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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 29

*beths pov*

The memory from that night made me laugh outloud, causing Tony to turn and look at me, a puzzling glare in his deep brown eyes.

"What?" He asked a small smile playing in his lips.

"Remember that time in the ally?" I laughed slightly.

"Yeah, oh god!" Tony laughed

"Those were the days" I faked a
nostalgic tone while looking into the distance

"God Beth" tony laughed "what are you?"

"I don't quite know, but when I figure it out you'll be the first I tell"

Tony smiled lazily before turning to lean against the bike that I as still sitting on, however had both of my legs on one side and was sitting sideways. He looked at the building for a minuet before rummaging around in his pocket, to be takes aback when he finally retrieved what he was looking for. In his hand was a white box full of cigarettes. He placed one in his mouth before putting the packet in his pocket and lit the end, taking quite big drags.

"When did you start smoking?" I asked before I realised I spoke.

"After England" he replied, although he seemed distant.

"Twos me?" I asked cheekily

Tony looked at the fag before taking one last drag before handing the last half up to me on the bike.

"Thank you tone-bone" I chanted in a sweet sing song voice, as I wasn't expecting him to share.

He just nodded his head before facing the building, as I looked up at the clear blue sky, getting lost in its stillness.

I re-directed my attention to the cigarette in my hand and finished it, throwing the end onto the floor by Tonys feet, this seemed to wake him up from his thoughts as he stood on it before giving me an unnecessary hand off the bike.

Walking through the building I only walked through about a week ago seemed strange, it was still gloomy and dark, although now with natural light pouring though the windows it gave a clearer view of the place. Tony led me through the narrow corridor that opened into a big commuting room, filled with tables and chairs, with the occasional ashtray dotted on tables and windowsills.

"It looks like a pub" I muttered to myself

"That's because it is, or was anyway" someone said next to me. I turned to face her and was greeted with a tall ish blonde haired girl who looked about my age. Her hair was cut so a fringe fell over her right eye, much like mine. Her skin was quite pale, especially for the clear American accent she held.

"Poppy by the way" I think she may have noticed that I'm new.

"Beth" I simply said as I held out my hand for her to shake, which she took.

"Like Tonys Beth?" Poppy asked confused.

"Erm, I might be Tonys Beth, why?" Now I'm confused.

"Oh, because he has been going on about us meeting a Beth for ages'

"Well, that might be me then, I don't know any other Beth's that know tony" I confirmed.

That was the moment tony walked back over from wherever he had left me.

"so you've met poppy?" He asked


"She's good, you wouldent want to piss poppy off," tony lent in and smiled slightly "especially when she's drunk" he whispered then laughed as poppy slapped him playfully in the arm

"Fuck off no I'm not!" She shouted while me and tony just laughed.

"Anyway" tony commented while he placed an arm over my shoulder "were off to talk to more people in our circle" he said as he walked us away.

You may be wandering what circles are, and well they Arnt easy to explain.

The Global organisation is a worldwide drug smuggling company to put it simply, but so secret and underground and well organised that many just pass it off as gangs, or the blame shifted to smaller smugglers. However because of the way the company has grown lots of workers are needed, these- or us are found in small groups, or circles. Now these circles are found everywhere, and I mean everywhere, a village or a decent size will home one, however towns or cities can hold up to three or four circles to cope with the high demand of customers. Of course there are exceptions, the town I lived in only had one, but it was rather big and because of the high success rates no one has been sent to sort us out. To break it down lots if little circles (or gangs), that work for one big organisation.

Then there's me, some people think I'm some amazing person, and others think I am a heartless bitch- because I rank high in the order. The order are the founders of the organisation and they work out the money income and ranks for the top workers and the deaths of, anyone really. The 'leaderboard' holds the 'best' employees as it were, and I'm the youngest to rank anywhere on the board. Because of the whole ranking thing, I am put on easy dealings if they really need help and I'm put into the hard ones because of the heartless bitch thing, its well knows that I have/ will do some heartless things because you simply can't take a minuet in this business to feel sorry for the others, you have to mind your own back as first priority, second is your circle, if you all make it out alive you go home and party, if you don't you go home, have a drink and remember them while letting the police deal with it.

Not everyone is out tackling the actual trading or anything else we do, others stay in an office all day. In every circle there is a leader, in the one over here it's tony, back home it was Harry, this leader is the one you don't mess with in the group, they manage the paperwork, numbers, pay cheques and most importantly who goes on what job. I've covered for Harry once back home and it was the worst week of my life, sorting through papers and sitting behind desks instead of doing shit, but some were built for it, although tony can fight, he can't cope with the underlying gilt of what he did to said person.

Saying this makes us sound like murders some are. Me? I'm not, it's the one thing I'm not letting myself do, I could never forgive or convince myself that that had it coming for them, u just couldn't.

Jobs are the most dangerous part of the business, they can vary from various drug transitions to raids to well, anything. Every job could be your last job and everyone involved knows it, that's why we are some of the most seemingly grateful and care free people, we understand what it is like to either be on the brink of death or go into something your know you may not know if your going to come out off.

You also might wander where Police are while this is going on. Well police Arnt really a big deal either, the organisation doesn't only take in gangs as that amount of experience would make it go to pot, they employ tactfully: police officers, fire departments, paramedics and people high up in court are favourites, if something happens that the police has to get involved in, they usually know us or work for us but because of the high authority no one questions their judgement, granted they have to arrest you if something happens so no one else gets suspicious but nine times out if ten nothing really happens


so this has taken forever, i had near enough finished the chapter about a week ago but it got deleted and i think i could have smashed by laptop, but i didnt and its here now.

let me know what you think below, good or bad.

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have a nice week(end)


I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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