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I'v been up here so long i'm going crazy.

You'll be excited just to see me someday.

I woke up at 5:55 and the bus leaves at 6:30, so I jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom grabbing a sleeping with sirens t-shirt, a green and black sweatshirt, and a pear of black skinny jeans on my way out of the bed room. I ran into the bathroom and put on my cloths, then I grabbed my make up bag I pulled out foundation and a brush and basically covered my face with it, then I pulled out eye liner and slowly moved it across my eye, then blush! I dabbed the brush in a little blush and stroked it across my cheeks. I walked to my bedroom and took my little make up bag. I grabbed my purse and put my make up bag in it just I case I must have to touch it up a bit. After I ate breakfast it was already 6:00 so i ran out the door first giving my grandma a kiss first then shut the door behind me. I took my bike from the back yard a rode it into town. When I arrived at the bus stop I sat down and shortly the bus pulled up. the bus driver offered to help me with my bike, so he put it in the back of the bus. I handed the bus driver five dollars and sat in the very back of the bus.

After 45 minutes of riding in the bus we arrived in San Diego. When I got off the bus I grabbed my bike out of the back and got on it.I was riding my bike to the address that was on the letter. I arrived at the address, it was a home i walk my bike up to the door and rung the door bell. The door opened I could barely hold back all my excitement, and the door opened I saw mike still wearing those hats half way off hi head but he's still so cute

"Oh, Vivian your here"! He said giving me a huge hug with no room to breath.
"Your so big now! here come in." he said with almost as much excitement as me, but not quite. "Thank you." I said walking inside there huge house. "Here sit on the couch with Jaime I'll go get Vic." mike said walking into the dining room. "Hi Vivian come here, give me a hug." Jaime yelled with happiness. "Hi." I said blushing. Jaime laughed a little. "wheres tony?" I asked trying not to make it even more awkward for me. "Oh hes in the shower, i...think he'll be out in a minute." "Oh o-okay." I accidentally stuttered, and Jaime tried so hard not to laugh at me. Mike walked in with Vic and tony, I quickly stood up and walked up to Vic. "Heeeey yooou! wow the last time we met you were what 13?" Vic said correctly like always. "Yeah I was haha." I laughed. "wow its good to see you!" He said slowly backing up but not letting go of my shoulders. "Yeah I'm a huge fan!" I said releasing all my excitement, I blushed. "We know!" Tony laughed coming out behind Vic and Mike. He gave me the biggest hug! "I missed you." He said sweetly. "I missed you guys to!" I said while laughing because of how cute they were. "So where should we go first?" Vic asked quickly to keep the conversation going. "There's a new restaurant in town we could go to." Mike told us with much knowledge. "Lets go!" Jaime shouted excitedly. They walk me out the door and to there care, Vic opened the back seat door as I got in next to Jaime, in the middle and with Tony on the other side, and mike is in the front seat while Vic drives.

When arrived at the restaurant, I got out of the same side of the car as Tony and Jaime. I walked behind Tony and Vic was behind me. "Hey." Vic whispered in my ear. "Huh!" I jumped a little and turned around. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you" he said in a hurry so I wouldnt get the wrong idea. "That's okay you didn't scare me." I fibbed. "yeah sure, I had a question?" he cleared his throat. "Yeah?'' I asked sounding a little to surprised. "Why are you wearing sunglasses inside? I hate that" He accidentally snapped. befor i got a chance to answer we were interrupted by Jaime. "Hey guys come on we found a booth!" me and Vic walk to a booth with the others. As we sat down Vic stares at me expecting me to answer him. "I-I'm blind in m-my right eye." I said with fear wondering what they would say. "What when was this?" Jaime shouts. "Last week, I slipped and fell back wards and the full family sized orange juice fell on my face." I spoke so fast. "What that's not possible!" Tony said trowing a fit. "It is, the doctor said I needed surgery but it only worked on one eye." I admitted. "Oh I'm so sorry Vivian." Vic sadly said felling sympathy. Mike just sat there with his chin on floor, He spoke up. "You, you dropped orange juice on you face, AND YOU WENT BLIND!!!!!" everyone laughed even me because Mike was so direct."I KNOW! hahaha.'' Tony was the only one not laughing and he quickly changed the subject. "How's school?" "Its good, I'm home schooled." I said quickly so I wouldn't
have to correct him if he thought I was in public school. "Oh okay, good grades?" he asked. "Yup!" I shouted. "Good girl!" he laughed. "how's your family?" Vic asked loudly. "My family went missing when I was six.'' I awkwardly answered. "Oh I am so sorry for your loss!" he said with sympathy. "Thank you." The others just quietly sat there reading there menus.

The waitress came to take our orders"can i get you anything Sir?" she asked Vic. "We are all going top have tacos, right?" He confirmed. "Right." "Right." "Right." "Right." Me Tony Jaime and Mike confirmed it twice. "Alright then." she grabbed all of our menus and walked off.

When our diner came, we just ate and talked about our favorite interests and things like that till lunch was over. Tony opened the car door and I got in the middle of Jaime and Tony. Mike was driving and Vic looked back at us, "Where to next?" Tony looked up from his phone. "Sight seeing?!?" "Great idea Tony, I like that." Jaime shouted again. "Vivian?" "Me, oh sure sounds fun!" "Cool!" Vic laughed cause he knew I had no idea what they where talking about.

After we went sight seeing we headed home for a tour around there house, and when we got there Jaime opened the door and I exited the car. the walked me through the door and started to walk me around there house. "And this is the bedroom where I sleep Vic's room is trough there." Mike told me. we walked trough the closet and into Vic's room. "Sorry its a bit messy I don't go in here very much this is our second day back." He quickly confirmed so I wouldn't get the wrong idea. "That's okay, mine is a mess to!" I said so he wouldn't be embarrassed, but it didn't work. he was blushing and everyone was chuckling at him. After we went through the whole house it was already 9:55 so we decided to watch a movie. Vic made popcorn and tony poured Pepsi for all of us. me and Jaime sat on the couch while mike was looking for a movie we would all like, but he chose a horror movie.

everyone sat down and watched the movie. After the movie was over it was about 11:53 so we had some time left, so Vic took us to get ice cream. he grabbed my bike and put it on the back of his car then got in the front seat and drove out of the drive way. "Did you have fun?'' Tony looks up from his phone and asks me. "Yeah that was a blast!" I shouted waking Jaime up. "Yeah me to, I think we really hit it off!" *YAWN* Jaime said with heavy eyes. "Oh sorry for waking you." I whispered. "No, its okay I'm not that tired." Jaime says as h falls back asleep.

We got ice cream at about 12:00. ''Well its been a very good day." Mike confirmed. "Yes it has." I say sitting next to tony and Jaime witch are asleep. mike drove me to my house and once we got there Vic was half asleep "Here how about you climb up here so we don't wake them up.'' Vic whispered. "Okay" I whispered back. I climbed out of the front seat as Mike and Vic waited for me by the car. We walked up to the door, i opened the door quietly to not wake my grandma up. "I had so much fun today you where so fun!" Vic kindly told me. "Oh here we all made this for you I almost forgot! I'll be right back" Mike explaned. "Oh yeah!" Vic realized. mike ran back and handed me a bag of sighed CDs and t-shirts and stuff. "Thanks,wait i made you all bracelets to! wait here!" I ran up stars and then back down. "here!" i gave Vic all the bracelets "thank you" Vic said gratefully. "Thanks" Mike laughed with joy. Vic hugged me than kissed my hand and said goodbye for the last time and Mike did the same.

I watched them drive away then locked the door behind me that ran up stares. I threw on the same pajamas from last night and did nothing but snuggled and tucked myself in bed because I was to tired to do anything but that! I lade my head on my pillow and gently stroked the cats back as I soon fell fast asleep.


Hello. Pierce the veil will be in the story after this chapter to. Anyway Its so late and I'm so tired so yeah there was a lot of sleeping in the end but yeah. Sorry the chapter goes on for days but there was no where to stop typing, anyway hope you enjoyed.


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