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Kissing In Cars [ Vic Fuentes Fic ]

Chapter 2 - The Coffee Shop

Vic's POV The first thing I registered when I woke up was the pounding sensation in my skull. "Agh," I groaned, my hands clutching at my temples for a sense of relief. How drunk had I gotten last night? I slid off the leather couch of our living room - the boys and I shared a house. They were difficult to live with every now and then, but the rent got paid and we all got along. We were a team, after all - and wandered into the kitchen where the clock flashed 10:00am. I was the only one with a hangover, yet I was the first one up? I needed coffee and painkillers, those came first. I sluggishly moved toward the coffee pot, only to see two broken open, dangerous looking hot dogs soaking in the now lukewarm water. "Jaime..." I brought a hand to my head, pinching the bridge of my nose and dumping out the contents of the pot. He was the only one lazy enough to pull something like this. "You use. The stove. You use the stove." I repeated, though I knew Jaime was nowhere in sight. I set the glass pot, now charred at the bottom, in the dish washer before downing a glass of water and some painkillers. I took a seat at the counter, thinking back to last night: the breakup was the first thing that came to mind. "Brooke... ugh." I groaned, placing my head in my hands and laying my forehead against the counter. I still don't understand what I had done wrong. All I remember is her breaking it off, like she'd found someone better... And then I remembered Cara. My eyes shot open and I rose from my slouch, pulling out my phone and finding her number. I had no clue to what I was doing, or why I was calling her. I just wanted to hear her voice. On the fourth ring, the only voice I heard was the automated service telling me the number was either incorrect or disconnected. I tossed the phone to the counter and slumped my shoulders. Something in me was disappointed that she hadn't trusted me enough to give me her real number. On the other hand, I didn't blame her; I had been next to wasted, and, if I had been in her place, I wouldn't have given out my number to some stumbling drunk either. After several minutes I had almost dozed off on the counter. Blinking a few times and rubbing at my eyes, I headed upstairs to change my clothes and snatched my keys off the counter, scribbling a quick a note so they knew I didn't ditch again. Then, I hit the road to the farthest coffee shop I could find. Cara's POV Last night had been the first night in years that I had gotten a decent sleep. There had been no nightmares, no flashbacks, nothing. Instead I dreamt of... You know who. I don't know what it was, but I couldn't get Vic out of my head. Half of me wished I had given him my real number, but the sensible part of me said that he wouldn't have contacted me anyways. "Cara? Costumers!" Marie snapped at me, pulling me out of my thoughts. I straightened my green visor and shirt, dusting off my black jeans and approached the counter. I kept my head down and stared at the register, just like I always did with costumers. Lets just say a lot of college kids came in here, and I didn't like being recognized that much. "Welcome to Starbucks, what'll you have today?" I asked politely. A muffled, tired voice replied. "Large black coffee, please." I glanced up with a raised eyebrow, but the costumer was busy rubbing his hands against his face. "Rough night?" I asked with a chuckle. He seemed to drop his hands just as I turned to make his drink. "It started off pretty rough, but then I met this girl..." Something in his voice had changed, almost like recognition. Probably just another annoying college guy, I thought to myself. "I wanted to see her again, and thank her for not leaving me shitfaced in the street, but I guess she gave me the wrong number... Cara?" I froze, nearly dropping the cup of coffee on myself. Slowly I turned around, coming face to face with the familiar face of Vic Fuentes. "Vic-" He cut me off, pressing a finger to his lips and glancing around nervously. I covered my hand over my mouth, not noticing how loud my voice had been, and gave him an apologetic look. He looked... Better than he did last night, but not exactly up to being bombarded with teenage girls. "Sorry, just surprised to see you." I trailed off, sliding the coffee to him. He gave me a smile, a smile that stirred something inside me. "That'll be $4.50 -- actually, on the house." I shrugged, shutting the register tray. Why not? I did know him... Sort of. He smirked at me and pulled out his wallet anyways, pulling out a few bills. "How about... I pay, and you can uh, correct your phone number for me. You know, if you want to." He glanced up at me hopefully holding out the bills. I took them from his hand, our skin brushing once again. I pulled away quicker than I should have, setting the bills in the register and glancing up at him. "Deal." "V- V- VIC FUENTES?!" Marie nearly screeched from behind the counter. His head shot up, eyes wide as he tugged his hat down onto his head. "Oh god..." He muttered, a stressed look taking over his features. She began screaming, and, naturally, I slapped a hand over her mouth with a little more force than I should have. I wasn't fond of Marie, and as of right now, she was getting on my nerves. She groaned and shoved me off. "Shut. Up." I said through clenched teeth, letting go of her and glancing around the shoppe. A few people were staring at her strangely, while others were rising from their seat with wide eyes. "Come with me." Without another thought, I reached over the counter and grabbed his hand, hurrying toward the back room where he wouldn't be run over with teenage fans. I paused, snatching up the coffee cup and then leading him out of the room. The space was limited in the back considering it was packed with boxes of supplies and other junk we 'needed'. I could feel his breath just barely brush across my face; we were only about a foot apart after all. "Thank you," His dark brown eyes stared back at my blue. "I'm not exactly 100% right now. Still a little... hung over." Both of us laughed at this. His laugh was contagious, almost melodious. I soon found myself wanting to hear it more. "No need to thank me." I gave him a smile but he wouldn't accept my words. "No, I definitely need to thank you." Vic reached for my hand, and surprisingly, I didn't flinch away. There was something about him that made me feel safe. I let him interwtine his fingers with mine. "I probably would've gotten run over last night if you hadn't stayed with me," He cracked a smile. "So thank you." "I just did whatever any other decent person would do, really." But I knew that wasn't true. A lot of people in San Diego could be pretty sleazy; robbing, him, taking his pants, etc. But I simply disregarded it "Dont sell yourself short." His voice was soft, almost hypnotic as he reached forward and tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear. I could already feel the heat rising to my cheeks; I had only known him a few hours, but something in me stirred when he touched me. It wasn't something I was familiar with but I liked it all the same. He started to lean in closer. "About that phone number..." I began, breaking the silence between us. Something flashed in his eyes, it almost looked like disappointment, but it left as quick as it came. He reluctantly dropped his hand and straightened up to pull out his phone. I read my number off to him this time, my real number, and felt my phone vibrating in my pocket a few seconds later. "Hello?" I smirked at him, though I knew exactly who it was. "Just checking. What are you doing this Friday?" He grinned back. It was ridiculous that we were on the phone in the same exact room, hardly a foot away, but he seemed to find it amusing and so did I. "Hmm..." I pretended to think, as if I actually had plans. "Nothing... I think. Why?" "Come to our concert then." He grinned, ending the call. I dropped the phone back in my pocket; I had almost forgot that he was famous. He was so... relaxed and friendly. Definitely what I wouldn't have expected. "I definitely would but... Broke college kid and all." I joked, though I was actually serious. Most of my money went to savings and paying rent, and if I felt like eating, then food. "You think I'd invite you to a concert and then make you buy a ticket?" he laughed, pulling me a bit closer to him in the process. I couldn't help but smile back. "Just come, and let me know when you're there. I'll handle the rest." I gave him a strange look but nodded all the same, beginning to pull my hand away from his. "I should get back out there." I gestured to the shoppe, which seemed to have calmed down a little. Before I could completely pull my hand away I felt his warm hand squeeze my own. I tried my best to hide the blush creeping up on my cheeks. "I guess so..." He trailed off, slowly pulling his hand away. He seemed to pause, biting his lip as if he was debating something, and then engulfing me in a hug. I was startled to say the least, but at the same time I didn't want to pull away. My arms wound around him too, my hands gently playing with his hair. Usually I would never let a boy this close to me, but his arms around me felt right. They made me feel safe, even... No, I reprimanded myself. You've known him for a day, he didn't make you feel loved. "See you Friday." I was almost too caught up in his gaze to return his smile. A few hours later... "Of course I'll go!" Evelyn practically shouted at me. We were in my apartment, laying in ridiculous positions on the couch. Around Eve, I really didn't care what I looked like and neither did she. I flipped through the channels aimlessly as she babbled. "What about tickets? Aren't they going to be like, majorly expensive or something?" I glanced at her to see her short blonde hair bouncing with her. She looked like a kind on Christmas Day. "Ah... I'll handle it." I gave her a smile; I wasn't ready to tell her about meeting Vic. She was a pretty big fan of the band, and I wasn't a big fan of my best friend running around my apartment shrieking. "I didn't know you liked their music! I didn't even know you listened to them!" She voiced, talking animatedly with her hands flailing here and there. Truth be told, I had just listened to a few of their songs today. I used to listen to them a few years ago so I wasn't completely oblivious to the music, but it was definitely a blast from the past. A good one, at least. "Yeah, they're good." I grinned at her, though my mind was on Vic in the coffee shoppe today. The way he held my hand, the way he treated me... It was hard not to like him at least a little. "You're blushing. Why are you blushing?" Evelyn was now directly in front of me, practically bouncing on the cushion. "Spill everything." "It's nothing." I said sternly, though I couldn't help but laugh along with her. I gave her a playful shove on the shoulders and she fell back squealing as I relaxed back into the cushions to watch whatever was on TV. A few minutes into the movie, my phone buzzed beside me. Something inside of me jump started hoping it was Vic, but I was quickly let down when three different letters flashed across the screen instead. Why would Vic be calling me anyways? He was probably just being polite at the shoppe... It's not like he felt anything for me, right? Why would he? "Hi mom." I greeted. I loved my mom; she was practically the only person I trusted in this world besides Evelyn... and maybe Vic. I bit my lip at the thought of him. "Hi hon! How's college?" She went through her regular spiel; asking me about classes, about Eve, about the apartment. But I knew what was coming, and I knew why she was calling. "You know it's been four years..." She trailed off. Evelyn glanced at me from across the couch, worry in her eyes. I simply pursed my lips and turned my head. " I know mom, but we're gonna be okay. It's been four years, maybe he's changed..." Though I knew we both doubted that. My father had been in jail for four years now, for actions that haunted me in my sleep to this very day. You see, he has -- had, an alcohol issue, which is part of the reason my family is now recovering from financial instability. Sometimes I wished all that alcohol had killed him. When we really had really begun to run out of cash, he got aggressive. I was sixteen at the time, so it was difficult for me to escape. He became abusive and to this day I had the scars to prove it. I remember the awful nights he'd hit my mother and I. That house was a living hell for me. He nearly forced my mother into prostitution as a way to get money in his pocket, threatening her that he would rape me, and maybe even kill me if she didn't comply. That night I had called the cops and they took him into custody almost immediately. His time should have been a lot longer, this I knew. The judge mentioned 15 years at the hearing but for whatever reason he was given 5. Something told me he had someone working on the inside, but we could never be sure. "And we have almost a year left..." I tried to reassure her, but even if I couldn't see her, I could tell my mother was nervous. "I love you mom. We'll be okay, I promise." We said our goodbyes and I tossed my phone onto the couch, placing my hands on the side of my head. Evelyn eyed me for a moment before turning back to the TV. She knew better than to question me, and she didn't even have to. Eve knew all too well what had happened. I had stayed nights at her house crying after that. She really was the greatest friend you could have. The doorbell rang, startling me out of my thoughts. Before the word could even leave my mouth, my stomach growled and Evelyn launched herself off the couch, dashing to the door and calling out my thoughts. "FOOD." she hollered, "thank god, I'm starving." I heard her mutter as she opened the door and retrieved our food. She skipped back into the living room with an army's worth of white boxes, one of which I quickly cracked open and stuffed my face with. If there was one thing that could get my mind off of the bad, it was Chinese food. - - - -

sooo since i already have this story finished off i'll update every few days or week just to torture u guys bc i suck B) love u




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