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I'v been up here so long i'm going crazy.

Keep talking cause, I love to hear your voice.

We walked out side and open the car door, we both get in the car at the same time. Vic starts the car and pulls out of the drive way. "Should we tell Jaime, he was there?" I asked. "Well...wait lest just think about this first, we still don't remember the details to what happened." He answered. "Right, but he was there shouldn't he remember to?" I was confused. "Maybe he does, he was a little annoyed that you were back, maybe he knows why your back and he got scared." He cleared up my confusion. "Yeah your right, he was scared we should ask him if he knows just to be safe, I wanna know what happened to my family!" I spoke up kind of. "Well where was Jaime when it happened? !" He corrected me "He was a few feet behind us, Then we saw a bright light. I corrected him back. "Oh...I guess we can ask him. He said still not sure about it."But only Jaime!" He confirmed. "What about Mike, he was there?" I asked. "Yeah but remember we couldn't find him we don't know what happened to Mike and your sister they probably don't remember." He explained to me. "Oh right." I stood corrected.

We got to my house and Vic staid in the car while I went to get my stuff. I walked inside and ran up stairs to my bed room, I grabbed a suitcase from the closet. I opened it and basically put everything I could fined. I sipped the suitcase closed and rand down stairs. "Grandma!" I yelled. "What is it Vivian, why do you have that suitcase?" She asked. "Vic invited me to go on tour with him, I have to go!" I explained. "I...don't know, for how long?" She said unsure. "Grandma please, I'll be okay and so will you." I confirmed. "Can I think about if first?" She asked, but I knew she was telling me she wanted to think about it first. "No, there leaving tonight, pleeaaase!" I begged. "OKAY!" she said quickly. "Yes thank you so much!" I gave her a kiss and ran out the door and into Vic's car. " I am guessing You can come!" He laughed. "Yup!" I shouted and laughed with him.

We drove for about another 45 minutes and pulled into the drive way. We walk inside seeing Mike on his phone sitting on the couch and Tony eating soup on the table. then Jaime comes running down stairs. "Hey guys ready!?!"


Hi. This chapter is kind of short but that's because it was the car ride, and the next chapter will be longer. Enjoyyyyyy.


update please

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Oh yay okay cool i'm sorry I need to update really bad ill start on it tonight I promise.

Yes I do it's really good :)

Laura Laura


Do you like my story?

Haven't updated in so long sorry so many things got in the way, but working on the new chapter today and hopefuly I'll get it done bye tonight.