started waving at me goofily.

As he stopped being blurry, I identified him to be Jaime Preciado, my band member. 'Hi Jaime.' I groaned. The other guy had his head stuck in the bunk opposite mine.

'Help me out, Hime?' he asked.

'Hey, Vic.' I said.

'Oh, hey Tony.'

'Sure, man.' Jaime replied, going to the opposite end of the bunk, stepping around my body. I ignored what they were doing, and rubbed my eyes. When I opened them, I saw Mike being dragged out of his bunk and hurtling through the air towards me.

I opened my mouth to yell, but had all the air knocked out of me, again, as Mike squished me.

'Oof!' Mike opened his eyes and stared into mine.

'What?' I asked, 'Good view to wake up to?'

Mikey blushed and rolled off of me. 'I've seen better.' He helped me up and my heart sunk a little bit. Maybe he doesn't like me after all!

'Wait, Vic and Jaime... we're home!' I finally put two and two together. I hugged the two boys and ran to get my stuff packed.

~Mikey's POV~

I watched the shortie run off, shouting about being back in San Diego. He had no top on, and I admired his tattoos. A fist landed playfully on my upper arm. It was quite feeble, and I didn't have to be a genius to figure out who it was.

'Vic, stop trying to punch me. You're too short.' I ruffled his brown hair and he completely freaked.

'Don't! He exclaimed. 'I spent hours on this!' He smoothed his hair down as much as he could while I walked into the kitchen.

'Hi Kellin.' I said, strolling over to the fridge.

'Hey.' Kellin rubbed at his face. He looked exhausted.

'Good thing we're home, hey?' I joked. Kellin shot me a dirty look.

'Hurry up and get home then. I still have to go to LA.' Kellin grumbled at me. He picked up his coffee cup and downed the rest of the cup, standing up and stretching, then making himself another.

I grabbed the milk and some cereal. I poured myself out a bowl and sat down at the table. I started munching on my breakfast, gulping it hungrily.

Tony came scampering back in, carrying my suitcase as well. He chucked it at my feet and ran out the door, barely managing to yell a 'Goodbye!' at Kellin.

'Looks like I gotta go,' I said, standing up and putting my bowl into the sink. 'See ya, buddy.' I said to Kellin, patting his shoulder. I ambled out of the bus after Vic and Jaime.

'Bye Mike.' Kellin said, putting his hand up.

~Turtle's POV~

I can't believe it! I'm almost home! I ran out to Vic's car and loaded it up with our bags. I jumped into the back and tapped my foot impatiently. I was so ready to get home!

Vic got into the driver's seat and Jaime claimed shotgun. Mike got into the backseat with me and prompty fell asleep.

'It's a bit of a drive guys,' Vic warned. 'About two hours.'

I groaned. 'Well hurry up then!'

~ ~ ~

About an hour into the ride, Mike slipped from his place up against the window and onto my chest. Startled, I almost threw him back off. I stopped myself and looked down at his sleeping face, he was so... peaceful when he slept. I started to stroke his hair, when Vic turned around. We were at a red light and he didn't look surprised to see me looking down at his brother.

'So, it's true. You do like him.' Vic said, seeming pleased with himself.

'What?' Jaime asked.

'Yeah, but don't tell him!' I started panicking. 'I know that he doesn't like me.' I mumbled to myself. I looked down at the angel in my lap, and my heart just melted. Someday.


Title cred: Props and Mayhem


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
xMareBear14x xMareBear14x