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Part of Your World

bleeding little blue boy.

"So, let me get this straight," Mike says as he takes his first official pre-show smoke before their first set on the new tour. The other three are doing their own rituals. Vic is in the back corner of the dressing room warming up his vocal cords in front of a mirror, while Tony is cleaning out his tunnels and dermal piercing. Jaime jumps around to the music they have playing throughout the room.

"You take V to Disney, she bitches at you about it, leaves you there, alone, and you actually stay?"

Jaime wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement, but he nods for Mike to continue. Mike takes another quick puff.

"So, you're walking around Disney, alone, and bump into Ariel."

Jaime nods again, does a quick drop to the floor, and counts out ten push ups. The song changes.

"And after you bump into Ariel, you play along with her in front of the kids and 'escort' her to wherever she was supposed to go and then you are magically reunited because apparentally she got off early and went to find you?"

Jaime jumps up after his push ups, shaking out his arm, and nods a third time. Mike had finished his cigarette and moved on to a nice, chilled bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

"And you had...?"


"Right, smoothies, and you have the cute, cliche movie-esque date and swap numbers and you kicked V out and now you're talking to new Disney girl?"

"Winnie," Jaime reminds him.

"Right... Winnie."

"Have you banged her yet?" Casey asks, drinking fully from the bottle of whiskey that Mike had just sat down on the table. Jaime frowned before shaking his head and then ran his fingers through his spikey hair.

"Wow, she must be special if you haven't had sex with her yet."

Jaime continues to frown at the pair before snatching the whiskey away and taking a short swallow. "Not all of us are looking for just sex, Casey. I like what I had with Jessica. I'm trying to find that again."

"So basically Winnie is your rebound girl."

"What? No!"

"Sure sounds like it, Hime," Mike tells him, and Jaime can't help but silently agree with him. Winnie, in a way, is his rebound girl. He dumps Vanessa because she wasn't Jessica, and he dumped Jessica because he wanted a Vanessa but now he wants a Winnie, that's almost a twin to Jessica. Dios mio, girls are complicated.

There's a distinct ringtone that plays loud enough to be heard over the music. Mike's face is covered with a shit-eating grin while Tony looks up from the bottle of water he's opening. Jaime feels his face heat up instantly as the Disney song fills the air. Vic peaks his head out from underneath a chunky pair of headphones.

"Do I hear 'Under the Sea' playing?"

Jaime jumps to grab his phone, but its too late; he took too long. Casey and Mike huddle around the receiver, giggling to each other like a couple of school girls.

"Jaime's phone, Casey speaking."

Jaime stands in front of them, pale faced and with sweaty palms. Of all the people to grab his phone when Winnie decides to call him, letting him know she is off her shift at Disney, it had to be Casey and Mike. He silently begs them to give him his phone so he can talk to her without scaring her away with their high school antics.

"Hello, Winnie, how are you?"

He can faintly hear her bubbly voice on the other side answer him.

"That's wonderful. Would you like to speak to Jaime?"

Jaime's relief is short lived.

"Oh, well, I'm sorry. He's a bit busy making out with some groupies. I'll let him know you called after he gets done with his set-"


Jaime snatches his phone from the drum tech and runs out of the green room. He sighs before putting the phone to his ear. "I'm so sorry, Win, they grabbed my phone before I could. We're just warming up for the show. We go on in an hour."

The bell-like giggle on the other side of the phone makes Jaime's heart skip a beat. Jaime's heart skips another beat when Winnie starts to talk.

"It's fine, Hime. How's the tour going so far?"

Jaime has to take a deep breath before he can answer.

"It's been good. We've toured with these guys before and they're crazy good. How was Ariel today?"

Winnie laughs again. "She's tired. A little boy thought that if he poured his bottle of water on her she would turn back into a mermaid. Another dress ruined. Thankfully, I don't pay for it."

Jaime smiles, drinking in the smooth voice of Winnie. He's supposed to be hyped up with blood pumping and adrenaline rushing through his veins, but these four minutes talking to the Disney Princess have calmed him faster than anything ever has or could.

"There's always a bright side," Jaime says with a smile in his voice.

A few roadies and tech move by, getting ready to swap the equipment as soon as the band on stage, Sleeping with Sirens, finished their set. Jaime leaned against an empty amp case, smiling as he imagined the expressions that were appearing on Winnie's face now as she walked to her little blue car in the Disney employee parking lot.

"You have a very pretty voice," Winnie tells him, breaking Jaime from his temporary trance.


Winnie giggles. Jaime would have blushed if he had been face to face with the redhead.

"I found your side project last night while looking up the music of your band. You have a pretty voice, Jaime. I wasn't expecting the cuss words, though."

Now, even though he isn't face to face with her, Jaime feels his face flush and heat up. Oh, the powers of the internet and how he despised it sometimes. He wanted to keep the side project a secret until he wanted to tell her. At least she was listening to their music, though.

"Thanks, Win, that really means a lot to me."

"And I'm really starting to enjoy the band's music, too. I've fallen in love with the songs Besitos and Tangled in the Great Escape."

Jaime's breath quietly catches in his throat. He was fluent in Spanish from constantly speaking in it at home and with family, but never before had he found a non-fluent speaker's words that attractive. It was a simple word, but the meaning of it and her little accent made his thoughts go fuzzy.

"Those are some of my favorites, too," he chokes out, trying to regain his composure. Winnie laughs at his words.

"I'm expecting all of the songs to be your favorite."

Jaime swallows the knot in his throat. He answers her without missing a beat.

"But I can see have favorites of my favorites."

The two laugh at his childish comeback but ti seems to do the trick.

"Fine, fine, you win, Jaime."

"You better believe it!" Jaime gives a holler of cheer and does a little dance to himself. Matt and Casey watch him before shaking their heads and tuning their respected band members' instrument. Winnie gives him a small laugh from her side of the phone call.

"Well, Jaime," Winnie starts. He hears a click showing that she's made it to her car safely. "I'm going to let you go. Call me after your set and let me know how your first show went, m'kay?"

Jaime smiled, even though he wasn't ready to let Winnie go.

"M'kay, Win. I'll call you. Have a safe drive home."

"Have fun, Hime. Go save lives."

Jaime was surprised into silence by Winnie's last statement, but wasn't able to ask her why she said that. Winnie hung up first, causing Jaime to stand there in silence listening to the annoying dial tone. He's snapped from his blank thought by Tony waving his hand in front of his best friend's face.

"You okay, Hime?"

Jaime just nods, not quite sure if that's the right answer to the question.

He tried his hardest to get Winnie off his mind, and his plan worked for a good while until Jason came out to sing with Vic on Tangled. Winnie's flashing smile popped into his head. He actually didn't play for a total of ten seconds and the fans noticed. Jaime had stopped jumping around, stopped mouthing the lyrics, and completely stopped moving his fingers over the four strings of his bass. A girl with bright pink hair was what brought him back to the real world. The look of confusion on her face made him realize he had stopped playing.

After the set, Jaime didn't even throw his picks, he just rushed off the stage and handed his bass over to Brian. The tech stared at him in surprise. Jaime retrieved his phone in return. He did not shower nor go for a bottle of water. Jaime pressed Winnie's name and picture of her dressed as Ariel popped up on the screen while her phone number was dialed.

There were a total of four rings before she picked up.

"Jaime?" her voice was soft and hushed, as if she were in a library.

"What are you doing right now?"

"Well, for starters, I'm taking a bubble bath at the moment."

Jaime's blood pressure was higher than usual from the show, causing his head to feel light and his breath to sound wispy. The thought of Winnie, however, with her smooth pale skin just barely hidden by semi-opaque bubbles of a bath caused his blood to rush southward. Jaime dropped his head into his hand, trying to rid his mind of those thoughts of such an innocent girl.

"I want to take you on a date when I get back from tour."

Winnie is quiet on her side, and Jaime fears he's scared away the girl he cannot get out of his head. But, her soft giggle brings back hope.

"Okay, Jaime." she giggles in his ear. "You can take me on a date, but none of that dinner and a movie stuff, okay?"

Jaime has the perfect idea, now. "Okay, that's not too hard."

He can hear her smile. "I'm going to finish my bath, and I'm certain you need to go take a shower of your own. Sleep well tonight."

"Sweet dreams, Pooh bear."

Winnie gives a final giggle and is the first to hang up, again. Jaime's sigh of relief is short lived, but the grin he has on his face doesn't fade, even when Vic smacks him in the head for running off stage so fast and Tony asks him why he wasn't as focused as he usually is.

Jaime just grins and goes to take a shower, getting ready for the first-show after party that he knows will be held on their bus is just a couple hours. Of course, his shower took a bit longer seeing as cold water wasn't solving his problem.


Well, I finally got around to the next chapter. Comments? Ideas? Questions? I'm always looking for ideas for new characters to throw between Winnie and Jaime. Talk to meh, people! Don't be a silent reader!
love ya, <3


"Maybe next time we'll actually get out of the bed." He adds a little wink
i was on my laptop and im in the same room with my dad and brothers and
i saw that you updated and i just have to click it and torture myself bc there
isn't a time when i did not scream while reading ur fics so i just had to read it
with them watching me
and trust me i almost did my mouth was wide open but no sounds come out
and i swear to god my dad almost peeked at what i was doing
even though it's not their official first date, i still love it because it's so fckn cute ≧∇≦

it's okay, (insert ur name here), there's not a lot of stories with jaime as protagonist
and aww ur my favourite writer ♡
thanks for updating and making my day (•̪┌┐•̪) ♥

disasterologist disasterologist
Oh my god, when she didn't answer the door and he walked in, I swear I thought she was murdered! Lmfao! I've been watching murder mysteries for like three weeks straight and my mind is tainted :( But, I still think it was a cute date; no pressure.
ambnicole ambnicole
ugh this is literally perfect ;x;
Thank YOU for commenting <3 in my years of writing I think you're one of my favorites. I always grin when I find your name in my notifications.
And yes, I know it had said completed because I wasn't really planning on writing anymore, but you and a few others gave me motivation to write.
I'm finding it kind of tough writing with Jaime as the main character, mainly from his point of view. First of all, I'm not a guy and I don't know how they think, but I have a pretty good idea since a majority of my friends are guys. That tad bit with Winnie and the bubble bath HAD to happen because Jaime is a guy and no matter how precious he is, he's going to think about girls naked, especially if he likes them.

I'll try to get the next chapter out ASAP c:
age of aquarius. age of aquarius.
"Oh, well, I'm sorry. He's a bit busy making out with some groupies. I'll let him know you called after he gets done with his set-"
omg i couldnt even
casey is being so mean ☹ haha i like how jaime just went into a panic mode and immediately grab his phone from casey
i actually squealed so loud when jaime was imagining winnie *~*naked~*~
and i like that winnie calls him 'pooh bear' ≧∇≦

thanks for updating. i really thought you were done with this one bc it says that its complete already ヽ(;・ー・)ノ
disasterologist disasterologist