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What If I Can't Forget You? (Tony Perry)


Quick authors note, I'm not from America, I'm from England, so if I get anything wrong, I'm very sorry, just tell me and I'll correct it. :)
This is the intro, so it's shorter, the chapters will be longer. This is to set the scene and describe my character.


Introduction ::

***~BRIDIE'S P.O.V.~***

I'm Bridie Westwood. I'm 24 and I'm originally from The South of Cumbria in England (honestly, the Lake District is meant to be beautiful, but it's winter- or feels like it -90% of the time), but I moved here to SD for more job opportunities when I was 20. So far it's worked out well for once. Maybe my luck is changing. I'm 5ft8" and I'm skinny and have quite long legs (I'm so glad I'm more like my dad.) I have hazel eyes, black hair with red tips. Both my arms are covered in tattoos, along with my stomach, some on the top of my chest, all my back, my hips, thighs and some on my lower legs. So obviously, a lot of tattoos. I also have spider bites on the right side of my lip, the right side of my nose pierced and I have a dermal piercing on my left cheek bone, coincidentally, like Tony Perry's. And finally, to top it all off, I have my ears stretched to 18mm and a few more piercings in the top half of both my ears. Again, a lot of piercings too. Jeez. Now I think about it, I do have quite a lot. Oh well. ^-^
I drove down the street to get to my house. It was a particularly nice night. A great way to finish off my day. A lovely swim at the beach next my house, an awesome concert and now going home to my wonderful boyfriend. Or at least I thought he was wonderful, because as I approached my house, I heard something I thought I'd never hear.
I opened the front door and saw my boyfriend fucking some slut on the sofa. I stood there for a couple of seconds trying to react, but I was frozen in shock. But finally I managed to react.
"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. My about to be ex-boyfriend looked up in horror. "I want you out of my fucking house by tomorrow, and take your slut with you." I spat. He was about to say something but I cut him off.
"I don't want your excuses, dickhead. We're over. Pack your stuff and be gone by noon tomorrow." And with that I turned around and walked back out the door and walked to the bar down the street.
I walked through the door and sat at the bar and bought a couple of shots and some whiskey. I quickly drank the shots and drank the whiskey slower, but still probably a little quick.
Why the fuck did I even move over here? Why couldn't I just stay in England? Fucks sake. This fucking sucks. I thought he loved me. Clearly not. What did I do wrong? Why do bad things always happen to me? What have I ever done? I'm fucking pathetic. Ugh. I'm so done. Obviously this occurrence is telling me something. All my relationships have ended like this. I'm obviously not good enough and I'm probably going to die alone. These thoughts continued to circle through my head until someone sat next to me and started talking.
"Hey." As I looked to my right my breath caught in my throat an my eyes widened.


I am aware it is VERY short, but again, it's to set the scene etc.
And you can call me Sherlock btw. That's what my Sherlock loving group of friends call me because I'm most like him. But I'm also called Moriarty too because I'm like him too. All of us have a character name. And in every chapter (because I clearly have a Sherlock obsession) I will be posting -at the end- one of my favorite Sherlock quotes. ^-^
"In a world full of locked rooms, the man with the key is king... and honey, you should see me in a crown." - Jim Moriarty.



As soon as I have time. I'm in year 11 so I'm in the middle of my GCSE's, so I'm revising. Also, my laptop just broke, and this website doesn't work properly on my phone, this message is proving very difficult to write, but it will be as soon as I can. Thanks for having an interest in my story :)

When's the next update?

Ogrider44 Ogrider44

oh, they finaly met ** update soon

Hyena Hyena

oh, they finaly met ** update soon

Hyena Hyena