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Kiss Me Through The Window

Signal The Sirens, Rally The Troops, Ladies and Gentlemen, It's The Moment Of Truth

~Mike's POV~

'San Diego! How are you all?' My brother yells into the microphone. We've just finished playing May These Noises Startle You in Your Tonight, Hell Above and A Match into Water. I'm fixing my cymbals while Vic talks to the crowd. I'm already drenched in sweat and the lights are beginning to annoy me.

'Without these three motherfuckers, I would not be standing here! Put your hand in the air if music has saved your life!' Vic shouts, Tony and him throwing their clenched hands up into the air as high as they can go. Most of the crowd copies them, and it breaks my heart. Why would these kids feel so low that they would want to end their life? I skip out a short beat to follow his words.

'Now, how about we start partying! Put your hands up!' Jaime shouts, then realises this is redundant. 'I mean... woo!' The crowd starts laughing at Jaime, while Vic just stares at him, giving him a what the fuck? look. Tony just shakes his head and puts one hand behind his back, motioning for me to start playing. I tap my sticks four times over my head and play the intro, Tony joining in. It takes Jaime and Vic a while to get with the program, and we have to play the intro three times over. I don't really mind because it's basically playing the song the whole way through, but Tony gets a bit confused and mucks up when we go back to the start. We finally get into the groove of things and Vic croons into the microphone, making half of our female audience swoon. I roll my eyes and bash away at the snare.

'Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?!' The crowd shrieks, yelling out at the top of their lungs. Vic beckons at them to continue singing, and he joins in with them, 'Nobody knows I dream about it, this is my imagination.' Jaime starts screaming into his mic, while Vic sings along, 'If every living thing dies alone, what am I doing here?!' Jaime backs off and he and Tony walk over to each other, preparing for the next song. Vic finishes off the song,

'What am I doing here? What am I doing here?' As he sings the second last line, he holds the mic out to the crowd. 'Oh NO!' They yell.

'You guys are fucking awesome!' I yell into Jaime's mic, which he was kind enough to bring over here. Everybody stops and stares at me. I hardly ever talk at shows, but who cares? I like mixing it up. I saw multiple fangirls pulling out their phones and recording this. I chuckle at them, and everybody starts yelling.

'I'll have that back now,' Jaime says, plucking the mic from my hands.

'What? No fair man.' I say, and everyone catches it.

'Yo, Mikey, you have a microphone over every single drum. Use them.' I lean down and find where there's roughly three mics close together.

'Like this?' I ask, nearly bursting everyone's ear drums. Jaime winces.

'No, no, not like that at all.'

Tony pipes up. 'How do you expect him to use 'em then?'

I tap out a few more rhythms to follow his words, while Vic plucks at his guitar.

Jaime points at me, 'Like that. For yo drums.' I roll my eyes again and laugh. A microphone was moved and now everyone can hear everything I say. The crowd is pumped and feeling fresh over our friendly banter.

'Now, we have a few more songs for you,' I start off. 'How about we stay upbeat for this... BULLETPROOF LOVE!' I screamed the song name and the crowd went wild.

After Bulletproof Love we went straight into Bulls in the Bronx. Afterwards, Vic and Jaime started talking to the crowd about our Mexican heritage. Tony came over and covered all the mics with his hands and whispered,

'You're doing great Mikey.' I smiled up at him.

'You too.' He leant down and gave me a kiss, but unfortunately one of our fans noticed.

'OH MY FUCKING GOD! PERRENTES EXISTS!' She screamed pointing at us. Tony blushed and straightened up. Vic and Jaime turned around, eyebrows arched.

'Uhh...' I said. When did they start shipping me and Tony?! Vic started gesturing to cover it up. If the fans did know we had a relationship then... all hell would break loose. I reached up and started rubbing at Tony's nose. He went cross eyed and stared at my finger.

'What the hell?' he mouthed.

'No, what's Perrentes, guys? Tone Tone over here had food on his nose. Silly thing. Too many tacos.' I said, covering up. The crowd didn't look convinced though. Some girls started telling me what Perrentes was but Tony cut them off. 'Uh, yeah, silly me. Hey Casey! Can I switch my guitar?' He asked, leaning past me to where Casey stood. Casey took his guitar and passed him his other one. We hurried on to the next song, Bestios. We followed that with Hold On Till May. Unfortunately, Lindsay wasn't here so Vic also sang her part. Jaime, Tony and I shuffled offstage for 'Yeah Boy and Doll Face'.

'That was a close call.' Jaime murmured.

'Definitely.' I muttered.

'My nose hurts now.' Tony complained, dabbing some water on it. He winced.

'Sorry, man.' I said. I leant in to give him a kiss, but Jaime pulled me back.

'You do realise the fans can still see us?'

'Oh, uh. No.' I said.

Vic finished Yeah Boy and we ran back out. We played 'Southern Constellations' and 'The Boy Who Could Fly' and Jaime screamed Jeremy's part in 'Caraphernelia'. We all made a move to leave after that. I threw my sticks into the crowd and the others threw their picks in. Everyone started shouting, 'Encore! Encore!' and Vic shrugged.

'I dunno guys. we don't have any more songs to play.'

'King for a Day!' The crowd shouted back.

'But Kellin's not here.' Jaime said. In the stage, there was a secret trap door. Kellin was there, waiting for Jaime to say his line. We had very cleverly placed one of the risers in front of it. Kellin was kneeling behind the riser right now, waiting for Vic to climb up on it.

'Dang it.' Vic said, doing exactly that.

'Did someone mention my name?' Kellin asked into his mic, "scaring" Vic. He popped up behind him, grinning wildly. The fans went ballistic.

'Dare me jump off of this Jersey bridge!' Vic screamed, jumping off the riser.

'I bet you never had a Friday night like this!' Kellin screamed back.

'Keep it up! Keep it up! Let's raise our hands!' The fans followed Vic's lyrics and put their arms in the air. Many made the 'rock on' symbol. They started jumping in unison. It looked fucking awesome.

'I take a look up at the sky and I see red for the cancer, red for the wealthy, red for the drink that's MIXED WITH SUICIDE!'


They jumped around the stage like absolute nutcases, screaming their guts out. We finished up the set and Jesse, Justin, Gabe and Jack ran on. Sleeping with Sirens started up their part of the show while we started relaxing. We were all sweaty and knackered. The venue had showers so we all took one. It was absolute bliss. After the show we were due for a signing. We got changed into our nicest clothes and sprayed each other with deoderant. As we were about to walk out into the crowd, Tony's cap fell off. I picked it up and placed it on his head.

'Thanks.' He said, giving me a smile. I reached over and pulled his hood up, just the way he always wore it.

'Oh my God!' An exclamation drew our attention. Vic and Jaime had opened the door and walked through, leaving it wide open. The fans were crowding around the door, trying to push past the barrier. They had seen mine and Tony's interaction.

'What?' Tony asked.

'Perrentes, duh! You two totally kissed on stage too!' The same girl said. Others around her nodded vigorously.

'Two mates can't be nice to each other nowadays? Geez. That's just crazy.' I rolled my eyes. As we started walking towards our seats we glanced at each other quickly. We had to be more careful.

~Tony's POV~

About halfway through the signing, two familiar-looking girls came up to the table. I was last in line (with Vic first, Jaime second and Mikey third) along the table and Mike passed me two Pierce the Veil shirts. I was about to sign one when the owner spoke up.

'Hi Tony!' She said. She had red hair and the other girl standing next to her was taller and a brunette.

'Hey there.' The brunette said. My brow furrowed, and I finally stuck names to faces.

'Katie and Ally, yeah?' I said. They looked like they were about to faint.

'Yeah... it's Kate, but... yeah.' The brunette stuttered. Adam, our photographer, came up behind me. He looked at the girls and back at me.

'Would you girls like a photo with Mr Perry here?' he asked.

'Um, yeah, if Tony doesn't mind. Thanks.' Ally said.

'I don't mind.' I smiled. 'How about after the signing?' They nodded and I finished signing their shirts. Handing them back, I continued signing and making small talk with the billion other fans that were here. Adam led Ally and Kate near the buses to wait. Adam came back and got a few more fans and we had a mini photo shoot. The fans were overjoyed and we felt very warm inside. These few people had contributed to getting us where we are. We all gave them hugs and kisses on the cheek. Our tour was over and it had been so much fun. Now, back home to the tacos and burritos and family!


Title cred: Shadow Moses - Bring Me The Horizon

So, last chapter ;) Move onto "The Taste Of Touching Glass" for the sequel! (Trust me, it's way better than this. This is absolutely horrible! (I'm not looking for compliments, that's my honest opinion of it))


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
xMareBear14x xMareBear14x