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Fuentes Girl

We'll Start A New Revolution Now

I stepped off of the plane. This was it. The hottest place on earth, also known as San Diego. It was painfully hot, but seeing as I've lived in Birmingham, England my entire life Spain seems painfully hot. Being just sixteen I had to get escorted, in case I got lost or kidnapped or something. And I also can't be trusted on a plane alone after last time.
I walked with the woman through corridors and she went with me to collect my two cases. They had everything in them. These things were my life from England. We walked down another corridor and into a room. I took in a deep breath and walked in behind her. Sitting at a table waiting was a man. He was Hispanic with dark brown hair to his shoulders. He was wearing a SnapBack, red t-shirt, black skinny jeans and vans. He can't be him. This guy can't be old enough.
"Is this man your father?" the woman asked. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a photo Mum had given me before she ran off to Europe to find herself. The photo was pretty old. He must have been only a little older than me. I looked back and the man.
"I guess so." I muttered.
"I'll leave you if you're ready." she smiled.
"Okay." I nodded.
"Elizabeth." the man said as he stood up.
"It's Effy. No one calls me Elizabeth." I rushed.
"Oh okay," he nodded. "Can I get your cases?"
"Sure," I shrugged. He got my cases and we started out of the room. "Thanks." I said once I passed the woman. She smiled as we walked away. I turned over the photo in my hand. I saw in my mums handwriting 'Vic' written in large curly letters. "So do I call you Vic?" I asked.
"Vic is fine." he nodded.
We got to a car and he opened it up. Vic went to put my cases in the boot and I climbed in the front. I sighed and pulled my jacket off. Why is it so damn hot here?
"Nice car." I noted as he started driving. I don't know why, I hate small talk.
"Thanks, Elizabeth." he smiled.
"It's Effy." I corrected him.
"Sorry," he frowned. "So, how was your flight?"
"It was okay. Too long though."
"Have you ever been back to San Diego?" he asked casually.
"No," I shook my head and peered out of the window. "It's all so weird and the people all talk weird."
"Do I talk weird?"
"Yeah." I laughed.
"And how's your mom?"
"Probably trying to find Jesus in a chocolate bar. Isn't that what people do when they're trying to find themselves?"
"I don't know," he said awkwardly. "Look, I know this is messed up. It's weird for me too. But I want to try and make this work."
"Yeah," I nodded. "Guess I'm just annoyed about leaving my friends."
"I wanted to see you, Effy. I came last year when we were touring in the UK. But you were away."
"Mom told me about that." I frowned.
"I wish I could have met you. You're so grown up. I feel like I haven't been there at all."
"Well, you haven't." I shot back.
"If I had known sooner I-" he rushed.
"Relax, it's fine." I stopped him.
Then we started to slow. "We're here. " Vic declared, a little while later.
He pulled into the driveway of a house in the city. He got out and I did the same. I slowly started walking to the door while Vic got my cases. He let me inside and I looked around. His house was huge! I peered inside rooms and smiled to myself. I followed Vic up a set of stairs and he started showing me rooms. He took me to the back of the house and opened a door.
"This is your room." he told me. I walked inside. It was twice the size of my old room. There was even a window seat.
"Wow." I muttered.
"I hope the decor is okay. My mama chose it all. She said girls like these colours. You do, right?"
"It's cool," I smiled. The walls were light grey and the carpet dark purple. "I brought a few things to decorate. Photos and frames and stuff."
"So, do you want something to eat? Or are you tired?"
"I'm feeling pretty tired. Maybe I'll get something to eat later." I shrugged.
"Okay, if you need me just shout." he smiled.
"Thanks Vic."
"No problem," he nodded.
"I mean for everything."
"It's okay." he smiled. Vic left me alone. I slipped off my shoes and jeans. Then I crawled under the covers. I closed my eyes and sighed lightly, before I let sleep come.

I woke up to light streaming in my window. I rolled over in bed and almost forgot. I'm in America. I got up and peered out of my bedroom door. I heard voices downstairs. I looked at my phone and saw it was evening time now. Wow, I got here at nine this morning. I must be jet lagged. I dug a pair of shorts out from my case and out them on. I went to the bathroom down the hall to fix myself. The bathroom was full of men's stuff. I brushed my hair and fixed my make up. Then I started down the stairs. I stopped at the bottom and sat down. I could hear them all laughing. Someone came in through the front door and walked straight past me from where I was hiding to the living room. I heard him sit down and groan.
"What's up?" I heard Vic ask.
"Stupid bitch." someone muttered.
"Amanda?" someone else asked.
"Yeah. She's crazy. Completely insane."
"What's happened?" another voice asked.
"I've given her a week, a week to get out. All her stuff too." he explained.
"And where are you staying while she's getting out?" another voice asked.
"Actually Vic, I was going to talk to you-"
"Fine, just don't freak Elizabeth out."
"She's here?!" he exclaimed. "When did she get here?"
"This morning."
"Where is she now?"
"Still sleeping," Vic explained. "I think she's pretty jet lagged. She doesn't do long haul often."
"What's she like?" someone asked.
"So perfect. But she's so grown up. Beautiful too."
"Who does she look like?"
"I don't know," Vic thought. "I guess she has Katie's eye colour and ears. She's not as pale as Katie though."
"Does she look like her daddy?" someone teased.
I got up and went over to the mirror in the hall. I guess I did look like him. I had the dark brown hair, tan, eye shape, mouth and nose. I even had a nose ring. And I was skinny. It's weird thinking that I look like my dad. I only met him this morning. I went over to the living room door and peered inside.
"Um . . . hi." I said awkwardly. They all turned to look at me and smiled. Vic stood up and rushed over to me.
"Are you okay? Do you want something to eat?"
"Please." I nodded.
"Sit down," he urged. I went over to the sofa and sat where Vic was sitting. I looked around at the others carefully. "This Tony." Vic said gesturing to a man covered in tattoos and completely decked out in Key Street.
"And Jaime," he added and a man with thick black hair and a sleeve smiled at me. "And this Mike." he finished pointing to a man covered in tattoos with piercings.
"Hi, I'm Effy." I told them.
"They're all in Pierce the Veil. But Mike is also my brother, so your uncle." Vic explained.
"Oh wow." I smiled.
"Do you want a burrito? We had some for dinner." Vic asked.
"Never had one before but sure."
"Never had one?" Mike asked.
"I guess Mexican food isn't that huge in England."
"I'll be back in a minute." Vic told me and hurried out.
"Feeling jet lagged?" Mike asked.
"Not so much now. Just missing home." I explained.
"What do you miss?" Jaime asked.
"Rain." I laughed.
"You know it's nice to actually meet you after everything Vic's been saying after he found out last year. Everyone's wanted to meet you," Mike explained. "My parents have been excited for weeks now."
"How old are you again?" Tony asked.
"Sixteen." I replied easily.
"So you'll be a junior." Mike nodded.
"Please don't talk about high school." I begged and laughed.
"Why?" Jaime smiled.
"I've seen the films! I don't want to live Mean Girls."
"It's not that bad," Vic said as he walked in. "Here." he said and handed me a plate.
"Thanks, and it is. I have to actually wear my own clothes. Not a uniform."
"Isn't that a good thing?" Tony asked.
"You'd think so." I frowned.
"Eat your food, Effy." Vic urged and I nodded at my plate.


Hey! So this is something new I've been working on. It's on another site but I think I like this site better. Anyway, hope you liked this and let me know what you thought. I'll update soon :)


Your welcome :)

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

Thank you so much! :)

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Your story is so great! I really love it

DaughterOfMusic DaughterOfMusic

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

I know it's horrible but shit like this happens. I know people who have lost trials when the truth was obvious. I even know someone who got arrested for GBH and didn't get charged because his girlfriend and her people told too many lies. Hopefully it's believable though because this stuff does happen... :(

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife