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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 10

*vics pov*
I was woken up by some extremely bright lights, why is it so bright at like 10 o clock. I could hear mumbling in the background before I opened my eyes to face a white wall. That’s odd too; the walls near my bed are covered in band posters, what the fuck is happening here?
“Morning sleeping beauty” a rather chipper British voice said from near me. Why is she in my house? Not that I don’t mind seeing her face but why? “Vic wake up before I pour your tea all over your face” I groaned as I turned to face Beth who was sitting on the floor straightening her hair.
“Why am I in your room?” god I sound horrible in the morning
“You stayed the night”
“In your bed?”
“Yup and no we didn’t by the way”
“Then why am I in your bed?”
“I don’t really know, tony and Jaime bought you over about half 8, something about a fight with your brother or something”
Then it kicked in, I remember us fighting and me falling and hitting my head on mikes drums, I must have hit my head pretty hard to have knocked myself out. I grabbed my tea off her bed side table and sat cross-legged on the bed sipping it as I watched her straighten her hair.
“Your money is on the microwave for last night and today. I told them you and Freddie fell asleep watching a film so I put you both asleep.”
“Thanks, you really are good at thinking on your feet aren’t you?”
“I’m used to it Vic, lying to my parents is second nature to me”
I didn’t get time to reply as she had finished her hair and was out of her room.
*beths pov*
Today’s going to be another fun day of lolling around the house, maybe sorting my room out and putting things in actual places as I’ve still not done that. I walked into the kitchen and took a look through the cupboards, enough stuff for pancakes, and I can surprise Vic with breakfast when he gets out of my bed. I thought mixing flour, eggs and milk while heating some butter in a pan. I poured the first ladle in the pan before putting various pancake toppings on the table, butter, syrup, sugar, orange juice, nutella you name it was on that table. I quickly flipped the pancake and waited for it to brown and cook placing it on the plate which was on the grill to keep them warm. Vic wandered down the stairs after I had done about three and sat down at the table, pouring himself some orange juice as I handed him his plate. After he ad demolished about five, I heard a knock at the door. I put the first side of the next pancake to fry while I answered the door, expecting It to be Freddie forgetting his house key or something.
I open the door to the spikey haired guy from last night, this time looking happy and cheerful instead of panicked. Happy suited him much better too.
“Oh hi there Jaime”
“Hey Beth, you okay?”
“Yeah, do you want to come in and talk? Vic’s awake by the way”
“Sure” stepping through the door “wait, do I smell pancakes?”
“Yeah, I’m making Vic breakfast, you want some?”
“If it’s edible, Jaime will want some!” I heard Vic shout as I walked into the kitchen
*that night*
Jaime, Vic and I spent the day sitting round getting to know each other, or more Jaime as I knew so much about Vic already, the brats had gone out to see various friends and stuff so we sat around in the garden chilling and talking. Jaime plays the bass and can sing bits and pieces too. I really do think he’s a laugh as all we did was joke, me and Jaime have vivid imaginations, once there’s something in our head we will make a story about it. Vic was laughing so hard at something we had come up with; he made this wired snorting sound.
“Vic, you sound possessed!” I said between laughter
“Okay, who knows how to exorcise Vic?”
“Don’t look at me!”
“Imagine that though, Vic just crawling up the wall”
“As his neck is just spinning round”
“Of course he would have a forked tongue”
“Naturally, dislocated arms too”
“Making that sound while all of that happened”
By the end of our little story we were all about in tears, Jaime who had only popped in to see Vic was late by about say 5 hours and Paul and Jane were due home soon.
I decided I should meet tony about 8 ish, it was about 6 now so I decided to shower. I took a nice long shower to reflect everything really, while rubbing the soap all over my tall frame. Getting into everywhere with my sweet smelling shower gel, and my lemon scented face wash into my face. I stood there again just looking at my feet as I felt the warm water flow around by body, slightly rotating my shoulder blades in the warm trying to loosen them up. My shoulders didn’t like the sofa as now they are all stiff and painful. When I decided to leave my shower to actually dress myself for tonight, I wrapped my old battered pink towel that I actually bought with me. I have always had this towel since I was younger, that’s how old it was. Carefully I managed to grab my clothes, dropping the dirty things in the laundry basket and wandering off to my room. After looking through my clothes, I decided on some simple black skinnies and one of my favorite vests from home. The vest was black with sweetie hearts all over it, however instead of saying things like ‘I love you’ and ‘your mine’ it said things like ‘I hate you’ ‘die’ and my personal favorite ‘hail Satan’. I never do anything real different with my make up; concealer, powder, mascara, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner. However instead of just putting liquid on my lid, I decided to make just the smallest flicks at the end, I don’t like doing big ones because I can never be arsed to do them.
Vic came in as I was straightening my hair with tea; he then sat on my bed as I alternated tea, straightener’s hair oil and my brush.

“laugh all you want Vic, it’s hard to be a girl”
“Oh I bet, so where you looking all nice for?”
“I'm not looking pretty for anyone, and tony offered to show me round the block some more”
“At night?”
“At night Vic”
“San Diego is a dangerous place at night Beth”
“Good thing I’m not alone then”
“Where are you meeting him?”
“Down the road Vic! God you sound like my dad or something, chill the fuck out”
“Oh sorry I’m worried about my friend!”
By this time I had finished my hair and tea so I just left before I said or did something I would regret later. Feeling myself calm down as I was hit with the cool night breeze, taking out the map I printed out earlier when I realized I had no idea where I was going I set of down the road.


this was supposed to be longer and up yesterday so sorry and all:/
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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

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I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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