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What If I Can't Forget You? (Tony Perry)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ::
***~VIC'S P.O.V.~***
I walked with Jaime off the tour bus and to the closest bar. Mike was sleeping and Tony was too upset and heartbroken to want to come with us. I opened the door to the bar and it was loud with lots of drunk people dancing around. My eyes immediately fell on a girl sat at the bar on her own. I could only see the back of her and a tiny bit of her right side. She wasn't dressed at all like the other girls in here who were in short, tight, slutty dresses; she had a black beanie, black hair with red tips, a white t-shirt, but I couldn't tell what was on it, black skinny jeans and black high-top converse. Another thing that made her stand out was her tattoos. Her arms were covered. I pointed her out to Jaime.
"She looks bored and alone. And to be honest, a lot more decent than the girls in here. She clearly has some self-respect. And from the looks of her she looks pretty cool. I mean, look at those tattoos. Awesome!" Jaime said. She did look quite bored as her finger was just drawing circles on the counter and every now and then taking a drink.
"Exactly what I was thinking." I replied. We walked closer and as we approached I saw her phone lighting up constantly but she just ignored it, hmm. Now that we moved closer, I could see the right side of her face. She had spider bites and a nose piercing. I also noticed her ear was stretched. I wonder if her other one is? She seems a lot like Tony from this angle, minus the face piercings, unless she has that one on her cheek. I sat down next to her with Jaime next to me. She didn't look up, she just continued to stare into what looks like whiskey. As I was looking I noticed the empty few shot glasses and glasses that clearly had what was probably more of what she's currently drinking. Why would a girl just come out on her own at night and get drunk? Bit dangerous. As I looked at her t-shirt, it was a Love Before Glory one. The Dark Side tee to be precise. I wonder if she knows who we are?
"Hey." I said. She looked up at me and her eyes looked puffy like she'd been crying, then when she looked properly at me, her eyes went wide. She looked oddly familiar, but I don't think I've met her. Maybe at a meet and greet? Hmm. And yes, both her ears were stretched and she did have that cheek piercing like Tony. But I never even got a chance if I knew her as she broke down into tears. Um... Should I hug her? She doesn't know me though! Maybe she does. Maybe that's how she knows about Love Before Glory, because of Tony. I don't care whether she knows me, she's crying. I quickly engulfed her in a hug and she clung on to me like her life depended on it and I could feel her tears soaking my shirt.
I rubbed my hand up and down her back to comfort her and just whispered "Shh" to her and told her to calm down. She finally looked up and her eyeliner had run.
"H-holy shit!" She gasped. 'She's English then' I thought. "Vic a-and Jaime!" She said. Oh, she does know who we are. "FUCK! I'm so s-sorry. Oh god. I promised myself if I ever met you I wouldn't cry, but I couldn't help it because I had already been crying and fuck-" I cut her off.
"No it's fine." I Smiled at her. "Um... your makeup has run."
"Fuck. I'm going to go and sort that out in the bathroom. Um... I'll be back in a bit..." She trailed off. And turned around and headed to the bathroom.
"Well she was hot." Jaime said after she left.
"Yeah. Yeah she is, but leave her for now. She's clearly upse-"
"She has a cute accent." Jaime cut me off. He was still looking in the direction the English girl had gone in.
"Yes Jaime I know, but listen." He didn't. He was staring dreamily at the bathroom door she just went through. "JAIME!" I shouted and shoved him a little. He finally looked at me and payed attention.
"Come on, dude. She's upset. Not right now."
"And, to be quite honest, she looks more like she'd be for Tony. But we can only decide that once we know her personality. It might be good for Tony to find someone new, even if it isn't her, he needs to move on, there's no point moping over her, she's a fucking slu-" I was cut short by Jaime tapping me on the arm and looking behind me with a kind smile.
"Sorry. I'm a uh fucking mess. I was already an emotional wreck before you guys got here, and then seeing a couple of my heroes didn't help at all. Neither did the alcohol to be honest" She smiled meekly before claiming her seat and taking a sip of her drink.
"What's your name then?" Jaime asked.
"Oh, sorry! It's Bridie." She smiled. That's one cute smile.
"So where are you from? England?" I've never really heard an accent like her's before. I mean, I know it's English, but I've never heard an English accent like hers. I guess she's not from one of the bigger cities I've been too.
"Yeah, England. I um, I'm from the Lake District in the North-West of England. Ever been there? It's beautiful, but it rains a lot, and feels like winter about 90% of the time. My dream place was always to own a beach house here in San Diego. And I have that." She smiled sadly and took a big gulp of her drink. Touchy subject?
"Wow. You must have a pretty good job if you live in one of those houses! Is it one of the big ones?" Jaime asked. She nodded and drunk again. "What is your job? It must be pretty good!" Nosy much, Jaime?
"Well, I moved to SD with my friend, Elle. We were both 20 and got an apartment in one of the nice complexes. Both our careers kicked off and we ended up buying a big beach house. She moved out with her boyfriend and now they're engaged. I could afford the beach house on my own, but it was more difficult to do my job because I have to pay a lot of money for concert tickets, and I had to buy food, and pay bills as well, and pay for new lenses for my camera, and I like to buy new cameras every now and again. And I like new equipment. And you've probably guessed I'm a photographer and that I ramble on. But then yeah, that's where I'm stopping. I'd rather forget that. That's the entire reason I'm out drinking. Boring I know." Should I ask about that? Hmm. Is it too personal? Maybe. But Jaime beat me to it. Damn you Jaime. At least I wont seem rude.
"What is that reason? I-if you don't mind me asking."
"Oh. Um, well... A few months after Elle moving out, 5 to be exact, I met a guy, Sam was his name, I dated him for 3 years, and he moved in with me and payed half of the bills and stuff. I came home early to surprise him because I've been away for a few days, and found him fucking some slut on the sofa. Yep. I knew something may have been going on, these mysterious 'conference calls'. A year he was sleeping around. Fucking douche." She muttered the last part. "I'm fucking done with guys I swear to God. All my relationships turn to shit." I feel really sorry for her. "Every relationship I've ever been in, I've either been dumped for someone else or cheated on. I must be really repulsive or something, maybe it's the s-" I couldn't understand the rest of what she said, but I didn't press the subject, she obviously wanted no one to hear but herself. She downed the rest of her drink and got another one. I feel even worse now, and she has tears almost spilling out of her eyes. Same for Tony. They use him for fame and money. It really is a shame. I pulled her in for a hug and spoke in her ear.
"Don't worry darling, you'll find someone who's worth your time and deserves your love." She looked up and she smiled a genuine smile before clinging on to me like her life depended on it.
"Hey! No hugs for Jaime?!" Way to ruin a moment, Jaime. She laughed lightly and made her way over to Jaime before hugging him. As she pulled away from him an idea sprung into my head. Bridie sat back down and sipped slowly on her drink. I leaned over to my right where Jaime was wnd whispered to him.
"Hey, Jaime. I just had the best idea."


I really hope that you're enjoying this. Please give me feedback and vote, it would be much appreciated guys. I love you all. :)
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As soon as I have time. I'm in year 11 so I'm in the middle of my GCSE's, so I'm revising. Also, my laptop just broke, and this website doesn't work properly on my phone, this message is proving very difficult to write, but it will be as soon as I can. Thanks for having an interest in my story :)

When's the next update?

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oh, they finaly met ** update soon

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oh, they finaly met ** update soon

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