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The Boys & Girls Of Loyola High

Kiss & Tell

Hayley Williams never wanted more from life than what she had. She was pretty, funny, had a lot of friends and the most unique voice Loyola High School had ever heard. It's not a far off assumption that everyone loved her, and wanted to be best friends with her. It's a shame she already has the best friend anyone would ever want. Taylor Momsen.

Now Hayley isn't your average popular girl. She has an alternative style that some people question. Shouldn't she be thrown in with the "emos" or "goths" kids? I am not here to judge her on looks though. With hair like that, who would wanna mess with her.

Loyola High School was an elite private co-ed high school on the upper east side of Manhattan. The best of the best go there, and well who can judge on her when all she ever does is help those in need.

But with girls like Hayley comes the downfall of the love, everyone has haters after all; and this is a journey you will all wanna take part in.


Hayley arrived at school as usual on the first day back after the summer holidays. She walked into the large iron gates and scanned the crowd of people. It was her first day as a Junior, most people would be sad about going to school but Hayley loved it. An escape from reality and a chance to make a difference. Her parents barely even noticed her presence in their house anymore; they were always busy with their business ventures.

The hot August air blew against Hayley's skin and made her smile grow. She smoothed our her plaid school skirt and shook her hair slightly. "Hayley!" She heard a loud, booming voice call from across the school yard. She looked towards the source of the voice and seen Taylor sitting on a bench. She studied her friend more as she walked over to her.

"Hayley, Hayley, Hayley. Aren't you looking fine today". An arm snaked around her shoulders as she walked.

"Hello Vic" She rolled her eyes at his actions. "Why aren't you annoying someone else?" His sarcastic laughed rang in her ears.

"It's a new year H, I thought we were cool?" He asked, clearly confused at her actions.

She stopped walking an looked at him. "Are you kidden me?" She looked him dead in the eyes but he simply shrugged at her question. "You left me in Brooklyn, all on my own at a party that YOU dragged me to. I am not going to just drop that" She folded her arms over her chest.

"Come on, I didn't mean to leave you I just.." He tried to talk his way out of it, like he always did when he upset his friends.

"You what? Found a piece of ass you haven't banged yet? Well here's a news flash for you Victor. You lost a friend in thay process" She spat at him. Mixed feelings of confusion and hurt spread across his face as she walked away.

He didn't mean to leave her but he had always wanted to hook up with Laura Humpry and he got his chance. Why didn't Hayley just understand for him. "Fine then." He mumbled and walked off to class.

Hayley finally got to Taylor but wasn't shocked to find her making out with Jeremy. She watched them suck face for about 3 minutes before finally speaking up. "I swear if you don't stop I will barf in your laps" She laughed. Taylor pulled back and smirked up at Hayley.

"Hey bitch, you look too classy today, was your mom around when you left for school?" Taylor said looking Hayley's uniform up and down. Taylor always cut her skirt shorter than it should be, popped open two more buttons on her shirt than necessary and wore the highest heels that were even possible to comfortably walk in.

"When are they ever home" Hayley sighed. "Sup Jeremy" She nodded. Jeremy looked up from his phone and nodded. He wasn't much of a talker on normal occasions but when he did talk, everyone wanted to hear what he had to say.

"How was your summer?" He asked, being polite knowing it would inherite good rewards from Taylor later on.

"It was interesting to say the least" Hayley laughed, thinking back on the events of the summer.

"I can't believe you hooked up with Vic you little slut" Taylor grinned at Hayley. Jeremy looked at Hayley and raised an eyebrow.

"Drunken mistake" She rolled her eyes. "And it ain't happening again. He's an ass" Hayley explained. They didn't know the full truth in the matter, but they also don't need to.

"I can't believe A-blog posted about it though. You have became quite a star on that" Taylor shook her head. "I don't get how this person knows all this stuff. People honestly must have nothing better to do" Taylor pulled out her phone. "Speaking of which.." She looked at it intently. Hayley and Jeremy both pulled out their phone to look at the blast.

A-Blog: Hello students of Loyola High, did you have a nice summer? I did too but here's a little tip for you all. What happens in summer doesn't stay in summer. V and H hooked up in the most unusual way; it seems our good girl has gone bad. But that's old news, so here's something fresh for you all. It seems V has been having a secret fued with T over a little secret spilling, shall I spill it to my fellow gossipers? V has secretly been in love with H since middle school and their raunchy night together during summer was the best night of his life but that didn't stop T and V sharing a star crossed lovers kiss only two nights ago. Sorry J, looks like T is living up to her whorish ways. Have a great first day back.

Hayley looked up from her phone and stared down at Taylor. Jeremy got up and walked off. She stood up and waited for Hayley to say something but nothing emerged. "Say something" Taylor almost begged.

"I think you should go after Jeremy, you've hurt him" Hayley said to Taylor before walking off into the school.

Hayley didn't know how to feel since she basically hated Vic. He was such an ass to her most of the time, and that old 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em kean' bullshit wasn't going to fly.

The hallways were filled with students making their way to home room to get their class schedules for the year. Hayley wasn't watching where she was going and slammed into a body. "Sorry" She mumbled, looking up to see who she almost knocked clean out.

She couldn't quite figure out who he was, she had seen him around before but she hadn't noticed him before until now. "It's alright love" He spoke, a strong English accent surrounding Hayley's body. He wasn't American?

She stared at him intently, trying to work him out. "Sorry, I've seen you around but we've never spoke before" She told him. He simply nodded, taking in her words.

"I'm Oliver. I transferred here last year from Sheffield in England" He explained. The realisation struck her, he was that kid. One that most people didn't associate with because he is from The UK and "weird".

"Yeah, I remember now" She smiled slightly. It was clearly contagious as a smile broke out on his face too. "Hey, um I gotta get to class but we should have lunch and I can make it up to you for nearly knocking you out" Hayley suggested, she wasn't one to make a bold move like that but she wanted to talk to him more. A feeling of regret washed over her for not speaking to him sooner.

"Sure, not like I have anywhere to go" He laughed slightly.

"Meet me outside by the benches. That's where I usually hang with my friends. Don't worry they will be nice" She flashed him a grin and walked off to class, feeling better than she did ten minutes ago. Vic isn't going to ruin this for anyone.


Taylor walked after Jeremy. "Honestly, it didn't even mean anything. I promise" Taylor called after him. He ignored her and continued walking down the streets of Manhattan. "We can't miss first day over this" She said, beginning to run in order to catch up.

He stopped abruptly and turned to her. "You can't but I am. Taylor give me some space" He looked at her, anger growing in his veins. She simply nodded and watched him walk away, feeling nothing but guilt.

She walked back to school and sighed, sitting down on the bench where she had previously been sitting before the A-Blog blast went out. The first class was already in and her going in now would inheriate disappointment for being distructive. She stared into space, not noticing someone sit down next to her. "Why aren't you in class?" That voice annoyed her. He annoyed her.

She turned to Vic and scowled at him. "It's your fault actually" She spat at him. He exhaled a deep breath and nodded.

"I'm sorry I'll speak to Jeremy, tell him the truth" He explained, hoping it would make her feel a little better.

"I swear Vic if you've messed up my relationship because you couldn't just man up and tell H you love her I will kick you scrony little Mexican ass" Taylor threatened.

Her smirked at her. "Don't worry darling, it'll be okay" He stood up and walked away. This is a horrible first day.


This is a sorta pilot chapter! I need opinions in order to continue :)


Im going to read this but it sounds like the tv show gossip girl. I don't know if thats what you meant to do but this will be interesting.

I like it, please update cause it looks awesome!


Thank you! I hope more people like it because it could be really interesting :)

I liked it you should continue you're story

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