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I'v been up here so long i'm going crazy.

We're Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket.

"Yeah we're ready, right Vivian?" Vic said as he casually looked over at me. "Yep I'm all set, what about you guys?" I said nervously, believe it or not I'm terrified of going on a world wide tour with people I don't even know, but this is my chance to do something exciting and maybe even get my mind of things for a change. Tony looked up from his soup he looked... strange, like he didn't want me to go or something. "Yeah... lets get going before we really have to rush." He said with a creepy grin on his face. "Okay... yeah we better go." Said Jaime all freaked out. Mike looked up from his phone as if he'd just entered back into the real world, he hopped up from the couch and grabbed as many suit cases as he could. "Lets go!" Mike said. They all grabbed their stuff and walked out to the bus. Everyone was on the bus so I said goodbye to my grandma one last time, I grabbed my things and I made my way out of the front door and looked behind me I saw my grandma shed a tear as I was walking away, I dropped all my things and ran to her to giving her a great big hug. "Grandma don't worry I'll be okay, Vic hired a nice lady to look after you for me while I'm away." I said holding both her hands. "I know it's just I've never seen you be so grown, looking after me all these years and then seeing you do something so grown up is a great thing for your grandma to be seeing." My grandma said with a proud smile crying a few tears. "Thank you so much, you were the one who made me all grown up." I said shedding a few tears as well. "Anytime, now you better go there waiting for you, I hope you do magnificent things!" She said whipping the tears from my face. "Okay grandma, I will and I'll tell you all about it every night." I said as I let go of her hands. “Bye.” She told me as she waved watching me walk away for real this time. I got on the bus with all my things. "You can put you things over here." Vic said as he grabbed my bags. We walked to the back of the bus were the bunks are. "here you go." Vic set my things down. "Thank you, again so much for letting me come." I said smiling. He winked at me and said "Hey it's the least I could do, we need to find out what happened that night, together." I looked up and nodded. We were on our way to their first concert on the tour. Mike is sleeping, Jaime is in the shower, and Tony is on the couch staring at me and Vic creepily. “Hey can we talk for a sec?” Vic asked me. “Ya sure.” I said back. Vic walked me to the back where we were alone. “Hey so whats the plan” Vic said staring into my eyes with confusion. “About what?” I said back with the same confused look in my face. “About... finding out what happened that night?!” He said in a know it all tone. “Oh! Shouldn’t we be talking about this with jaime?” I already knew the answer to this but I just wanted to bust Vic for something, I don’t even know what. “Well yeah but he's in the shower... so we could just tell him about it later, right?” He said... I dont even know what he meant by that. “Ya I guess so.” I said awkwardly. “So whats the plan?!?” He said getting a little frustrated. “Okay chill, lets think for a second.” I snapped back. “Sorry your right... no rush.” He felt bad for his behavior. “No problem.” I said forgivingly. We both sat on the couch thinking hard for a plan, until... “I got it! I said as both our faces light up. “What!?!?” He said all happy. “Nothing I was just trying to break the silence, IT WORKED!” I said disappointing him. He put his hand to his head and explained. “Well lucky for the both of us I actually have a plan” He sat closer to me and whispered the first part of the plan. “Thats a great idea, well finally know who’s behind this hole disaster!” I said getting a head of my self. “I know, now we have to tell jaime, come on!”

We found jaime making a sandwich in the kitchen. “Hey jaime!” I startled him with my annoying presents. “Oh! Hey there you scared me sort of.”

We found jaime making a sandwich in the kitchen. “Hey jaime!” I startled him with my annoying presents. “Oh! Hey there you scared me sort of.” He said. “Oh sorry about that.” I said feeling a little sorry, not sorry. “What do you need?” He said all cheery. “Operation galaxy.” I said for code. “Excuse me?” He said kind of weirded out. “Uh... Vop I cop nop e e dop you” I said, which means you add op after every letter except y, o, u, i, a, and e. “EXCUSE ME?” He said extremely weirded out. “Ugh Vic needs you!” I said clearing up all the confusion. “Oh okay sure.” He said as I escorted him. We saw Vic sitting on the couch, as we walked up to him, he slowly stood up. “Hey, we came up with a plan, which you need to hear.” Explained Vic. “Alright.” Jaime said. Vic started telling jaime the plan, but then mike walked in on us in mid conversation. “What are you guys talking about!” Mike shouted, I think he knows!


Okay, hey guys and girls I know this is a little late... okay a lot late but I finally got myself to do it so I hope you enjoy this.


update please

DoOmKiTTy95 DoOmKiTTy95


Oh yay okay cool i'm sorry I need to update really bad ill start on it tonight I promise.

Yes I do it's really good :)

Laura Laura


Do you like my story?

Haven't updated in so long sorry so many things got in the way, but working on the new chapter today and hopefuly I'll get it done bye tonight.