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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

Chapter 22

*Beths pov*

"Mike?!" What the fuck is he doing here? Shit how much of that did he see? Fuck I'm screwed. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked rather shocked as I picked myself up off Mike and into my feet, holding out a hand to help Mike up.

"Well" Mike started once he was off the floor" I was actually coming here, to meet him" He nodded his head to the passed out Man still slumped against the wall "To do that but not looking nearly as good as you did" He winked at me.

I was was about to start walking out of the ally when a sudden sharp pain in my lower back stopped me, causing me to stumble against the wall.

"You alright?" Mikes concerned voice called from behind me.

"Perfect, absolutely brilliant Mike. What do you think?" Sarcasm dripping from my words.

I could picture Mike rolling his eyes at me before I felt a strong slender arm wrap around my waist, supporting my back as we began to slowly walk again. Me putting a lot of my weight onto Mike however after a few minuets of walking the pain had subsided completely and I was walking normally again, Mike however refused to remove his arm from my waist.

"You do know my back doesn't hurt anymore." I asked him after a while if walking in silence

"I guessed that but I like my arm there" He smiled at me and I just shook my head. He is impossible

Mike smiled even brighter at me, exposing his pearly straight teeth before throwing his head back and laughing, full on uncontrollable laughing. We had to stop as he moved his hand from my waist so he could calm down, me just looking at this man who was drunk on laughter. After a minuet or so he had calmed down enough t out his arm back around my waist and we began walking to his house, however random giggles still crept their way out of his pink lips.

"Mike, what's so funny?" I asked him after he was calmer.

"You" He told me before he giggled again "Your just awesome. You just beat the biggest bad-ass on the Clark's estate into a bloody pulp, all for someone you don't even know. Easily the best thing I've seen all week" He laughed again before moving the arm around my waist to drape across my shoulders.

"I don't see how it was so great, I mean he could blearily fight, I could have done worse with my hands tied behind my back. Plus he deserved it, no one has the right to do that to anyone and I think he might think twice before doing it again" I explained calmly

"It was still epic, I've never seen someone so angry!"

"Your way to exited about this Mike. My friends back home actually think I have anger issues". I laughed a bit

"hmm I wonder why?" Mike asked all sarcastic

"shh you, but don't tell anyone. The last think I need is the only people round here I know scared of me"

"I won't tell anyone, I don't think anyone was supposed to know about that but I only went to make sure you got there okay, oh if Molly asks I met some friends" Does Molly really not trust him?

"Tut tut Mikey, lying to your girlfriend" I smirked but Mike looked rather un-impressed like I would tell her so I carried on "Okay whatever, you walked past me with three or four guys about half past six" Mike just nodded at me.

We turned into mikes driveway when Mike stopped in front of the door, I looked up at him expectantly.

"You've got, erm your..." Mike trailed off before pointing to his own collarbone.

I put my hand around about where he was gesturing on my collarbone, my fingers coming across something wet and sticky, I looked at my fingers after a moment. That bastard.

"You can use the bathroom of you want, I'll show you then we can actually get to practice" Mike started.

"That would be ideal, thanks Mike" I smiled as we walked in.

His house was warm and bright. It was very basic, cream walls and white doors and very open planned however very lived-in and homely. They had framed pictures of the family and I guess things the brothers had own and things pinned up on the walls. We slipped our shoes off and I hung my jacket up before following Mike up the stairs, where more family photos were pinned on the walls.

"Bathrooms here" Mike told me stopping in front of a door "I'll be down stairs when your done"

"Thanks" was all I could say before he disappeared down the stairs and I was left to clean myself up.

I've cleaned myself up from much worse than this more times than I bother to count, all you need is hot water. I let the hot tap heat up while I searched for a flannel which I found in a cupboard which also stored towels. I wet the flannel in the hot water and started cleaning the only major cut on my body, turns out after all the scrunching it was just a scratch. I've done worse to myself. I dried off my collarbone and wiped my lip and chin where it had bled. I wonder if they have any lip balm? I had a quick nosey through the draws located under the sink finding a Chapstick in a draw of random crap, I quickly ran some over my lips. I sighed as I turned round to examine my bare shoulders, seeing little red scrapes and cuts which I can't do anything about before exiting the bathroom and running into another hard chest.

I looked up to see Tony's soft brown eyes looking down at me.

"Sorry Tone, didn't see you there" I laughed

"Nah it's cool. Quick question why are you here?" He asked as I took a step back to actually see him

" Mike invited me to see you guys practice" I explained

His eyes widened slightly before asking in a voice I didn't recognize "Molly's not here is she?"

"No, why would she be?"

"Well" He seemed to be thinking " You know what, it doesn't matter"

" Oh okay"

I saw saw Tony think more, the I saw his eyes change. I don't think I will ever get bored of this boy change into the snake he is when he is with us and when he's not it is so interesting I could watch it forever. His eyes got darker and even his voice deeper, his posture change and his muscles tense. I knew what this was about and I cought myself changing, my back straightened, head tilted upwards, my shoulders would straighten and apparently my eyes become darker and my voice changes. I only know this from when Harriet told me, she even filmed me getting a brief once and it kind of scared me in a way, it's like not even me.

"The guys want to see you again" Tony's voice dripped with authority

" really? Didn't think you would want me after last time"

He laughed a dry laugh "you gave me a boner, it won't be the first time and probably won't be the last"

"meh, so what time am I actually meeting people?"

"I'll pick you up at like 10 maybe?"

"Sounds like a plan"

Our conversation ion was cut short by Vic shouting up to us to stop fucking and get our asses downstairs. I rolled my eyes before walking down, Tony following me. Vic, Mike and Jaime were waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey Beth, tony getting a bit rough for you?" Jaime asked all exited gesturing to the fist shaped mark on my jaw

"No! She got into a fight with Austin Carlile it was fucking awesome oh my lord!" Mike exclaimed literally jumping up and down on the spot.

"Mike! Shut the fuck up!" I told him however was ignored as He was questioned about it.

I just rolled my eyes and let Mike show off the pictures he apparently took. I need to delete those.

"Just don't tell anyone, that's the last think I need. Especially because I'm supposed to not get into any trouble" I asked looking at Mike in particular.

Everyone agreed and I followed the rest of the guys into the garage where guitars, microphones and a drum kit were already set up. I took a seat on the floor opposite the set up and watched as Tony went to a plain black guitar, Jaime behind a white bass and stood behind a mic, Vic grabbed a white guitar and stood behind a mic and of coarse Mike got behind the drums. Mike just got ten times hotter.


So this is kinda short and kinda shitty but It needs happen.

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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

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