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Fuentes Girl

Baby, Baby, You're So Crazy

I looked down the stairs and saw Mike and Dad. Dad let him in and they walked through into the living room. I went back into my room and started looking through my clothes. I set some out just as someone knocked. I looked over and saw Mike walk in. “Hi.” I smiled.
“Hey kid,” he said and shut the door behind him. “Going out?” Mike raised his eyebrows.
“Actually, yeah.”
“What is it this time?”
“Warehouse party. Should be good.”
“Are they still doing those things? I remember going to one in my senior year and throwing up all over this girl. She was on acid and after her trip I convinced her I stopped her from choking on her own vomit.”
“Really? What happened?” I laughed.
“We ended up dating for three months. Nice girl.”
“Weird." I muttered. Mike laughed and reached inside his pocket. He pulled out a bag and handed it to me. I smiled widely and went over to wardrobe. I stashed it and went back over to Mike. He handed me a pack of cigarettes and I took them. “What are these for?”
“I got it cheaper than expected. I took enough for a few so I thought I’d get you a pack.” he explained.
“You’re the best.” I told him.
“Just be careful. These parties can get pretty intense.”
“I’ll be fine.” I shrugged.
“I have your back tonight. Just be careful and be home by two.”
“Thank you!” I exclaimed. I flung my arms around him and hugged him tight to me. I kissed his cheek and grinned. “You’re amazing.”
“Have fun." he told me.
I smiled and he squeezed my hand. Mike turned to leave and I followed him. I got to the living room and saw Dad on the sofa. I went over as Mike sat down. I knelt down on the sofa so I was half sitting on his lap.
“Okay, Effy?” Dad asked, half distracted by the t.v.
“Yeah, I’m just going to bed.” I told him.
“Goodnight.” he told him.
“I love you.” I told him.
“I love you too.” he beamed back. I hugged him and kissed his cheek.
“I like being here.” I told him quietly.
“Go on. Go to bed.” Dad urged.
I smiled and got up. I reached down to hug Mike and kissed his cheek.
I walked back upstairs and shut the door behind me. I pulled off my clothes and put on a pair of ripped black tights and a short, fitted, frayed navy blue dress. I put the weed in my bag with the pack of cigarettes and my phone. Then I went to the window. I opened it quietly and looked back at my room. It was dark and everything was in place. I climbed out and got onto the roof. I jumped down and hurried out to the front. I started walking quickly to the end of the street and met Paris.
“Hey.” Paris grinned.
“Hi.” I smiled.
“Did you get it?”
“Of course.” I rolled my eyes.
We started walking and caught the bus a few blocks. We got off and started walking down to the backstreets. We went down an alley and stopped in front of a night club. We saw the others outside waiting and went over. When Matt saw me he hugged me and kissed my cheek roughly.
“Hi Ef.” Matt said.
“Hey," I smiled.
We went to the doors and went inside. I looked around me and grinned. There were loads of people here and the walls were covered with ripped posters and huge cardboard boxes. I handed the bag to Matt and he went over into a corner. Josh handed me a drink and I took a gulp. I winced from the taste and handed it to Paris. I started walking over to Matt and sat up on a bar stool. Matt came up to me and kissed me roughly. I grinned and kissed his neck. Then he showed me a joint and put it in my mouth. He lit it and I took a long drag. I arched my back and rolled my head. My eyes rolled back and I sighed deeply. Matt kissed me again and I wrapped my legs around his waist.
“Effy.” he moaned and I started jump down.

A few hours later I was still there. We’d been smoking and people had been passing drinks around. Matt kept on following me as I was walking around with Paris. We were talking to the guys who own the place. One of them put his arm around me. “You enjoying yourself, England?” he asked me.
“I am. These things have a rep.” I told him.
“I know." he laughed.
I looked behind us at the doors. They had been opened and there were three riot vans parked outside.
“Shit!” someone yelled. Everyone turned and started scatter. Paris grabbed my hand and we started looking for the boys. I saw police officers dragging them into a van and we ran forward. Paris banged on the van and a police officer grabbed her from behind. I went forward and pushed him.
“Let her go!” I screamed.
Someone grabbed me as well and we were both thrown into the van. I sighed and sat down in between Matt and Davie. I leant my head on Davie’s shoulder and sighed.
“My dad is going to fucking freak." I said lightly.
“Fuck!” Josh yelled and we burst out in laughter.
“We’re so screwed.” Paris muttered. I rested my head and started humming to myself.
When we got to the station we were pulled out of the van. They pushed us inside and into a large cell. I sighed and decided to sit on the floor. The others joined me and we made a circle. We all joined hands and started singing quietly. After the sixth song I heard someone walking to us. I looked up and saw Mike.
“Ahh Uncle Mike!” I exclaimed.
“Oh Jesus.” Mike smiled.
“Is that your niece?” an officer asked.
“Thats her." Mike nodded.
“Wait, are you Mike Fuentes?” Paris asked seriously.
“I am,” Mike told her. “Come on, Effy.” he urged.
“Can I have your autograph?” Josh asked.
“Maybe later. Stop by tomorrow." Mike told him.
“Why is Mike Fuentes pretending to be your uncle?” Josh asked me.
“He is my uncle." I giggled.
“So is your dad Vic? I think your dads sexy as hell." Paris gasped.
“He’s my dad.”
“No!” the others gasped.
“Famous as heck." I grinned.
“Effy, we’re going.” Mike said firmly.
He came into the cell and helped me up. I shouted bye to the others and let Mike hold me up. He had his arm linked with mine. We walked past a desk and I picked up my bag. Mike walked me out of the station and into his car. I flopped down against the seat as he started the engine. Mike started driving and I sat with my head against the window giggling.
“I said be careful." Mike said.
“I was. But the police came. And I just smoked the last joint. And Paris wanted to snog this guy. And I punched this guy. And we were in the cell. And we started to sing Free Nelson Mandella."
“Thats a lot of info, kid.” he told me.
“Does Dad know?” I asked.
“Yeah, the police called. He had a drink though so I came. I told him you told me there was this party tonight. He doesn’t know about everything else though.”
“Thanks.” I breathed weakly. We didn’t say anything else until we pulled into my drive. Mike looked across to me and sighed.
“You okay?” he asked seriously.
“No, I’m high as shit.” I gasped.
Mike smiled a little and walked around to open my door. I got out and nearly stumbled. Mike helped me to the door and we walked in. Dad was waiting for us and he looked at me angrily.
“Effy, you have no idea!” he exclaimed. “I get a call and you’re in jail!”
“I know." I mumbled.
“What was going through your head?! I can’t believe it. I thought you were here! I can’t believe you!” Dad yelled angrily.
“I’m sorry.” I muttered but spaced out.
“Are you listening?!”
“She’s not taking it in, Vic. She’s way too high.” Mike said.
“Fine!” Dad growled. “Tomorrow. When she’s come down.” he spat.
“Come on.” Mike urged.
He took my arm and led me upstairs. I pushed my door opened and collapsed down onto my bed. Mike smiled down at me and covered me up. He kissed my forehead and I pushed him away. He laughed and turned away, leaving me alone.


Hey! What was this like for you? Effy's back to her old ways. Just a taste what she's really like for you ;) and the cat's out of the bag. How will Vic take it in the morning? What about her friends? :)


Your welcome :)

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

Thank you so much! :)

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Your story is so great! I really love it

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife