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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 8

*beths pov*

It turns out, the best way to get me awake, is to physically roll myself out of bed. I know this as for the past week and a half; I’ve had to wake up for 6 o clock to let Vic in. Vic, is Anna and Freddie’s babysitter, Paul and Jane left back to their usual work routines, thus leaving me to get up to let Vic in. he’s cool though and we are surprisingly close, there was only a year age difference and he’s just awesome, he likes the same music as me which is always a good sign as we fangirl over bands like BMTH and Asking Alexandria all the time. It’s nice that even though he’s not the manliest guy I’ve met he’s easy to get on with and seems trustworthy. He’s open too, like me. Once I’m comfortable with someone they better be prepared as I stop putting more than the things I sleep in on to answer the door to him. And he’s pretty open about things too, if my hair looks shit he will tell me to go do it properly, not mean or anything just being a friend and telling me my hair looks like shit. He gets my sarcasm too which is something I didn’t expect to happen for a while as I practically speak sarcasm and no one ever knows if its sarcasm or not.
It was 5:55am and I wanted to shoot myself in the face as I found my way downstairs, turning on the outside light as it was still dark and grabbing him a coke out the fridge as he hates things too cold. I then stair at the mirror while I try and dig some of the sleep out my eyes, just making them hate me even more for waking up at stupid-o-clock. I’ll be back in bed soon, I smiled at the thought. Vic knows not to try and talk to be before 10 because I can’t function, he’s threatened to film me one day and if he does I will shove his phone or whatever he uses so far up his arse-
My angry thoughts were interrupted by a way to brisk and happy knock for six in the morning. As I trudged to the door to unlock it, let him in then lock it again, hearing a quick thanks from him as I marched upstairs back to my bed, my baby, and falling into a peaceful sleep.


I awoke to the calming voice of Vic, telling me to wake up and handing me a cup of tea. I sat up slowly, holding onto my red Christmas mug. I don’t care if its august, it’s my tea mug and tea fits any time of year (hello, I’m British). I held my tea in both hands as Vic settled onto the end of my bed, he again, we are ridiculously comfortable with each other and he knows he can talk to me now its nearly midday.

“How’s the tea?” he asked me

“Tea is good Vic, after I taught you how to make it anyway”

“oh shut up, how am I supposed to know you’ve got OCD with how you like your tea!”

“It’s not OCD Vic, I just like it a certain way”

“Whatever, what are you doing today?”

“Probably the same as yesterday sit somewhere, read, drink tea. How about you?”

“I’ve got to look after ‘the brats’ till about nine today” he grumbled as I giggled. He started to use my nickname of ‘the brats’ when I meant Freddie and Anna.

“Well, Anna’s going to a friend’s house at about 6, then you’re just stuck with me and Fred” i tried to cheer him up a little

“Oh lord, not you!” he smiled, however it faded too quickly

“What did you have to cancel this time?” he usually has plans for when he finishes up here, but when they have to work late he has to stay late, ruining his plans. He tries not to let it show how much it pisses him off.

“Nothing, well nothing important”

“it wouldn’t be planned if it wasn’t important”

“ugh, I was supposed to be meeting up for a jam session with a couple of mates” I’d heard about his want to be in a band and he even had one. Him having to miss his ‘jam sessions’ kinda pissed me off too in a way.

“What time you supposed to meet them”

“About half 7 why?”

“Okay, you’re going; I can look after Freddie for a couple hours.”

“I’m not letting you do that, it’s my job after all”

“Your 18 Vic, go have fun, see your friends. You sound like a 40 year old man!”

“I can’t just leave Beth, what will Paul and Jane think, and I need the money”

“You’re going vic. I will throw you out the house at seven so you can get wherever for half past. Just get back for nine so you can collect your money. And I will look after Fred, okay” I could see him wanting to agree so bad so I simply added “live a little Vic”

Vic answered me with a hug. I love his hugs I have to admit, there just awesome they really are, they make you feel all warm and cozy and wanted, ya know like when someone hugs you and you could stay there forever, his hugs are like that.

“Thank you so much, your awesome you know that right?” he can’t keep his little cheesy grin of his face bless him

“Nah, I give you a break, everyone needs a break sometimes, and shouldn’t you go tell the guys practice is back on?”

“Actually” grabbing his phone “that is a good idea, I’ll see you downstairs then” walking out of my room with his phone held to his ear.

*vics pov*

Its seven o clock, which is when I’m supposed to be leaving for practice. It’s not that I don’t want to go, I just can’t help but think about all the bad things that could happen. What if their back early? Or how am I supposed to cover the fact I’ve been sweating my ass off for the past couple hours? I don’t think I should go, what if Paul and Jane find out and they stop hiring me and my mum, oh god, what if I ruin my mum’s chance? She loves these kids and I’m sure she would love Beth too.

My thoughts were interrupted by a car horn just outside the driveway, I could just tell mike that I’m not going, and I mean it would piss him off but he’d get over it. And Beth is in the shower so she won’t know until it’s to-

“Vic, I was being serious when I said I will carry you outside” a voice came from behind me. I turned to face a dripping wet Beth in nothing but a pink towel, mascara and eyeliner still stuck under her eyelids and her face slightly pink from the heat of the shower. “Vic, go” I could hear mike now knocking on the door.

“Thanks again,” walking down the stairs

“Just remember to be back before nine, and have fun!” she finished before I closed the door and faced mike. His tall slender frame towered mine yet I was older, no one guesses that though.

“You ready?” he asked me, practically jumping up and down

“Let’s fucking go!” as we practically ran to the car to meet tony and Jaime.


so i think this is long enough, i dont think there will be any more up till sunday.
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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

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I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

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Please update

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