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Senior Year, Biscuits & The Fuentes Family As Told By Nelissa Brown

Detention, Teddy Bears, Notes and Fuentes

It all started when I woke up. I had only one sock on and even that had a hole in it. I burnt myself with the hot wax I was using on my legs and dropped Nicky's contact lenses. He yelled at me and threatened to have me kidnapped by the Cholos. I could only do one leg too. I look like I'm wearing a hairy stocking.
Then at school I failed my History test. My water bottle exploded in my bag. I got a warning for smoking just because I had a lighter in my bag. I don't smoke. But 'I like to burn things' isn't a good enough response apparently.
Now I was on my way to detention. Everything can only get worse. I shouldn't have said that, I always jinx myself. That's why when I walked inside Mike, Tony and Jaime were already sitting there. I put my head up high in the air and ignored them. I managed to not fall over as well. Bonus.
But they rushed to sit by me. Mike took the seat next to me while Tony and Jaime took the desk in front, turning around to talk to me. "Can't you leave me alone?" I whined.
"Wouldn't dream of it." Mike grinned.
"It's all your fault. I never get in trouble." I complained.
"No, you never get caught." Jaime countered.
"I wish we never got caught." Tony mumbled.
"You're all probably used to the detentions."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Mike asked.
"You get hundreds of them. How do you fit them all in? I assumed you didn't go to them anymore." I said easily.
"We don't usually. Made an exception for this one though." Mike laughed.
"Gee, thanks." I rolled my eyes.
The door opened and I turned. Miss Levy came walking down gathering up some papers. She looked at Mike and shook her head laughing. "Again, boys." she sighed.
"Afraid so, Maggie." Mike grinned.
"And they roped you in with this?" she asked me.
"I guess." I shrugged.
"I'm doing some photocopying. No talking and no doing anything that could land you in detention." she said and headed back out of the room.
"Come here often?" I mocked.
"What can I say?" Mike smiled and leant back in his chair.
"That probably adds to the bad boy thing." I pondered.
"What bad boy thing?" Tony frowned.
"You know... The rule breaking bad boy that good girls just fawn over."
"Girls fawn over us?" Jaime asked.
"Are you blind?" I rolled my eyes. "You're getting close to having your own fan clubs." Maybe that's exaggerating a little, but what's life without a little exaggeration?
"Who's fan girl would you be?" Mike asked me seriously.
"All my fan girl-ness is taken up with Blink 182." I shrugged.
"Good taste." Tony smiled.
"Seriously though how do you guys stay so cool?"
"It's a gift." Mike said smoothly. I know from Vic that it isn't true though, or the rumours about him being all big and hard.
"Which guy are you trying to pull in with that book?" Jaime asked.
"I'm not," I said. "I'm not really the crush having type."
"Is that even possible?" Mike asked.
"I prefer make up and getting my nails done." I explained.
"You're such a girl." Mike shook his head.
"Really?" I mocked and gasped. I looked down at my boobs and peered determinedly down my shirt. "Wow, you're right." I said. Jaime laughed. So did Tony. Mike was laughing too. It was one big laugh fest. But then something sobered us all up. Mike snorted. Like a pig. One big ol' snort.
"That never happened!" he rushed.
"I know your dirty little secret," I said darkly. "And I will tell all of the girls that are fawning over you." I said confidently.
"You wouldn't dare!"
"Try me." I threatened and grinned at a very worried looking Mike.

The next day I was heading for the cafeteria with B. This is my favourite period of the day. Food is the ever shining light in a dark gloomy world of teasing and calculus. I walked through a corridor and pulled B with me. I'm actually not talking to her right now. She was teasing me about my teddy bear. His name is Abbo Benjamin Christoph Dirk Fitz and he came all the way from Germany. I sleep with him every night. He reminds me of my dad who is hardly ever home and always working there doing whatever it is he does.
B has been trying and trying to get me to talk. I'm trying really hard not too. I always cave in after a few seconds and forget that I'm mad at her. "Come on," B whined. I just shook my head. I'm getting good at this. "Nel!" B complained, grabbing me as I balanced on the top step to go down. She started shaking me. I gasped and grabbed onto her. B looked victorious, that was until I pulled her down the stairs with me.
We landed in a pile at the bottom and I stood up ruffling my hair. "You could have at least let me style it out!" B exclaimed.
"I was too busy falling." I grinned.
"Why are you happy, you freak?" B giggled.
"That was fun. It was better than sock slides."
"Let's go get food." B shrugged.
She took my arm and we walked into the cafeteria. I got into line and took a tray. I started to give my orders out to the lunch lady. I took all my food and headed for our usual tiny table near the edge of the room.
I started to dig in to my chicken when B held something up. I gasped and narrowed my eyes. How could she?! That girl is plain evil. "I had to have a back up plan!" B rushed.
"Hand them over." I said through gritted teeth. She placed a packet of biscuits - my biscuits - onto the table. I snatched them back and stuffed them gently into my bag.
"Wow, that's a lot of food." I heard above me. I saw Jaime with Tony and Mike. They sat down and eyed my plate.
"That's more than all of us eat put together." Tony added.
"I like food." I shrugged and carried on eating.
"It's a good thing," Mike reassured me. "I like it."
"I have no idea how you're not the size of a house." B said.
"I fall over a lot? That burns calories probably." I offered.
I heard my phone go off and searched for it. I opened up and saw I had a text. When I saw who off I felt a lump in my throat. I swallowed hard and chewed anxiously on my bottom lip. Why is he texting me? He shouldn't be texting me.
'Nel, I need to talk to you. Meet me tonight at 8 at our park. V x'
Is that all I get? A few lousy sentences. Aren't I worth more than that? I held my phone out to B and she read it. Her eyes widened and she looked at me angrily.
"Everything okay?" Mike asked.
"Excuse us for a second." B said and held her tray up separating us from the boys.
"I can't believe him." B rushed.
"He needs to talk to me." I shrugged.
"You're not going?" she asked.
"It might be important," I reasoned. "He could need me."
"He doesn't deserve to need you." B snapped.
"I want to go." I said firmly.
"I don't want him to get to you." B sighed. Then suddenly she leant across the table and pulled me into a hug. Most people think B is horrible. They think she's loud and cold and unloving. But she isn't. She's my best friend.


Hey! What did you think? I've been getting subscribers but only a few comments! Come on, I want to hear what you think. If I don't know then I can't know what to write! Favourite lines anyone? What do you think is the deal with Vic? Will Mike and Nel end up together? :)


Aweee thank you babe iove you! Your so accomadating :)

Divinebitches Divinebitches

I've actually posted the first chapter of the story you wanted to see. Go on my page and you'll find it. And thank you, once I'm not so busy you'll probably see more of me.

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Okay thank you for that! I just needed that to calm down :) and i hope to see more storie sor continuations

Divinebitches Divinebitches

I might just add a chapter here and there to it. I have loads pre written I just definitely don't have time to write. With working in retail over Christmas, working on the KKP and going to college too I have no time. But thank you lovely! You're so sweet! With Break The Barricade I'm not saying it's impossible, but so unlikely it'll be finished. Like I said I'm so busy and Simone is at university doing a psychology degree. I actually only get to speak to her properly around once a week because she's so packed! And ahh I see xoxo

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

And i meant for the other series i just commented on this :) since im lazy

Divinebitches Divinebitches