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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 14

*mikes pov*

after seeing Beth last night, i remembered why i missed her being around. granted, she only came in the shop a couple times and we only had a quick convocation, and granted last night i was so tired i couldn't put together a sentence properly, but today i was awake and ready to function.

i got up early so i was ready for when Vic left, we only live about half an hour away and im used to the drive anyway as i usually drop Vic off, it was half past five in the morning and me and Vic were sitting in the old truck we had. we shared as we couldn't afford another car and there wouldn't be any room for my dads, the truck and another. i wouldn't say we were poor, or even bad off, but we didn't live in a mansion and lets say our parents didn't have a baby sitter. not that we minded, and i know my mum loves to see the children as she usually does the deed of babysitting but Vic needed a summer job so offered to do it instead. Paul and Jane are good people and they are quite good friends with our parents, so when Vic wanted to introduce me to Paul's niece, i wasn't expecting to see her of all people- again, not complaining.

Vic has always been way too happy in mornings, even after only a couple hours sleep, he still had his normal cheerful bounce to his step, he always had it even if he is pissed off, when it isn't there you know somethings up, but that doesn't happen very often. vics happiness is the complete opposite of me on most mornings as usually i just want to crawl right back into bed, which is what i usually do but today im going to ask Vic if i can stick around for a while. i think Vic noticed i didn't want to rip my face off, as he actually tried to talk to me in the car instead of letting me drive as a sleepy mike plus a car plus trying to talk, wont end well for anyone.

"your looking cheery bro" Vic commented as i tapped my fingers against the wheel

"yeah, just feeling good i guess. you seem cheery as normal"

"im just a morning person, im more interested why your up and dressed and can actually talk. usually i cant even get a good morning or bye out of you"

"im just not a morning person, and erm yeah.. i was wondering..er.." i looked over to see a very confused Vic looking at me like i was talking another language, but to carry on anyway. i took a breath and started again. "i was wondering if you needed a hand, like today with the kids.. i just get bored at home and er yeah, or if you get lonely because it is early and.." i finished my sentence by scratching my head and glancing at Vic who was trying to contain his laughter.


"its nothing to do with Beth, is it?"

"no, what does she have to do with anything?"

"nothing, you've just never offered to keep me company until you met Beth" he finished with a raised eyebrow.

i knew i was giving away the fact i was going to see Beth again by being so defensive but i cant help these things.

"i offered because im awake and actually functioning. do you want me to stay or not?" the last part of my lie coming out harsher than i expected

"i would love your company today mike" Vic told me smiling

the rest of the drive was silent, not an awkward silence but i was kind of heavy like the both of us wanted to say something but we didn't know how to say it or how the other would react, so we stay still and lit the quiet consume us. that is until we pulled up to the house and instead of pulling up, letting Vic get out then leaving back to bed, i pulled into the empty drive and parked up. Vic knocked on the door at about six and nothing happened, he then knocked again a bit louder- still nothing.

"looks like someones tired" Vic muttered as he removed a key from a loose slap underneath a plant pot. he then looked up to me, my face must have said how confused as i felt as he explained what the key was doing under there.
"usually, Beth gets up to let me in around six ish, however shes worse than you in mornings so she hid a key for me if she hasn't woken up"

"worse than me?"

"worse than you, that's how bad she is in mornings"

"wow, that's got to be interesting"

"oh it is, i threatened to film her once" i laughed slightly as i put the key back and joined mike in the kitchen

"what did she say to that?"

"she threatened to shove my phone or whatever i used up my ars-.."

Vic's sentence was interrupted by a half asleep Beth stumbling into the kitchen with only a thin white top and a pair of rather short bed shorts, anywhere near her eyes was smeared black in every direction, much like her hair.

"oh its you Vic" her voice was thick with sleep and she had closed her eyes again, probably not even knowing i was here "well, your in the house, im going back to bed" and with that she was gone, us only hearing her heavy steps going upstairs and we were left alone in a quiet house.

Vic turned to me again

"told you she was worse than you mike" he laughed and walked off to get a drink while i went to sit on the sofa for a while.


i know this story is slow moving but it will all be worth it when drama kicks off^.^

is this long enough? tell me what you think about anything down below :)

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and by the way

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2,206 what???i legit died, thankyou to everyone reading this, has read this and will read this in the future, love you lots.
22 subscribers i know some people have hundreds but every time the subscriber number goes up i fill with joy^.^ have a good weekend people


I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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