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Fuentes Girl

And if I ever catch the ones that hurt you, I'm hoping that God looks away

I stumbled downstairs and into the kitchen. I saw Dad getting a drink and I put my head down. He looked at me and I silently grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. I took a bite, still not looking at him. "Effy," Dad sighed.
"What?" I frowned.
"Why did you go out when we got back last night? I told you no,"
"I had to," I shrugged.
"We haven't even spoken about what happened in Birmingham,"
"I don't want to talk about it," I snapped.
"What happened? Do you know the state you were in?"
"Yeah. Probably pissed and high!" I growled.
"Why would you do that? After I told you not to,"
"Why do you fucking care?!" I spat.
"Because you might not have noticed, but I care about you,"
"You shouldn't," I frowned. Then I threw my half eaten apple in the bin. "I'm going to be late for school," I sighed. I turned away from him and hurried out of the house.
I started walking to school. I put my head down and put my headphones on. I just needed to drown everything out. I'll be okay.
When I got to school I went to my locker. I got my books out. But then I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I turned and saw Matt. I struggled away from him and he laughed. Then I stamped on his foot. He let me got and swore under his breath.
"What the fuck, Effy?! I just missed you," Matt hissed.
"I'm sorry," I rushed. "You were just laughing and I didn't want you to,"
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine," I smiled brightly at him.
"You sure?"
"Yeah, you go ahead to Maths. I'll be there in a second,"
"Okay," he frowned, but carried on. I sighed deeply and closed my locker. I can do this. I walked to Maths and went inside. I hurried to my seat and out my head down, letting my hair create a curtain between myself and everyone around me.
Then someone put their hands over my eyes. I screamed loudly. I could feel everyone watching me. I turned around and saw Josh frowning at me. "Sorry," he said guiltily.
"It's fine," I mumbled.
"Effy," Paris smiled sadly. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine. I just need to go to the toilet," I rushed. I gathered my things up and my bag and hurried out of the room. The corridor was empty. I ran outside and collapsed down onto the steps outside school. I was shaking now. Tears were running down my cheeks. I couldn't think. I couldn't even see. I know it was my fault and I shouldn't have led him on. But the only images that kept replaying in my mind were him grabbing my hair and forcing himself in my mouth. He only wanted what I've always given him. He probably thought I was teasing. I'm such a slut.
I wiped my eyes roughly and got out my phone. I dialled Mike's number and chewed on my lip.
"What's up, kid?" Mike asked.
"Um . . . Are you busy?"
"Can you come and pick me up?" I muttered. I couldn't stop the sob from escaping.
"Are you crying?"
"No," I sniffed.
"You sure?"
"I'm just leaking . . . From the eyes,"
"Where are you?"
"Outside school," I explained.
"Give me ten minutes,"
"Okay thanks," I smiled a little. I put my phone down and rested my head in my hands.
After a while I heard a car beep at me. I looked up and saw Mike. I ran down towards him and collapsed next to him in the car. "What's wrong?" Mike asked carefully. I couldn't answer. I just tucked my legs up to my chest and started crying quietly again. I felt Mike's hand on my back and at first I flinched. "It's only me," Mike told me gently. I nodded and let him rub my back, soothing me. "I'm taking you for breakfast," he told me.
"I had an apple earlier," I muttered.
"An apple isn't breakfast, it's an appetiser," he scoffed. I rolled my eyes and Mike started driving.
When we pulled up at a little diner I got out the car. Mike walked beside me and took my hand. We went inside and I looked down. I probably looked a mess now. I sat down at a booth and Mike ordered our food.
"You look fine," he told me as she slid in next to me.
"I don't,"
"You're not the worse they've had. Believe me," he laughed a little. I didn't say anything. I just kept looking at the table. I think Mike was waiting for me to open up. If he wasn't urging me, I wasn't going to.
Our food came and I started to eat. As I chewed my food carefully I felt Mike watching me. He was eating too. But he didn't stop looking at me.
"Going to tell me what's wrong?" he asked once I'd finished.
"I don't want to," I mumbled.
"Tell me or I'll make you pay for your own breakfast," he laughed.
"You'll hate me," I breathed. I used my hands to cover my face. Mike wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my shoulder.
"Hey, I won't. I promise. If I hate you I give you permission to punch me in the face,"
"It was all my fault," I muttered.
"Tell me, Effy," he urged.
"You know I went out in Birmingham?" I asked. Mike nodded silently, letting me talk. I went out with Paris and my old friends. We went to that club. And everyone was drinking and I had my fake I.D. so I could too. And we were smoking joints so we were all really high. But then we were in the toilets and I took something else,"
"What did you take?" Mike asked carefully.
"Ecstasy," I muttered.
"Effy," he sighed.
"That isn't the worse bit," I smiled sadly. "Everyone went out to dance. Connor started kissing me and I really wanted to kiss him. We went into the toilet cubicle and I changed my mind. I didn't want to sleep with Connor. He was the first guy I ever slept with but I couldn't do it now. I knew Dad would be really disappointed,"
"That's okay though," Mike rushed. "You said no,"
"I did," I nodded. "But he didn't listen. He made me beg," I rushed. I was crying now. "He told me he was sorry. But then he pulled my hair and made me open my mouth," I muttered through tears. Mike pulled me close to him and hugged me. "He forced his dick into my mouth. Just as he was about to cum a bouncer came in and pulled him out. I looked like a cheap whore. We got kicked out of the club and we said bye to everyone. Liam and Paris took me back. No one even knows what happened accept for Connor," I sobbed. Mike stroked my hair. He was kissing my head and squeezing me like I might break.
"None of that, you hear me, none of that was your fault, Effy. It was him. He's a bastard and he can't hurt you, I promise," Mike told me gently.
"I'm a slut,"
"You're not," he shook his head.
"Don't tell Dad," I rushed.
"I have to," Mike sighed.
"He'll hate me. He'll call me names and ground me. Please," I begged.
"I'm sorry. He needs to know. He's the one that's always around you. I can't not,"
"What if he gets mad?"
"He won't," Mike promised. "Not at you,"
"Okay," I muttered. Mike helped me up and he wrapped his arm around me as we went to the car. I sat next to Mike and closed my eyes. I didn't want this happening. Can't I just forget about it?
We pulled up at home. I got out of the car. Mike stood in front of me and I took his hand. He took me to the door and I opened up. We went inside and into the sitting room. Dad was sitting down. He saw us and stood up.
"The school just phoned. You've been skipping," he told me. "I don't get it, Effy," he sighed.
"Leave her alone," Mike snapped.
"What?" Dad asked.
"Leave her alone," he repeated. "Kitchen," he told Dad.
"Okay," he nodded.
"Wait here. I'll be back soon," Mike told me and I nodded. Mike took Dad to the kitchen. I stood and waited. I could hear faint voices talking. I peered through the glass and saw Dad pace around he kitchen. He hit his fist off of the counter. Then he fell into Mike's arms. I looked at the floor and bit my lip.
Then they came back in. Dad had been crying. He wiped his eyes and then hurried over to me. "I'm sorry," I told him. He shook his head and pulled me in for a hug.
"You have nothing to be sorry for," he told me gently. "You did nothing wrong,"
"I'm sorry,"
"We're going to find a way to get this bastard locked up. I'm not letting anything hurt you again," Dad told me. And I believed him, he meant it.


Hey! Very quick update for you all! Thanks to Simone or youretheonewhoshotme on here. She read the last chapter and pressured me into writing the next one because she couldn't wait! What did you think? Was it okay?

I just need to say that if you've been through anything like this you need to report it. Or at least talk to someone. It's not acceptable. This is a dramatised version of things someone very close to me has experienced. You can get help. If you need to talk you can talk to me. Either message me on here or on my tumblr (link in my bio). I love every single one of you! :)


Your welcome :)

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

Thank you so much! :)

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Your story is so great! I really love it

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife