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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 27

*beths pov*

I stood outside the front door, just tinkering around on my phone for a few minuets while I waited for tony to hurry up only to be blessed with the little thing bursting- nearly falling through the door, knocking me slightly. I just rolled my eyes and followed him down the drive expecting to see a car or him to tell me we have to walk, which I don't quite fancy. He instead, led me to a bulky black motorbike, perfectly intact, shiny and well kept. The whole thing was black, apart from a small sticker on the side, reading 'ninja'. I couldn't believe it. how did tony get his hands on such a beautiful thing? I thought, because for a brief moment I forgot what we do, I forgot how we make our money. But I remembered, I always remember, eating at the back of my mind.

"You do remember how dangerous it is, right?" the question left my lips before i could stop them.

"What?" he replied genuinely confused

"You and Jaime, you do realize how dangerous it is?"

He sighed deeply, as if he let go of a breath he had been holding fir a while, maybe he had, god knows with him. "Yes" he replied after a while.

Tony was stood one side of the bike and I was stood on the other, he was looking past me it would seem. I placed one of my hands on his forearm, which was resting on the bike, bringing his attention back to me. I saw how hurt his eyes were, behind all his smiles and quietness he has lost so many people in his time. "You've just lost so much, I don't want you to loose anyone else"

He looked me straight in the eye, however they were slightly glassy and he took a moment again before speaking, "I know, but he really is different, I don't know to to explain"

"I can see it, I can see the way you look at him, but you put the both of you in so much danger." I lent over slightly, and lowered my voice slightly "You could get both of you killed if your not careful"

Tony didn't say anything but I knew I had crossed a line I didn't know was there. Like he normally does, he straightened up tilting his head straight so he was looking over me completely. I saw his chest rising and falling rather rapidly as if trying to calm himself before saying or doing anything else, which I appreciate as I don't want to be on the receiving end of his anger. "I appreciate your concern, but you know well enough I can handle myself" His voice came out deep and commanding.

"Yes sir, sorry" I paused before deciding to change the subject. "So, shall we get me home because I need to change and stuff"

Tony just nodded and pulled a helmet I wasn't aware he had onto his head and climbed onto the bike then looked at me as I clambered onto the bike and placing my hands around his waist so I don't fall off in the process of getting me home. I didn't even bother asking of he had another helmet because I knew he only keeps one near him and I hate them anyway, I like feeling the wind in my face. Tony turned around to see if I was settled and ready, so I gave him a small smile and a nod, leaving him to turn around and hearing the bike roar to life, letting us glide swiftly back to my house.

*tonys pov*

I understand what Beth is trying to tell me, that what I'm doing with Jaime is dangerous but that doesn't stop me wanting to be with him every second I'm not, I swear its a problem. During the ride back to hears I had some time to think about the situation. As a rule we are not supposed to have relationships out of the circle but that hasn't stopped people. There again there are so many risks. He could be used as a bargaining chip, bribery, taken, killed, the lying would kill me in the end I think, lying to someone so close to my heart. I felt a weight on my right shoulder, I lifted my helmet off my face and turned to see Beth hovering near the bike, clearly noticing she has interrupted the argument in my head. She smiled slightly, she always was so much different from everyone I have met. I don't just mean her skills or looks but the way she acts, especially around her friends like she would happily die to get one of her friends out of trouble or stop everything to help someone. I have never been able to put my finger on it though,

She stopped the thought train by speaking, "I'm going inside to get ready, you coming?" she asked before rubbing her eyes roughly.

"Yeah," I replied before getting off my bike and following inside as she shouted to see if anyone was in, apparently not.

"How long have I got?" she asked me standing at the foot of the stairs

I checked my phone, when they called before we left we had re-arranged for mid-day and my phone was showing 11:33, I frowned before answering "We have got to be there for twelve and its half past, it takes about five minuets so about twenty to twenty-five minuets?" it sounded more like a question, I know that would be a push for me and I don't have to put make up on and such.

She just swore a lot before letting me know that he could chill wherever and she's got to get a wriggle on or we would be late. I nodded and walked into the living room and sitting down to go through Facebook and stuff while I waited.

Without fail, twenty minuets later Beth appeared at the bottom of the stairs and was pulling on her shoes and sliding her phone into her jeans pocket. I got up off the sofa to join her in the hall, clearly nothing amazingly spectacular had happened, her hair was straight like it normally was, slightly less eyeliner was on her eyelids however she still looked good, she had on some acid-washed grey-blue color jeans on and a grey jumper with a black design of iron-man on the front. I looked up when she had finished lacing her converse and then something struck me different about her face.

"Glasses?" I asked more in shock. I looked closer at the glasses that actually looks similar to my own, thick black resting on her nose.

"Yeah, I slept in my contacts and my eyes don't like me much this morning" she laughed slightly before moving them slightly.

I smiled at the remark "They suit you" I don't think she gets complemented enough, maybe that's it?

She smiled before looking down at the floor, "Don't get used to them Perry, I doubt you will seem them again" she stated

"How come?"

"These" she moved them on her nose again "Only come out in emergency's and on Sundays" she told me

"Sundays?" I asked confused

"Sundays are my chill days, I cant be arsed with shoving things in my eyes when its only really me in the house or I'm in my room. I don't see people on Sundays" she explained.

"Oh right, well I think you should break them out more often" I joked, the tension from when I snapped earlier was gone now leaving us happy and smiling again. Instead of answering she just stepped outside and waited for me to follow suit, locking the door after her.


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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

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I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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