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Kiss Me Through The Window

Celebrate The Way The Night Hides Scars

~Mikey's POV~

I watched the Turtle hop around, trying to wriggle into his skinny jeans. Damn, he's cute. I looked back down at the beer in my hand. I swished the can around; listening to how much was left. Not much. I lifted the can up to my mouth and chugged the rest of it. I had over estimated on how much was left, and finished the drink with a buzz working its way through my veins.

'Hey, not too fast, dude.' Tony said, still hopping around like a retard.

'Whatever, Tone.' I chucked the empty can at the bin. It fell in with a clunk.


'Ow!' Tony exclaimed. I looked over, and the silly thing was on the floor, with his skinnies up to his knees.

'Seriously, Tone? You don't even know how to put your jeans on?' I shook my head and stretched, my arms waving around above my head.

'Says the man who's in his boxers.' Tony grinned up at me and wriggled around on the floor for a bit. He finally managed to put them on and he got up, dusting off his tank top.

'I'm not just in my boxers! I have shorts on.' I argued. Tony rolled his eyes at me and walked out of the dressing room.

Tony and I were filling in for some missing band members of Sleeping with Sirens for a few weeks and we were just getting ready for the last gig. I would miss Kellin, Jesse and Justin. After living with the guys for a couple of months, their sudden disappearance from my life would leave a hole.

I picked up my drumsticks and walked to the wings. Tony was searching through his guitars.

'All night, I dream of water,

to fight the fire.

Am I awake?

Cause I wanna see the waves.'

Austin finished the song, and then yelled into the mic, 'Give it up for Sleeping with Sirens! Featuring Mike Fuentes and Tony Perry of Pierce the Veil!', while his band members ran off stage.

Meanwhile, Kellin had appeared, jumping up and down on the spot.

'Are you excited!?!' He screamed in my ear. I shrugged. I was kind of sad, to say the truth, but no way was I telling Kells that.

'Yeah, I guess.' I went to the very back wing and slunk on stage. Everyone else was running on. Kellin was waving to the crowd and Tony was fixing his guitar. Jesse signaled to me that we were ready, and I started up on the drums. All eyes turned to me, because nobody had noticed I was there. Kellin started singing In Case of Emergency, Dial 411, and all eyes flicked back to him. Wow, we surprised the crowd!

~ ~ ~

Finishing the set, we all ran off, and I tossed my drumsticks at the crowd. Everyone soon followed suit, with their picks and whatnot, and the crowd burst into half-crazed fangirls. I chuckled to myself as the lucky girls held up their prize and everyone shot them dirty looks.

'Hey there, Whiskey Hands.' Tony fell into step beside me, moving his sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes. He has the most gorgeous eyes. I looked into them and kind of got lost. 'Hey, Mike.' Tony snapped his fingers.

'Uh, sorry, dude.' I said, blinking and trying not to blush. Tony shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. He went into the dressing room and grabbed a towel, and fresh clothes. I did the same, and went behind a stack of boxes to change.

'Guys! We're leaving in twenty minutes, and some girls want your autographs!' Kellin shouted at us. 'Hurry up!' I heard the door open, then shut. There goes Turtle. I yanked my khakis on and sped out the door, chucking an Obey cap on my head.

When I reached the back door, I saw Tony laughing, and Kellin leaning against him. I felt a funny feeling start in my belly, and I frowned a little bit. Wait, am I... jealous? I shook my head to clear the thought. No way was I jealous! I had no claims over Tony. But he does look cute in those skinnies. My mind argued back at me. Luckily, Justin appeared before I started fighting myself.

'Hey, man. Great show.' We high fived, and started chatting about plans to meet up in the future and such. I was only half listening to the conversation though, I was too busy watching Tony. He seemed really happy with Kellin.

'What do you think, Mike?' Justin asked.

'Uh, sorry. I didn't catch that.'

'Nevermind, then,' Justin shrugged. 'So, are you ready to meet some fans?'

'I guess.' I said.

'Good, because we're going out to them right now, Jess has arrived!' We all shuffled outside.

'OHMYGAWD!' We were all greeted by screaming fangirls. I placed my sunnies over my eyes, to protect me from the flashes of cameras, and started signing girl's notebooks, CD's and anything else that was shoved under my sharpie.

~Turtle's POV~

'Guys! We're leaving in twenty minutes, and some girls want your autographs!' Kellin yelled through the shut door. I looped my braid through my left stretcher, and readjusted the bracelets around my wrist. I opened and shut the door, and sped after Kells.

'Hey, dude,' Kellin started, as we waited at the back entrance. High pitched squeals and laughter were coming from the other side. 'I'm gonna miss touring with you. You've been a great guitarist.'

I looked at the scruffy-haired guy. I gave him a small smile, just a twitch of the ends of my mouth.

'Aww, come on. Give me a proper smile.' Kellin pouted at me, leaning against me and placing his head on my shoulder. He looked up at me and I laughed down at him.

'That's better!' he brightened up instantly. I pushed him off and he faked falling to the ground. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep his balance and did say hello to the ground. I started laughing even harder and picked him up.

'Thanks, man.' Kellin leapt to his feet.

'Hey, Kells,' I started, kind of cautious 'What do you think of Mike these past few weeks?'

'I don't know. He looks at you more now, and kind of zones out when you're in the room.' Kellin shrugged, it didn't seem this was very important news to him. My heart, on the other hand, found this news as very good and picked up the pace. I felt like jelly inside. On the outside, I was laughing at a joke Kellin had cracked.

'I can't wait to see Katelynn!' He cried, dancing on the spot.

'I can't wait to eat one of my mum's tacos.' I replied, thinking of the smell of taco.

'Haha, of course man, always thinking about the food.' Kellin punched my arm playfully.

'Hey, guys, Jesse's here! Let's go! Fans to meet! Homes to go to!' Justin called. Kellin rocketed through the door, whooping and cheering. The rest of us followed.

~ ~ ~

By the time we reached the bus, my sharpie was out of ink, my hand was cramping up and I had spots in front of my eyes from all the camera flashes.

'Good one, Tone.' Mike slapped me on the back. He took off his sunnies and placed them on the table while I blinked furiously. Mike laughed as he watched my eyelids flick back and forth over my eyes.

'Not funny.' I mumbled, giving up and rubbing my eyes instead. Suddenly, the bus started and I flew into Mike's arms.

'Hey, no need to throw yourself at me,' Mike said, standing me back up. 'Just say you want to talk, okay?'

Did he just flirt with me? I wondered. 'Um, yeah, bro. Want to play some Mario Kart?' I asked, heading to the back room.

'Yeah, I'll just get into my pj's.' Mike said, climbing into his bunk. I walked out into the back room and started it up.

'Keep it down guys, okay?' Jesse yelled from his bunk. Kellin agreed by emitting a loud snore, and Justin said,

'We're trying to sleep.'

'Yep,' Mike answered for both of us. 'But if you wanna sleep, shut the hell up!'


Title cred: Props and Mayhem - Pierce The Veil
Story title cred: The Sky Under The Sea - Pierce The Veil


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
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Good job(:
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