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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 24

*beths pov*

Shit they were good. On a scale of one to ten, they were a solid eleven and a half good. Jaime and Tony were jumping up and down like mad things playing various notes on their instruments as vic's voice rang out, bouncing off the walls surrounding me as he too plucked at the strings on his guitar. Then my eyes fell on mike, who's arms were flailing around, hitting various drums of different sizes and shapes while his legs bounced up and down. If he weren't behind a drum kit he would probably look like he was having a seizure.

My phone vibrated and I saw Harriet had snapchatted me back, her and her boyfriend messing around making videos. I decided to take a video of the guys practicing, me moving my head slightly to the beat before switching the camera showing the four boys having a blast. Captioning it 'you jelly?' And smiling before I sent it.

I got a reply almost instantly, her pulling a shocked face. 'Is that tony?' I took a sneaky one of tony before adding 'yeah' on top and sending it. My phone vibrated again however showing a iMessage from her.

Tony perry?

Yeah, tony perry. Our tony perry!

When did he get hot?

He was always hot.

No he wasn't.

Yes he was, but now he's downright fuckable, I mean Dayyum.

Woman! But yeah i would let him do things to me any day!;)))

Child you have James, and anyway he is gay ffs

Really! He told you he's gay? No way!!

No, but I can see it. Did you see the guy with spiky hair? He has his eyes on him

I think my phone vibrated again but everyone has stopped and they were packing up, tony joining me on the floor mike and vic talking about pizza and Jaime went to the toilet I think.


I took a sip from my coke as we all talked about various stuff in the middle of the boys' garage, guitar picks and drumsticks scattered everywhere, posters falling off the walls and by the looks of things no one was going to fix it.

"So Beth, what do you miss most about England" Jaime asked from next to me in the small circle around some pizza boxes.

"Erm my friends, mainly my friends oh and baby!" I smiled remembering her.

"Wait you have a baby?" Mike exclaimed while Jaime choked on his mouthful of pizza.

"No I said baby not my baby. My longboard, I named my longboard baby" I explained to the confused boys.

"Why?" Tony spoke up.

"Because she was my baby. I loves her to bits- still do" I laughed.

"What did you do with her in the end then?" Vic asked me.

"Gave her to my best friends boyfriend, I don't trust anyone else with it to be fair"

The boys all nodded and I looked back down at my phone which was vibrating, the screen saying that one of my best boy friends was trying to FaceTime me.

I swiped the answer button and listened to hear one of my best friends nearly crying.

"It's matt" was all I could hear before he broke down completely.

I looked over to vic and held the phone away so ton couldn't hear me whispering. "Hey" I asked "is there somewhere I can go?" Vic looked at my phone and pointed to a door I had never noticed, probably because it was covered in posters much like the walls.

"What have I told you about piercing the veil Tom?" I told him before I even got out the door.

*mikes pov*

I watched Beth walk out, getting a lovely view of her ass as she stepped over the pizza which she had not touched.

"Hey vic, did you just hear her?" I got vic's attention.

"Erm no why?" He looked confused

"Well you know we are looking for a band name?" I asked everyone. And was greeted with nods from everyone so I carried on. "How about pierce the veil?" I liked it. It has a cool ring to it y'know?

"What does it mean?" Jaime asked

"No idea but I just heard Beth say it to her friend and it sounds cool"

"We can ask her about it when she gets back"

We fell into another quiet, a tired comfortable quiet, tony was staring into space and Jaime was staring at tony- I swear they have a thing going on. Vic was looking at the wall flicking his guitar pic over his fingers and I was watching everyone else do this. People might thing that I sit around half stoned all the time not taking anything in and that is true, well the first part is anyway. I am half stoned most of the time but I always notice people, I noticed when Beth hasn't eaton all day and the way her eyes longed for the hot pizza however she refused it every time we asked. I notice when Beth and tony look at each other, almost having a conversation without words. Actually Beth's been gone for a whole now, at least three quarters of an hour. I think I'm going to go and check on her, god knows what she can get up to.

I walked out into the cool night air, brining my topless self out on goosebumps and I could hear a muffled voice coming from the top of the tree in out back garden. How did she get up there?

"No Tom, I'm sick of this. I hate seeing or hearing you like this. Just leave him, meet him dump him and delete him from your life. He doesn't deserve you in your life delete him everywhere and you will feel a whole lot better"

Wow, she's been talking to him the whole time, I was still walking closer to the tree though.

"No nononono stop it no. I will call James if I have to, I'm not letting him hurt you anymore. I knew he was hitting you! I knew it. I don't care now break up with him, just leave him please I can't stand you like this"

I was directly under the tree when something came hurtling my way, I caught it and it was Beth's phone. Why did she throw it out the tree?

"Hey Beth? You alright?"

"Yeah mike, perfect. Just found out one of my best friends being beat up by his boyfriend and he won't do anything to stop it." She sounded so hurt.

"Why don't you come down and talk to me, properly?" I asked

"Yeah that's another problem"

"What, listen come down and talk to me about this"

"Yeah I can't"

"Can't what" jeez it's like extracting teeth with her.

"I CANT BLOODY GET DOWN!" She screamed at me

"Okay, how are you even up there?"

"I don't know, I was angry adrenalin I guess I don't know but I can't get down."

Then I laughed, I laughed so hard I was nearly crying Beth could hear me bit I couldn't stop, it was brilliant. Beth who is scared of nothing is stuck up a tree.

"Not helping Michael" she called down to me.

*beths pov*

Okay why the fuck is it ever a good idea to clim a tree, never. Beth you can't clime how and why are you up here. You can't get down Beth. Your fucked. Was all that was going through my head, I'm stool up a bloody tree! Mikes laughing at me and I'm so angry I could stab someone.

I saw a bright light shining at me, a torch?

"Okay," I hear mike call to me "stand up and turn to face the tree" he ordered me.

"Mike no"

"Why not"

"I'm scared" I whispered.

"what? Didn't catch that."

"I said I'm scared mike, I'm really scared" god I sound like a pussy.

"okay I know your scared bit you have to do this. If you fall I will catch you but you won't because your awesome okay. Now stand up" I smiled and gathered my shaky legs.

"Now, this is tricky, put your left foot down slightly you should feel a groove," he paused "you got it?"

"Yeh I got it"

"Move your left foot left and there will be a ridge, put your foot on there and put your right in the ridge you just felt with your left."

I didn't move an inch.

"Your not moving! You have to move Beth!"

I still didn't move.

"I know your scared bit you have to trust me."

"Trust doesn't come easy to me mike" I said even though he wasn't supposed to hear it.

"Believe in me then, don't trite me but believe me you can do this"

"But what if I fall?" I whined trying to buy some time of not moving.

"I'll catch you" he told me simply. I wanted to believe him I really did.

I gripped into the hard bark, and moved my left foot along until I found the ridge, I could hear mike cheering me on and my own ragged breathing to match the heart beat I'm my ears. I moved my hands to get a better grip when I felt it. I felt a scurry of eight tiny legs run across both my hands. If there is one thing I hate more than being stuck, is spiders.

I screamed and let go. The last thing I heard was mike cursing to himself before everything went black.


so this is up on time, think i deserve a tiny bit of praise:) loljk

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ps, last chapter is edited better just so you know


I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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