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The Hearts of Lonely People- Jonny Craig/Vic Fuentes

Nightmares, no longer wait for sleep.

{Title cred: Pierce the Veil- One Hundred Sleepless Nights}

Vic’s P.O.V:

“I love you, never forget that, okay?” water floods out my eyes. “Mom, don’t leave!” I hold her close. “Vic? Hello?” She shakes me at arm’s length, with a tight grip on my shoulders. ”Mom?” Can she not hear me? “Hello?” my mother bawls covering her face with dainty shaking hands. “I’m so sorry.” She whispers, uncovers her eyes and frantically searches as if I’m lost. “I’m right here!” I yell, waving my arms in her face. “Victor!” mother shouts. I open my mouth to reply but I choke. “Victor!” her voice seems so real. “VIC!” I open my eyes to find I’m being shaken awake thanks to my brother. Mike.
I wipe my eyes. Tears drape my face. Oh God, I had another night terror. “You were screaming about mom and I didn’t really know what to do,” He glances down at the old carpet with a worried sigh. “You should probably get ready, school starts in about thirty minutes and we have to meet up with Jaime and that weird turtle boy.” “O-okay.” I stutter. Mike leaves the room mumbling something I can’t hear under his breath. I sit up and slowly make my way to the closet. I take out my Johnny Cupcakes hoodie, black skinny jeans, and my black and white checkered Van’s slip ons. I stumble to the bathroom and turn my straightener on. While I wait for it to heat, I look at myself in the mirror. Dark grey bags hang under my eyes, which happen to be bloodshot from crying all night. I lift up the shirt I wore to bed over my small body and look at my stomach and fresh cuts and past scars up and down my arms. “Fat failure.” I grumble to myself while shaking my head. I straighten my girly-ass hair to perfection and change into the outfit I laid out. I brush my teeth and make my way down the hall to the kitchen. “Hey, you ready?” Mike asks with his keys in his hands. “Uh yeah.” I reply while swinging my black backpack over my shoulders. My brother glares at me “Did you eat?” I shuffle my feet nervously “Yeah” I lie. Mike’s eyebrows rise. “Alright.Whatever.” Obviously not convinced, he leads me out the door and we hop in his beat up truck to Jaime’s house.

Jonny’s P.O.V:

“Jonathon c’mon you’re gonna be late for your first day of school!” My mom yelps through our large home. I grumble and quickly change into a Blink-182 shirt, skinny ripped blue jeans, black Van’s classics, and a SD snapback to hide the mess my hair has become. I just moved into San Diego, California from North Dakota with my mom. Because my dad died she thought this would be a good way to forget about him. “Coming!” I call back. I grab my longboard and sling my red backpack over a shoulder, trotting down the stairs to eat breakfast. “Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you, honey?” Ugh she’s so annoying. “No thanks, ma’.” I pick up my shades and shove them on my face. I grab some toast my mom made and dash out the door. “Bye, baby! I love you! Be safe!” Oh my God. I turn around and give a simple wave. As I’m longboarding my way to school, a group consisting of four teenage boys in a car speed down my way. “Shit!” I peddle as fast as I can. The littlest looking one screams while telling the driver to ‘watch out’, putting his hands on the wheel. They swerve and I fall off my board, scraping my knee. I stand up and see that my wound isn’t too bad. I throw my board back down and dash off to the school parking lot, where the bell rings. “Dumbasses, it’s their entire fault.” I mumble aloud. I don’t even know where the office is. I pounce my board up and carry it around looking for anyone who looks qualified enough to show me around. I take in my surrounding of late students, I see a group of average ‘bullies’ enclosing a barrier around a short girl. Chanting insults at her. My eyebrows rise in concern, but I decide not to get involved. As I turn around I hear a loud smack and a racket of lockers. “Be the good guy, Jonny, for once in your life.” I whisper to myself. I turn back to see the kid I thought was a girl, was actually a guy. And well, I would be lying if I didn’t say he was damn cute. For a moment I watch, wondering what I can do to help this poor kid. A large student with a buzz cut pins his arms above his head roughly against the lockers. His buddies rout him on. “Why don’t you just do us a favor and kill yourself, huh?” “Faggot.” “That’s why his mom left! She didn’t want a fag for a son.” They all laugh hysterically. The short boy has his eyes locked on the ground. Why isn’t he fighting back? His mom left him? He tries to get his arms loose but the ass-wipe just tightens his grip on the boy’s wrist, making the victim yelp out in pain. “What’s wrong, baby? Can’t handle a little squeeze?” They all laugh in his face and the ‘leader’ of the group throws him on the ground, beginning to kick him in the stomach. Alright guess it’s time to step in. I strut up to the group like I fucking own this place and question “Yo, guys, the fuck you doing to this kid?” I gesture to the boy. “Uh,” The dude starts nervously “just having a lil’ fun, wanna join?” His foot is keeping the boy’s body against the ground. I look at his features and notice it’s the kid that practically saved my life. I think he noticed too considering his eyes widened right when I walked up. “This ‘fag’ you’re picking on saved me from getting ran over this morning. So I suggest you leave him the fuck alone.” I reply in a threatening tone. “Oh, I a- alright! Didn’t mean to mess with your boyfriend!” They all laugh and wander away to possibly get tardy slips.
“Hey kid, you okay?” I offer him a hand. He looks me in the eyes, staying on the ground. I can see the adorable, but hurt features on his face. “Why’d you help me?” He asks in a small voice. “Because, you saved my life.” I smirk. The corners of his mouth curl up a bit as he stares at his shoes. He looks me up and down before saying, “sorry about your knee.” Ugh his voice is so perfect. Okay wait, what the fuck, I’m straight why am I thinking this way? “Get it outta your head, Craig” I mumble to myself, accidently speaking aloud. “What was that?” He glances up with his innocent brown eyes. “I said it’s alright.” Nice save. “Oh okay.” He stands up and straightens out his attire. Maybe I should ask him where the office is considering I’m about fifteen minutes late, but I’m new I have an excuse.

Vic’s P.O.V:
I start to walk away, thanking this stranger, but as I turn around he puts a tight grip on my shoulder. I look up at him. He’s so tall. “Hey, uh?” “Vic.” I cut him off and he nods with a smug grin plastered on his face. “Alright, Vic, I’m new here and I need to go to the office to get my schedule and I just happen to not know where that is- Will you tell me how to get there?” So that’s why I didn’t recognize this guy. He’s pretty attractive, I wonder if he’d freak out if he knew I was gay. The thought makes me frown a little. I’ve lost my very few friends because of my sexuality. “Hello? You okay?” He pats my back, sending shivers down my spine. “Oh, sorry, I’m fine I just kind of spaced out.” I apologize. The stranger chuckles making my face burn pink in embarrassment. “I h-have to go to the office anyways for a tardy slip, so I can just take you with me.” I tell him while looking below at the cold school tile as if I found any interest in it. “Cool.” He responds and I lead him through the hall. My glare never leaves the floor. It’s a very awkwardly quiet walk and I can feel this guy’s eyes on me the whole time. I glance up at him, figuring I never got his name, I decide to ask “So, what’s your name?” I question quietly. He looks down smiling and says “Jonny”. Jonny… I like that. We arrive at the office and he reaches over my head, opening the door for me. Aww, what a gentleman. A blush creeps up my neck. “T-thanks” I stare at my shoes and he chuckles. I tilt my head up to look at him. “What?” He a smirk tugs at the corner of his lips. “You’re just… cute.” He whispered, letting out a chuckle under his breath.
Oh my God, oh my God, did he just.. Oh my GOD. My face is burning so bad right now I’m sure I look ridiculous. I bit my lip in thought as he walked up to Mrs. Chaton the French lady at the front desk, explaining how he ‘got lost’ and needed his schedule. I stand in the line for a tardy slip and carefully watch Jonny, looking at all of his handsome features. Some dick shoves me in line and says “Oh, so you like the new guy, huh gay boy?” He grins maniacally. I don’t say anything. I just look down at my feet until it’s my turn to be questioned on why I’m so late.

Jonny’s P.O.V:

“You’re just… cute.” Oh shit, why did I say that? What if I freak him out? Wait, I can make it sound like I’m joking. I chuckle lightly. His tanned cheeks burn bright red from my comment. That’s so adorable. I go up to the front desk and smirk when I feel his eyes on me the entire time until some asshole runs into him and whispers something, probably hurtful, into his ear. “hello, how may I help you today?” the lady asks with a French accent. “I’m new, so I need my schedule and I need to know where to go for classes.” I replied a tad bit annoyed. “Alright,” She shuffles around the papers on her massive desk and finally picks one out of the bunch. “There you go!” She hands me my schedule. I don’t bother thanking her, I hate being under higher authority. “Hmm,” The lady wonders aloud, “A student with good grades, knows his or her way around the school, every teacher loves h- Tony Perry” She snaps as if a light bulb went off in her head. I just nod my head. “Follow me.” She leads me to a nearby Geography class. Ugh, starting off at a new school in the middle of the year, junior year. This is gonna suck. The woman pears in the door and announces “May I please take Tony Perry away for a couple of moments?” A bunch of ‘ooo’s are spread throughout the class like a wildfire. I roll my eyes and a tall boy with long black hair, snakebites, a snapback and dark clothing wanders out of the room, scared he’s in trouble. He looks like an average emo quiet kid. He looks me up and down confused. Tony, here’s Jonathon’s schedule show him around, okay?” “Jonny.” I grumble. “Okay, Jonny.” Tony takes my schedule, "I’ll show you around.” He flashes me a reassuring smile.


Sorry if it sucks. >.< I ship them so hard. Watch<3: She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty- Live "Say hello victor." *Vic stands on his toes to reach the microphone* "..helloo."


I'm excited for this because Jonny Craig and Vic so cute lol.

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