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Fuentes Girl

I would kill just to feel less invisible

I've been asleep, my head on Dad's shoulder for two hours. I've only just sat up. Dad looked at me and I ruffled my hair. "Oh good morning," Mike said sarcastically from the row of seats behind me. We were sitting on a plane right now, flying back home to the UK.
"Shut up," I grumbled.
"Still tired?" Dad asked.
"When do we land," I complained.
"Soon," Tony told me from behind.
"That isn't soon enough,"
"Why did we bring her?" Jaime asked from in between Mike and Tony and I glared.
"Because Dad and Mike love me more than they love you," I stuck my tongue out. "I'm not the only one who's bored and tired. Paris is too, she's just scared that you'll forget her and she'll never get to snog Jack Barakat," I explained.
"I am not," Paris rushed.
"Snog? Is that even a word," Jaime frowned.
"It is. And a better one than 'make out',"
"Why do you have to have a British daughter?" Jaime asked.
"I don't. She's three quarters American, one quarter Mexican. Katie just took her and raised her in England," Dad explained.
"She still talks weird," Mike teased.
"I've adapted to most of the weird words and sayings,"
"And the food," I added.
"That's true. You do cook for me every Sunday,"
"I know she does," Mike sighed happily.
"That's because you invite yourself," I rolled my eyes.
"What do you cook?" Paris asked.
"Full English breakfast, roast dinner for lunch and something English of my choice for dinner,"
"She puts little Union Flags on the plates," Mike smiled.
"You should cook for us," Paris said.
"No," I laughed.
"Matt would enjoy it," Paris laughed.
"Who's Matt?" Dad rushed.
"No one," I smiled innocently.
"Is Matt the one . . .?" Mike trailed away.
"I don't know what you mean," I muttered and widened my eyes at Mike.
"Matt is just some guy in one of our classes," Paris explained.
"I don't even really know him," I added.
"I don't think I've ever spoken to him," Paris added.
"Good," Dad said quietly.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please attach your seat belts as we prepare for landing," a voice came over. I did my seat belt up and waited. We started to descend. The plane hit the runway smoothly and drove a little. I looked out of the runway and grinned. All I could see was overcast weather and some green grass. But English green, not over watered, neon American green.
"Can we get off?" I asked excitedly and stood up.
"Stop," Dad frowned and pushed me back down. I frowned but waited. We eventually stood up, got our overhead luggage and walked in the direction of the exit. We went down a corridor and went to collect our luggage. I got my bag and walked with Paris over to a food stand.
"Effy!" Dad called. I turned around and raised my eyebrows. "No wondering off,"
"I'm getting food," I sighed.
"So where are we?" Paris grinned.
"Scotland. Then we're making our way down. Last day we'll be in Birmingham, my home town," I explained. "Here," I said and handed her a burger. We walked slowly over to Dad, the others and all of the tech guys.
"Where did you get that?" Jaime narrowed his eyes.
"Over there," I shrugged.
"I'm so hungry I could stab someone," Mike complained.
"Uncle Mike has problems," Paris said quietly.
"It's because he hasn't smoked weed for a few days. He's getting withdrawal," I smirked.
"Hey kid, you want to be left behind when we fly back?" Mike threatened.
"Fine by me," I teased. Then I saw Dad look at me. "I was joking," I defended. Mike came over to me and took a bite out of my burger. "Hey!" I complained. He grinned wickedly and licked it. "Just have it," I admitted defeat and gave it to him.
"Can we take this to the mini bus so we can meet the others?" the tour manager asked. We shuffled towards the exit and fans appeared. They started approaching. I grabbed Paris and we tried to make our way towards the mini bus.
"Who're you?" a fan demanded.
"Groupies," I said flatly and we got inside the mini bus. Paris giggled at me and I rolled my eyes.
"Has Vic told everyone about you?" Casey asked from behind.
"No," I muttered and looked down. "He hasn't,"
"Hey, I didn't mean anything by it Effy,"
"I know," I shrugged. "It's alright Casey," I smiled.
"You sure?" Paris whispered from next to me.
"He just has a point," I sighed.
"Shall we go?" Mike asked as he got in next to me. I turned to him and took his hand. He frowned at me. "What's up, kid?" he asked as we started driving.
"Do you love me?" I muttered.
"Of course I do. Could probably eat you too now though," he replied. I raised an eyebrow. "Some hot sauce, pinch of salt. Lovely,"
"Shut up," I smiled.
"I love you. I'm your uncle, it's my job to love you,"
"Does Dad?"
"Are you seriously asking that?" he sighed and looked to the front row. "Effy, you're his world. You should see how much he's changed since you've been with him. He loves you so much,"
"Then why are fans asking who I am? He hasn't told anyone,"
"Is this what it's about?" Mike asked seriously. I nodded. "I'll talk to him," he promised.
"Really?" I asked hopefully.
"Yeah, you should know why he hasn't told them though. He doesn't want to getting followed by crazy fans. He wants people to just leave you alone. And some people won't like the fact you get to call Vic Daddy. You'll get hate,"
"I've got hate before," I shrugged.
"What for?" he asked and I just looked away and smirked. "I hope you're joking,"
"Sure, sure," I shrugged.
"And just imagine the fan fictions!" he exclaimed.
"I'd rather not," I laughed. Then we stopped and pulled up in a car park. There were three tour buses waiting. We all got off and I breathed in the nice, cold, English air.
"It's fucking cold!" Jaime exclaimed and started jumping around. I looked around and saw everyone trying to keep warm.
"Pussies," I said under my breath and got my bag.
"What was that?" Dad asked.
"Nothing," I said quickly. I walked over to bus and waited for someone to open it.


Hey! What did you think? 'Just imagine the fanfictions!' The next few chapters should be funny, kind of. I can't believe this story is in the popular section now! You guys are amazing and I love you and the feedback you give me! I know a lot of you read a few of my other stories as well and they've made it into the popular section too! I don't know what to say, just thank you so so much! And if you ever need advice or someone to talk to just message me on here or on my tumblr (the links in my bio) or if you want to do a collab, I'm always up for it! If you haven't check out my other stories, it would mean a lot to me! Thanks guys :)


Your welcome :)

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

Thank you so much! :)

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Your story is so great! I really love it

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife