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always have a part of me


Author's note: I already posted this story on my other account, poppunkandpizza, but the website no longer lets me sign in with aol, so I'm reposting and updating. This is not stolen, it's really my story Max isn't looking to settle down. She's looking to have fun with a few people and have no strings attached. What happens when she falls in love with one of them? What happens when another one falls in love with her? Will she finally break her rule and settle down or continue to sleep with everyone and ignore her feelings?


Chelsea Andrews

Chelsea Andrews

introduced later in the story. She's very quiet, but opens up to Tony like she never has before.

Max Oliver

Max Oliver

Max is the main character of the story. she's not afraid to speak her mind. she's not looking for commitment, just a good time.

Michael Fuentes

Michael Fuentes

cocky, manwhore, loving, caring, douchebag, can't settle down or treat a girl well.

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

the best friend that anyone could ask for.

Victor Fuentes

Victor Fuentes

he's sweet and loving until he isn't. loves to play with hearts. constantly hurting Max over and over again.


  1. prologue

  2. Tony

  3. Mike

  4. Jack

    smutty smut smut (I guess that's a warning, but we all know you wanted it)

  5. Vic

  6. Michael

  7. Tony

  8. Michael

  9. The guys

  10. The Fuentes Boys

    **there's a lot of sm*t. like a lot**

  11. Max

    **more smut, just for the hell of it**


Yay! Awesome, Can't wait.

wasteland19 wasteland19

Finishing up the chapter after it, then posting it. Should be up tonight

pizzaandpoppunk pizzaandpoppunk

Oh my god, both brothers?! Update soon please! :)

wasteland19 wasteland19

I like jack lol but hopefully mike doesn't cheat!! Love this chapter btw

Noelle Noelle

I'm so glad you liked it, I'm a bit iffy about it, so I'm glad to hear someone enjoyed it

pizzaandpoppunk pizzaandpoppunk