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The Sky Under the Sea

Chapter 1

May 7, 1996
Dear diary,

Today Mikey told me that we're going to get married. We were sitting at our lunch table by ourselves and he grabbed my hand. We were talking about how gross other people were and how I was the only girl he would ever want to marry.

I hope at our wedding that his brother Vic will sing for us, because he's a really good singer. I also hope it's on the beach. Mike and I both love the beach. We're actually going down to the Mission Bay Beach tomorrow so we can build a sand castle like he promised.


I sat on my bed and smiled as I flipped through old diary entries. I remember that day well.

We sat at the lunch table laughing with each other about how gross everyone is. The most popular girl who had a crush in my Mikey, May, had just walked past our table. He and I giggled as he pointed out that she had a camel toe going on.

I had always harbored a small crush for Mikey. He was the first guy I ever kissed. When we were in third grade, the other kids were making fun of me because I had gotten a bad haircut. They said I'd never have a boyfriend because I was ugly and fat. Mikey told them he thought I was pretty and he kissed me. On the cheek. But, in the third grade, a kiss on the cheek was almost as taboo as having sex.

In sixth grade, Mike promised me that we'd get married when we were older. He had taken me to the beach that day and held my hand the whole time. We agreed we'd get married on Mission Bay Beach and that we'd have three kids.

In eighth grade, he took me to the Valentine's Dance after my boyfriend dumped me. I had worn a black dress with pink lace on top, and he told me I was the prettiest girl there. We were slow dancing together when he kissed me. Of course, I had no idea what to do, but it was still nice.

My sophomore year, I lost my virginity to Mike Fuentes. He was the first guy I had ever held hands with, the first I had ever kissed, and the first guy I ever loved.

Two years later, I moved away to college. My Mikey stayed bahind to work on the band and we slowly lost touch.

Now, I was a 23 year old college grad and Mike Fuentes was still the best boyfriend I had ever had, and it was time for me to come home.


So yeah, I'm starting a new story in the hopes it will get me out of my creative rut.
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