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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 17

*Beth's pov*

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, probably my favorite harry potter film of all time came on the T.V and of course I about had a heart attack. There's mike, just casually flicking through the channels making small talk and I have a fit over a film I've seen a thousand times. God, he probably thinks your mental.

I turned to face mike who was looking at me like I was a headcase, a small smile playing on his lips.

"So you like Happy Potter?"

"Yes I like harry potter, don't judge me!." I giggled. He must think I'm a maniac.

"Hey, I'm not judging, I love Harry Potter."

"Really?" I questioned raising an eyebrow.

Instead of answering me he simply held up his right hand, on which he had the Deathly Hallows sign tattooed on the palm. Without thinking I grabbed his hand and held it close to my face, examining the piece of work that will forever be on his hand.

"Is this real?" I must sound so thick.

"No, its Sharipe." he replied with a sarcastic eye roll.

"That's so cool!" I giggled.

"You don't seem like the type of girl who likes Harry Potter."

"Neither do you."

"Are you calling me a girl?" Mike caught onto my joke.


"You little shit!" He laughed as he grabbed his hand back, his smile never leaving his lips.

I didn't even realize i was holding his hand until he took it out of my grasp, now my hands felt empty and cold.

"So, is this your favorite film?"

"What gave it away?"

"Well that happens every time any Harry Potter comes on."

"That's the only one I do it for Goblet Of Fire, it's easily my favorite out of the lot."

"Why is that?"

"Its kind of when Harry realizes that shit's going down and he really is in danger, plus it has a really good plot. How about you?"

"Philosopher's Stone for me."

"Why is that?"

"Its where everything begins." He answered simply.

"Hmm, makes sense."

*mikes pov*

It really is interesting watching Beth watch the film, watching her put all of her concentration into this one thing is just interesting. I know I could be watching my favorite film series but watching Beth is much more interesting- I sound like a stalker.

Seeing her change around different people is interesting too, seeing how she goes from confidant and hyper with her friends, suddenly to sarcastic and witty but when I was about to faint, she went into what I call mother mode you know when mothers will do anything to make you feel better. I wonder where she got that trait from?

I could hear Beth talking to me, or more I could hear her voice but nothing made any sense at all.

"Mike! Mike wake up! MICHAEL WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Wait, I'm asleep?

Before I could even try and move let alone open my eyes, my face colliding with something very hard. I rolled onto my back and opened my eyes slightly, seeing Beth looming over me trying not to laugh. I could defiantly get used to that when you wake up.

Michael you have a girlfriend, get your shit together!

I was taken from my thoughts once again by Beth's laughter.

"It's not funny." I grumbled with my arm shielding my eyes from the sun.

"Oh but it is." I could still hear her laughter going into the kitchen.

I just groaned and crawled over to the sideboard to help me heave my body off the floor. I grabbed the top, but instead of grabbing wood, I felt cool leather. What are you? I grabbed it off the top and sat back on the floor. Just looks like a phone book or photo album, I was about to put it back when I noticed a name on the front 'Bethany Wright' hmm, now I'm intrigued.

I sat leaning against the wall as I opened the first page and was greeted with pictures of a young ish looking girl with lots of nearly black frizzy hair, smiling up at the camera. Although it was fucking adorable I couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Mike, you alright?" Shit she heard me.

"Yeah I'm good." I said trying to make my voice seem as normal as possible.

I continued to flip until I came across some more recent ones, clearly taken at parties or with a big group of friends. There were quite a few with her and a girl about her age with very long dark brown hair and very hark brown eyes, much like my own. The photos were silly and a couple where they were trying to look innocent, I had to hold in my laughter just looking. There were some with another girl but she was rather pale and small with her hair clearly dyed black and her fringe swept over her eyes, much like Beth's. I think I made a mistake turning the page as instead of girls in the photos she was pissing around with boys, the last one made me want to rip it out and burn it: she was seated, pulling a surprised face, with one hand slightly covering her open mouth, that wouldn't be as bad however on either side were two boys kissing her cheeks. one had a mop of slightly curly dark brown hair (much like the brown haired girl in other photos), and quite a chubby face, the other was rather slender with blonde hair falling in his face. I don't know why I feel like this, I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous of these fags?

My mini rant inside my head was stopped by Beth walking with a cup of tea and a can of coke, no doubt for me. She glanced around the room looking for me as I wasn't laying on the floor anymore, nor was I on the sofa probably where she expected me to be. Once she spotted me and realized what I was doing, her face went into a socked expression.

"Oh Lord no, stop it, please don't say you went through it?" Her voice slightly pleading even though she knew the answer.

"every single one" I smirked.

She threw her head back in defeat, but still marched over to grab the book. I, however, wanted to have some fun with this. I stood up quickly, holding it slightly out of her reach. Although she is quite tall for a girl, she still isn't tall enough to reach my hand when it’s fully outstretched. On her half, she was jumping and grabbing my arms trying to get this book and I couldn't get over the feel of her hands on my skin running down my arms, down my sides just near my ribs- wait, my ribs, shit! My ribs are my weak point, you tickle me there and I'm about dead. Before I could think about the book, it was out my hand and Beth was running off somewhere upstairs.

I found myself chasing after, my long legs making short work of the stairs taking two at a time. Reaching the top, I looked right to see Beth well on her way to hide in her room, again I quickly caught up with her and attempted grabbing the album out of her hands. Turns out she has a grip of a fully grown man it seems and the book didn't budge however she spun around so she was hiding the book behind her back, slowly taking steps backwards as I took mine forwards until her back was against the wall, me following suit.

I was fully aware how this must have looked, and I'm certainly sure of how it felt to have her body pressed against mine. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this, I have a stunning girlfriend, but I don't know. Beth makes me forget everything. I don't even know what my body is doing anymore, it feels like my brain has switched off and is letting my body do the thinking, which is a bad idea.

Our smiles and laughter had died down now and the only sound in the house was our ragged breathing. I looked down as she was looking up at me, her dark brown disks meeting my deep brown ones in an unreadable gaze. She broke the eye contact, looking back down at our feet. Without thinking, I placed my fingers underneath her chin, making her look back up at me. It was like her lips were calling me, tempting me to taste the sweetness, to feel the velvet of her lips upon mine. I ignored the warning sirens going off in my head as I started to bend my head to meet hers. At this point, I don't even care that I have a girlfriend.

*Beth's pov*

By this point, our foreheads were practically touching and I had a steady repeat of 'shit, he's going to kiss me' going through my head as he came even closer. I could feel the tickle of his warm breath on my face, so close our noses were now almost touching. His hand guided me slightly away from the wall, causing the photo album to crash to the floor, not that we really cared anymore.

His lips just centimeters away from mine now, it felt like everything was going in slow motion and he is everything and everywhere. Nothing else in the house mattered because his lips were agonizingly close to mine nothing could feel as right as this moment and nothing was going to ruin- doorbell, of fucking coarse.Mike had heard it too, as we both stopped still where we were.

Neither of us spoke as it keeps ringing- fucking hell whats the rush? I moved back slightly giving us an extra inch of space.

"I've got to get that" I said half to myself.

Mike didn't say anything, or words anyway, it was more of a 'hmm' noise made at the back of his throat as he took a couple steps backwards looking at the floor. I looked backwards when I got to the top of the stairs, he was stood staring at the space I had just moved from. I think I would have stayed their longer just looking at him if I didn't hear the door, yet again.

"What?!"I said more aggressively than I planned to as I swung the door open. I however didn't expect what I saw.

Vic was stood, or more slumped next to Freddie, his face battered and bleeding some spots showing black and blue already and his arms were showing a purpely green color. Whoever did this means business I thought. Only when he made a slight groan of pain, I realized I had been stood there doing nothing.

"Mike, get down here, it's your brother!" I shouted up to mike, I needed a hand with Vic as i don't want to hurt him any more than he already is and it looks like Freddie's small body is tired of holding the small mans body upright. I had heard no sign of mike moving so I shouted up again. "And hes been hurt!" This time I heard heavy footsteps coming across the landing.

When he saw Vic, his face fell into utter shock, later replaced in pure hatred for whoever did this. He said nothing as he came over to help me get Vic to the sofa without causing him any more pain.


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